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The capitalist entrepreneur creates industrial technician... etc.

The capitalist entrepreneur creates alongside himself the industrial technician, the specialist in political economy, the organisers of a new culture, of a new legal system, etc. 129 more words

Antonio Gramsci

Every social group creates one or more strata of intellectuals.

Every social group, coming into existence on the original terrain of an essential function in the world of economic production, creates together with itself, organically, one or more strata of intellectuals which give it homogeneity and an awareness of its own function not only in the economic but also in the social and political fields. 129 more words

Antonio Gramsci

Faster than a Laser Bullet: How Heavy Metal is Changing the World

by Matthew Chase

In the contemporary age of globalization, cultural media in the form of television, literature, and even music have come to diffuse and transform across an international scale. 1,116 more words


Good Cops Shouldn't Tolerate Bad Cops

When a video like the one below surfaces the tendency is to say all cops are like this. Even though this video blows my mind at how stupid this cop is, I will not paint all cops with the broad brush this bad cop has placed in my hand. 1,015 more words

Government And Politics

Them and Us

During my summer travels, I visited a science festival – that’s something I’ve always enjoyed since my teens. But now I have an added purpose: when I attend lectures on psychology or sociology, I am also looking out for tips about how typical human beings function. 397 more words

AspiePriest's Mind, AspiePriest's Story

Group Identity

Strongly identifying with our community and our identity is how we survive. It is how many of us find support, comfort, and acceptance. By connecting with other people that have shared experiences with us, we find a source of strength that helps us to grow. 248 more words

Theoretically Speaking - Bystander Effect

by Matthew Chase

In the world of social psychology, a discipline that seeks to bridge the gap between psychology and sociology, the bystander effect has remained an influential area of study. 635 more words

Crime And Deviance