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gps2 Mutant Candidate Gene Identified

The Wyatt Lab researchers studying the gps2 mutant genome have identified a gene that appears to play a significant role in plant signal transduction. The candidate gene was identified through deep sequencing of the gps2 mutant genome and then comparing the results to the wild type (WT) genome. 263 more words

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Arabidopsis plants in the lab

The Wyatt Lab grows the Arabidopsis plants it studies from seedlings. The images below show a generation of plants in the growth chamber.

(1) A single inflorescence stem towers above the crowd. 34 more words

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Arabidopsis Research Support Organizations

Researchers working with a model plant like Arabidopsis thaliana have the advantage of a well developed resource network that has grown up around plant research. 229 more words

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Meet the gps Mutants

In the search for genes regulating plant signaling responses to changes in gravity, the Wyatt Lab has focused several research projects on a series of mutant… 253 more words

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Project Profile: Microarray Analysis

Why Do the Shoots Go Up?

Remember the little seed in the styrofoam cup: The roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why but we are all kind of like that. 823 more words

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Arabidopsis mutants responding to GPS treatment

Aribidopsis (common name) gps mutants filmed in time-lapse photography (60 minutes shown) after being returned to room temperature responding to gravity persistent signaling (GPS) treatment.

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