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Three Methods to measure Social Media ROI

Back when the social media is just starting to enter our lives, it is difficult or impossible for companies to measure the social media return on investment. 536 more words


Chapter 12: the Groundswell Inside your Company

This week’s blog is the last topic for my social media marketing course. This talks about the employees inside the company and how they use groundswell effectively. 275 more words


Groundswell inside the company.

Time goes by (really) fast. It seems like it was just yesterday when I started taking Social Media class doing blog every week, and here I am writing my last blog. 878 more words


The Groundswell inside your company

Chapter 12 Summary: The groundswell inside your company

Within the next week this semester is coming to an end, soon so will this mini blog series… 762 more words

MARK 4474 Mini Blog Series

Using the groundswell inside your company.

Welcome back! And to those of you reading this for the first time, welcome to my blog!

This week’s reading is actually the last in regards to the… 736 more words

Chapter 7: Energizing the Groundswell

This chapter was very interesting and a good read, as it was very relatable and easy to understand. The first thing to distinguish with the groundswell is what is energizing? 635 more words

Energizing the Groundswell

We are almost at the end of the semester, and this is the second to the last blog that we will be writing for the Social Media Marketing class. 691 more words