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Mama's Go to Items For Quick Fix Meals

I made two completely different meals out of some leftovers and the family was in awe! Toward the end of the next grocery shopping day a mom has to do what she has to do. 36 more words

Purpose Filled Mommy With Minimarie


Whether your group chat takes the form of texting, slacking, GroupMe or Facebook Messenger, the current era of mini chat rooms has promoted an oddly exclusive and cliquish platform for conversation. 325 more words


Let's Watch It! allows friends to watch & react to videos together on iMessage

A new application for iMessage called “Let’s Watch It!” introduces an easy way for you to share and watch YouTube or Twitch videos with friends to watch together, as well as react to them, and even voice or video chat while viewing. 770 more words


Facebook Messenger now supports group payments

Facebook introduced person-to-person payments within Messenger in early 2015, but today the company announced the feature is expanding to support groups, as well. The payments feature essentially works the same in group chats as in private ones, but now allows users to pay either everyone in the group or individual members through a click of the payments icon (the dollar sign). 473 more words


7 Things I’ll Never Understand

I’m constantly finding things that I simply do not understand. Here’s my top 7:

  1. Why people find memes funny.

Don’t get me wrong, I love memes. 354 more words

Types of People in Group Chats

Namaste bitches and welcome to a rather interesting post. During a phase where my mental slid into shit (in fact it still is just as fucked as before I’m just feeling marginally better before I start feeling shit again) I wasn’t in the mood for anything and not gonna lie I went multiple steps back in terms of progress. 512 more words