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They share! They relate and empathize very well and are quick to offer or join in on just about any subject another woman wants to bring up. 787 more words


Tell me something about yourself.

It’s the familiar opening gambit in a job interview. It aims at being an ice-breaker and to enable the interviewer and interviewee to settle into a rhythm and take the task forward.

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Random Thoughts

Belly Dance | Bellydance Tips for Male Audiences, by Rob Rushton

I belong to a belly dance discussion group on Facebook, and the topic of belly dancers being confused with strippers often comes up, because a lot of the general public thinks belly dance and pole dance are the same.  1,682 more words

When change is inevitable

I’ve been seeing many companies that do business with the same procedures over and over again and keep thinking those things that worked 10 years ago can still work for today’s new era. 162 more words


A discussed end.

It was  group discussion time. This country had some unusual rules for group discussion.
“Do anything you want but just end it(because nobody has time)” 83 more words

Short Story

How Teachers Can Get to Know Their Students

Right around parent-teacher interview time, my principal often gives this advice to teachers: “Parents just want to know that you know their child.” Not being a parent myself, I can’t speak from experience on the validity of that statement, but I nevertheless think it must be true. 928 more words