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Tinder - a Slideshow of my Past

I haven’t been doing much dating lately. I felt over online dating so I deleted all the apps and thought I’d prefer to meet someone out and about. 378 more words


Same Ol' Ever-Changing Circle

I’m going in circles.

…according to my dreams.

In my dreams, I often circle through an area and arrive back at the place where I began. 448 more words


(Short story) Live Die Repeat: Zombie Edition

It all started a year ago, I think. You see, I am facing an unusual situation where at the end of everyday I get killed by a zombie not matter how hard I try to avoid it and then the day repeats itself. 249 more words


Meet The Immortals -- Thomas Robins

Out of all the authors featured in The Immortality Chronicles, I’ve known Thomas Robins the longest. Him and I go back to the first months of each of our publishing careers when we were both firmly entrenched in writing WOOL fanfic. 718 more words

Science Fiction


Lately, I have found more and more peace in attaining self awareness and inner balance. Emotional and mental balance. In doing so, I’ve raised my awareness of not only myself, but of my surroundings. 378 more words

But I liked the old me

One of the grief cliches that I’ve found to be true is the idea of feeling like a completely different person after the loss. The sense of life being forever demarcated by the event into a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. 609 more words


Outdoor Cinema in London

I love the cinema and especially love a fancy cinema. Cinemas with couches and service to your seat are really the absolute best, although I will admit that it’s far from fancy cinemas I was rared. 759 more words

London Life