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Our "identity" is as much our own as the group we're a part of

Our human identity is not just chosen consciously by us but also shaped by the social setting that we live within: in particular the groups that we are a part of. 1,705 more words

Human Behaviour

Losing It: The Reason We Fanboy and Fangirl

We live in an outrageous society.

Every day, we are bombarded by sensational news from “trusted” news outlets, highlighting the worst of what society has to offer. 2,715 more words

Video Games

Chapter 2: What Kind of Group Are We?

The answer to this question relates to your political aims: mass appeal with the goal of large­scale radicalization, or fringe appeal based on acting as an extremist political vanguard? 2,263 more words


No Empathy; Know Apathy

Without empathy there can be neither compassion nor love,
and so we remain in apathy.

When we talk about spirituality, we want to be inspired and uplifted and think only good things, but we have to be aware of perpetuating this one-sided view. 439 more words

“Dewey Wins”: Steven Universe & Partisanship

Spoilers ahead for the episode “Dewey Wins”.

Another Steven Bomb has exploded, giving Steven Universe fans a series of episodes dealing with the immediate aftermath of Steven’s surrender to and return from Homeworld. 944 more words

Episode Analysis