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Hey goundswell..I'd like to talk with you

The chapter talks about different techniques for communicating with the groundswell, measuring the results of participation in social networks, when brands should use social media, blogging tips, how marketing changes once a firm thinks of a conversation instead of shouting. 459 more words


MARK4474- Talking (Chapter 6)

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I am probably going to sound even more repetitive, because the most recent chapter of study focuses on how “talking” (or engaging) with the… 1,014 more words

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MARK4474: Tapping the groundswell

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An overview of chapter 4 and how it relates to travel companies, and why it isn’t as spooky as it seems.

A problem persists in businesses of all sizes, where they are unaware of how to tap into the… 1,219 more words

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Connection - Groundswell performance

It is incredible how connections create power. Adding one, two, three, people to your cause creates exponentially more influence than one would have on their own. 233 more words

MARK4474- Connecting with the groundswell

Summary of chapter 11

In the most recent chapter, we are given more insight on how companies have to engage with their consumers today. It talks about a shift from traditional marketing and customer support, to a company which keeps their customers at the center of their organization. 528 more words

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How the fairy godmother transforms Cinderella

First, in flipping to the chapter for this week I passed the words “Ashton Kutcher” and “Justin Bieber’ in another chapter, so it was really difficult to read and blog on this chapter knowing those words are waiting in a nearby chapter. 590 more words

Listening to the Groundswell

Listening to the Groundswell

As a marketing student, chapter five “Listening to the groundswell” was interesting and highly informative for me personally. We learn from day one of our degree program that stakeholders (shareholders) are the people to be pleased. 762 more words