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Types of People in Group Chats

Namaste bitches and welcome to a rather interesting post. During a phase where my mental slid into shit (in fact it still is just as fucked as before I’m just feeling marginally better before I start feeling shit again) I wasn’t in the mood for anything and not gonna lie I went multiple steps back in terms of progress. 512 more words


MTT 106

TV discussions on public affairs is a group shout where all speak at the same time questioning irrelevant answers to useless questions.

Socially Awkward


I can’t do! I’m freaking out! I’m sitting in my kitchen table on Netflix (which is usual) but the fact that its 6:13 pm on Friday, not… 348 more words


The dangers of adolescent fertility

See Oyefara (2011), “Socio-Cultural Context of Adolescent Fertility in Yoruba Society: Insights from Osun State, Nigeria.” Concepts Publications

Group Chat
Photo was taken at the Nude Protest at the Republican National Convention

Alright, let’s all be honest some of us dislike being naked. We shy away from looking at ourselves naked. 604 more words

Group Chats