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Vast crowds for Corbyn in Hull and Scarborough #groundswell #GE17

Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘rock star’ reception on the campaign trail continues. Today he appeared in Hull and Tory stronghold Scarborough, to crowds on the city’s streets as impressive as anything seen since General Election campaigning began – apart from, perhaps, the… 181 more words

BBC 'mood box' - people trust Corbyn's Labour with elderly care (video) #GE17

The ‘mood box’ vox pop of the BBC’s Daily Politics show has long been a source of deep frustration to supporters of Labour and its direction under Jeremy Corbyn, who feel that it is typically slanted very much toward presenting the Tory/Establishment/right-wing narrative. 236 more words

Video: 'Never anything like this' - 1000s cheer Corbyn at seaside/rock concert

There’s never been anything like this. Even during 90s Britpop cool when Tony Blair tried to gain cred-by-association it wasn’t close.

Today Jeremy Corbyn – … 783 more words

Tories so rattled by #Labourmanifesto, go into #fakenews overdrive #GE17

Yet again the Tories, rather than sitting pretty on supposedly solid polling leads, are showing signs of worry verging on panic. Today’s official launch of Labour’s manifesto – … 630 more words

Incredible #Labourmanifesto: don't be told what to think, see for yourself #GE17

Seems the mainstream media are already bending over backwards to pour cold water on Labour’s official policy launch. Last week’s leaked draft generated so much interest and excitement – and a… 417 more words

Across the country, something special is happening. The ground is swelling #GE17

Something special is happening up and down the country. The ground is swelling.

In spite of the best efforts of the mainstream media to denigrate Jeremy Corbyn and the policies of the Labour party, the message is getting through – or rather, … 941 more words

The War on Quick Photo Shares: Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

By now, most social users have heard about, or are actively using Instagram Stories, Snapchat, or both.  There are many differing views on these apps, which is superior, preferred and which lead to the best business Return on Investment (ROI).   669 more words