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A visit to the Frida Hartley Shelter

We look forward to sharing the day with you and the women of the Frida Hartley Shelter! 49 more words

Social Commentary & Opinion

Monday, 11/6 (A) - Tuesday, 11/7 (B): Analyzing the Theme of "He--y, Come on Ou--t!" in the Close Reader


  • There’s no school this Friday in observance of Veteran’s Day.
  • Hold onto The Contender novels. Some students are still using them given they were absent and have extensions on assignments that require the novel.
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Settle Down

Since we’ve now entered the Season of Rest, it seemed all too appropriate to start off with this Hebrew word for rest: נוח (nwh). I know you’re thinking, That’s not a word. 959 more words

Season Of Rest

Resources for inquiry project

Despite having more than five resources, most of them fall into similar categories, so I am definitely still in the market for more resources to utilize, if anyone has any suggestions, or knows of any scholarly literature out there to help the writing of a book (one of my unofficial resources is my mom and she has a problem with me calling what I am writing for my distal project the first chapter of a novel because she believes that novels are fictitious, so for now, and probably from now on, I’ll just call it a book chapter). 723 more words


Mini Minutes - 10/29/17

Happy Hallow’s Eve Eve everyone! Hope everyone had a great week and is ready for Halloween! Get ready to meet some future brothers this week as we get into recruitment week! 780 more words


Self-Regulated Learning and Sport

As someone studying Self-Regulated Inquiry and Learning, but coming from a sports background, working in the baseball industry, with coaches and teams, I find this fascinating and interesting, and understand that everything required for self-regulated learning in a classroom setting can be utilized out on the field, or in a sporting environment. 480 more words


Apratim CCET Fest, 2017

Kainat Singh (2nd year) participated in the Apratim Fest held at CCET, Chandigarh on October 13 and 14 2017. She participated in the Debate Competition where she was a finalist among the 50 students who participated. 47 more words