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Relief for some, panic for others

Dirty feet. A sure sign of summer. And little boys.

I don’t know about you but this time of year I’m so stressed out from kids’ activities to end-of-the-year school stuff, I’m just ready for summer. 527 more words


What If There Is No Tomorrow?

There’s been an abundance — nay, “cesspool of rotations” ever since the Fed announced the beginning of the end the tapering.   422 more words


I worked in an emergency room for the better part of a decade.

I have some stories that would curl your hair.

But if there’s one thing we learned, it was that when it is quiet and there really isn’t much going on…you don’t ever say it. 832 more words


Review: Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is one of those movies I’ve seen a million times. It is a “Go to Sleep” movie which will not upset me or my precious balance before I fall asleep to begin dreaming about sex with models. 565 more words


Tom Waits Breaks Hearts, Salma Hayek Eats Them: Links You Need to See

For the last month, it seems every day is a tribute to Letterman, with increasingly famous guests (well, I supposed they stopped being increasingly famous after Obama did it) appearing on the  392 more words

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Live Every Day Like Bill Murray By Owning The B&B Made Famous In 'Groundhog Day'

Okay, campers. Rise and shine. And don’t forget your check book, ’cause the house from Groundhog Day is on the market. That’s right, the house made famous by everyone’s favorite fictional weatherman, Phil Connors, is on the market and can be yours for the discounted price of only $785,000. 142 more words


MPG Core Tactical 60/40: April 2015 Performance Update

Dear Mr. Market:

Every month we write to you and chat about the markets and how people are behaving based on your results. Sometimes it’s good to refresh ( 1,235 more words

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