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On Hermeneutics & Interpreting the Bible

I once heard a pastor say, “It doesn’t really matter what people think about the Bible.” He went on to explain that, in this statement, he is addressing a (mostly) “bible-belt phenomenon” in which people get together for informal Bible studies, “pool their collective ignorance”, and without any real authority on the matter claim “Well, I think the text means this or that.” He concludes that this practice reflects a break down of basic hermeneutical skills, because it empties the text of its objective meaning by making it dependent upon what a person brings to it. 787 more words

Phillip Powers

Part 4: How to Fellowship with Others

So far, we have looked at two day-by-day spiritual exercises; prayer and Bible study. And we have looked at one weekly spiritual exercise, tithing. Today we will look at another weekly spiritual exercise, … 1,242 more words