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“Dewey Wins”: Steven Universe & Partisanship

Spoilers ahead for the episode “Dewey Wins”.

Another Steven Bomb has exploded, giving Steven Universe fans a series of episodes dealing with the immediate aftermath of Steven’s surrender to and return from Homeworld. 944 more words

Episode Analysis

Neoclassical Liberalism's Entropy

David Brooks – 11/17/17.

John Bowlby is the father of attachment theory, which explains how humans are formed by relationships early in life, and are given the tools to go out and lead their lives.

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Social Psychology Peace Research: The needs of collective identities research

Vollhardt and Bilali (2008) focuses on the epistemology, concept, and concern of Social Psychology Peace Research (SPPR) that grows from elaboration of social psychology and psychology of peace. 487 more words

Idea And Theory On Peace

Intergroup Dynamic Relations Research Towards Reconciliation and Peace

The awareness of casualties of war has been increasing within the global society nowadays. It leads to what Leidner et al. noted that, “globalization and cosmopolitanism have widened moral concern beyond group and state boundaries; … violence overall has declined steadily throughout human history” (p. 481 more words

Idea And Theory On Peace

The capitalist entrepreneur creates industrial technician... etc.

The capitalist entrepreneur creates alongside himself the industrial technician, the specialist in political economy, the organisers of a new culture, of a new legal system, etc. 129 more words

Antonio Gramsci

Every social group creates one or more strata of intellectuals.

Every social group, coming into existence on the original terrain of an essential function in the world of economic production, creates together with itself, organically, one or more strata of intellectuals which give it homogeneity and an awareness of its own function not only in the economic but also in the social and political fields. 129 more words

Antonio Gramsci