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Karlovac u beskrajnom danu

“Ne razumijem zašto i dalje gledam rupe od granata po ulicama i gelera po pročeljima. Pa kad je rat ovdje završio?”, iznosio je u privatnom razgovoru jedan Novozelanđanin čiji je otac porijeklom iz karlovačkog kraja i koji odnedavno češće boravi u Karlovcu. 842 more words

'An act of war' - and other unfortunate phrases

Watching the terrible events unfolding in Paris, I have a helpless sense of deja vu. It reminds me of the movie, Groundhog Day, only much more deadly and depressing. 946 more words

The Pagan Experience: "G" is for "Grundsau"

This post was inspired by a prompt at The Pagan Experience suggesting writing for the letters “G” or “H”.

Well it probably doesn’t come as a surprise what my “G” entry had to be about! 1,516 more words

The Pagan Experience

Live a Life!

So, how are you living your life?

Your immediate response may be “my life is great, cruising along nicely thank you”, but is it a true ‘life’ or as the words above suggest, is it some sort of fallacy? 318 more words

Radio Nah-Nah

One of my favourite films is Groundhog Day, but it’s one of those films where I’m happy just to watch. In other words, the scenario would be a sucky experience and I’m glad I’ll never be stuck in an eternal cycle, with no prospect of change. 936 more words

WEEKLY HARANGUE #216 - Warmth Toward Repetition

Q. What’s the best Christmas movie?

A. Groundhog Day.

That’s a joke.  Maybe not a very good one.  The classic Bill Murray film Groundhog Day is very snowy and it has a magical theme about small town redemption and sharing. 529 more words

200+ Harangues


I’ve seen my potential future and it scares the hell out of me.

Scenario A: Catching a horrific disease and dying a slow, painful death while your mind is intact enough to know what’s going on around you and you’re helpless to change the outcome. 768 more words

Family Ties