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Progress Update

I’ve dedicated this week to improving the camera movement animation and rendering out a final version of the background to hand over to the others. Since switching to… 126 more words


Switching to RenderMan

I’ve decided to switch from using Arnold to RenderMan, so have changed over all the textures from default Lambert materials to PxrSurface materials.

Render Tests:


Camera Animation

My role in the group project (modelling and animating the background) needs to be done early on in order for everyone else to be able to animate their assets correctly. 144 more words


Learning Substance Painter

I’m still really struggling to pick up substance painter, and the large meshes on my building are proving tricky to UV unwrap and layout. I also feel as though complex (or badly made) textures would be a big distraction from my groups 2D animations, and the building actually looks pretty good with basic materials. 6 more words


BBC Feedback

So far very positive feedback:

They seem to really like the idea behind our animation so not a lot will need changing. We need to take action on those small bits of feedback, but ultimately just carry on with production and keep providing updates along the way.


Easter Tutorials: Mastering Maya

I wanted to reflect and build on my Maya modelling skills, as I’m determined to create nice, clean models in my current and future projects. I’ve been using… 57 more words