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Family First: A "Reform" that Isn't

By now most readers will know that Congress passed the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) as part of the continuing resolution to fund the government until March 23. 613 more words

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The Family First Act: A Bad Bill that Won't Go Away

Some bad ideas just won’t go away. The Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) is rearing its ugly head yet again. The act, which failed to pass the Senate in 2016, has been incorporated into the… 1,176 more words

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Grabbing the Wrong End of the Stick on Educational Stability for Foster Youth

For decades, children in foster care have endured multiple school changes as they moved between foster homes and other placements. With each move there is another school placement, with some children and youth changing schools several times in the same year. 965 more words

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Children and Families Committee needs to show it's serious about investigating the DDS group home system

At the start of a legislative hearing last week on the Department of Developmental Services, state Representative Kay Khan made what seemed to be a major announcement about… 1,451 more words

The dangers of group homes for the disabled

Again, while the figures apply to America, the dangers also exist in Australia.  As far as we know, no state in Australia has regulated these institutions. 101 more words

Bullying: This is why there are so many suicides and attempted suicides amongst teenagers and young adults with autism.

Most people connected with teenagers and young adults with autism, or other disabilities, live with the fear of the effects of bullying on the mental health of those they love. 35 more words

This is an "R" rated blog, but you should read it anyway.

R stands for reality…

If you were making a true-to-life movie about the horrors of terrorism it would be impossible to keep it “suitable for all audiences.” It is just as impossible for me to write an accurate account about my experiences in state custody while keeping it “G” rated. 402 more words