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14.02.'15 - day2 open to the public

A few images from the second day. We had 11 guests today! About half of them in Margate for the first time, but the other half living here! 55 more words

The Sin of Sanctity

Below is a video of Obama’s comments at the prayer breakfast where he compared the Crusades to the religious extremism of ISIS. It was a clumsy comparison and I probably would have counseled him to find another way to make the point. 566 more words

Communication And Conflict Resolution

My Impending Descent Into Alcoholism

(I’ll have to burn my Minor Threat shirt and Rise Against CDs at this rate)

I make quite a big deal – not really by choice, but by the fact that I’m quite obviously the only person at the party not drinking – of the fact that I don’t drink alcohol, and the last drop of the stuff I tried was three years ago, when I was fifteen at a family Christmas party. 701 more words


1.2.'15 barking on a new adventure!

Welcome to my #ID Margate project blog.

This project is a part of my search for tools and methods to explore and strengthen our sense of self – our sense of (safe) place – and therefore our “sense of HOME”.

Project 2 #2 Trish Morrissey (cont.)

In Trish Morrissey’s series ‘The Failed Realist’:

the proposed object of enquiry is (once again) situated within family life but what is met through these photographs of face-paintings is not entirely straightforward (Hanrahan, 2012). 651 more words

Part Three Putting Yourself In The Picture

Project 2 #2 Trish Morrissey

Among a list of the 10 best self-portraits as chosen by a prominent critic in 2013 is ‘Hayley Coles, June 17th, 2006’ by Trish Morrissey (see fig.1.). 964 more words

Part Three Putting Yourself In The Picture

Project 2 #1 Nikki S. Lee

It could be argued that ‘all self-portraiture uses elements of impersonation, invention, mimicry or masquerade’, and that the purpose of using such elements is ‘to comment on humanist ideas of a fixed identity, illustrating how malleable the self can be (Bright, 2010: 10). 1,178 more words

Part Three Putting Yourself In The Picture