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Site of proposed 'Ground Zero Mosque' will be turned into luxe condos

MANHATTAN — The site of the proposed “Ground Zero Mosque,” by the World Trade Center site, will officially be turned into a 667-foot condominium tower. 173 more words


Premiere of “Ground Zero Mosque: Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks”

Photo above –– AFDI’s 9/11 Ground Zero mosque protest –– over 30,000 attended.

Atlas Shrugs, By Pamela Geller, September 12, 2015:

Tonight’s Saturday Night Cinema selection is the world online premiere of AFDI’s historic and acclaimed documentary, … 394 more words

Counter Jihad Report

September 11--Then, and Now

Now: September 11, 2015

This was almost going to be a very different post–all about how we have become a nation obsessed with divisions, with the things that tear us apart, about how many of us have turned aggression into a virtue, about how God and guns and violence in the name of either or both have become rallying cries for a significant swath of the population. 2,385 more words

Building Something Better

The “Ground Zero Mosque”: The View from China

This op-ed was written in August 2010 as a submission for the New York Times but never published. Things have changed quite a lot in the intervening five years, but perhaps the reading of the Chinese sources, if not the somewhat narrow US perspective, will be of some minor value.  1,108 more words


Paying off jihadist NEVER works: A Short History lesson

By Karin McQuillan

As Congress is on the verge of giving President Obama his Iran Deal, including a payoff of $150 billion dollars to Iran’s terror regime, they might do well to contrast our founding fathers with the current occupant of the White House. 163 more words

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Wicked Game update

This time regarding my company’s work with/on the so-called Ground Zero Mosque.


Deak, The Programmed, Bearded Lady, and The Ground Zero Mosque

What could possibly connect a top currency exchange firm, a schizophrenic homeless woman, the Lockheed bribery scandal, death squads in Latin America, MK Ultra assassins, Glenn Beck, and the Ground Zero mosque? 4,233 more words