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Summer zine

As the summer consists of four long months of relaxation (more like ugh what do I do with myself!! freak out? Yes!!) my class decided to come up with a group collaboration zine to showcase our work. 199 more words

The Final Zine and Experiment 

Here is the Final Experimental video. For the time frame of the video, we had to cut a lot of footage out including two foods we had the audience test and the drawings we had the audience produce. 44 more words

Group Collaboration

The End Is Near

As it is the day before the project was due we decided that we would all come together and put the zine together. Raph provided all her sketches and we scaned them and made 10 copies. 428 more words

Group Collaboration

View of How We Worked as a Team

Overall, I personally found that we worked really well as collaborative team. We all listen to each other’s opinions when it came to creating an idea which made the process really easy. 179 more words

Group Collaboration

The Journey of Film Making: Part 2

The second day of filming ran pretty smoothly as we filmed the rest of Bella’s siblings and my family. This was made easier as we filmed together the night before and started to become confident with the materials we were using. 152 more words

Group Collaboration

The Journey of Film Making: Part 1

Today’s plan was to finalize our questions and other iterations we would need to ask and to film Bella and Raphs entire family for the experiment. 252 more words

Group Collaboration

The Day of Ideas

For this current project I am collaborating with: Bella Cuff and Raph Burrett

Originally we had absolutely no idea what we wanted to experiment with! Together we had all done really different experiments for 2A so we decided to go with something completely different. 206 more words

Group Collaboration