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III. Searching for You: Finding Peace

Will the change of environment bring peace within?

Will attending church satisfy that inner gaping discontent?

Will attending all the parties and hang outs while successfully working hard and… 1,065 more words

The Varieties of 'Interdependent Self' across Asian Markets

Within Asia, vast differences exist in the way the interdependent self is expressed. For example, the Japanese view of the self is evident in everyday episodes where Japanese emphasize the notion of “losing face,” acting on the basis of others’ expectations and needs, blurring the distinction between self and others.  81 more words

Cultural Insight

Different activist groups coming together

I think that an interesting issue the reading touches upon is the fact how in Saudi Arabia people from different groups came together to achieve common goals, but only to a certain degree. 368 more words

Racism, Equal Opportunity, and Capitalism: an intimation of a critique – written by Norm

Racism, Equal Opportunity, and Capitalism: an intimation of a critique – written by Norm

The social revolution . . . cannot draw its poetry from the past, but only from the future.

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The Group Identity exists this is why the new orwellian anti-racist language is wrong.

If in Sweden the 77% of the rapes are perpetrated by muslim immigrants and the rest by swedish citizens and of this rest the overwhelming majority is perpetrated again by swedish citizens of muslim countries’ origin there is a muslim problem and the problem is bound to immigration. 863 more words


Ethan Couch, Affluenza and Douchebags

The recent going on the lam and capture of Ethan Couch in Mexico have reignited the memories of the Affluenza defense.  In 2013, Couch – who at the time was a teenager from an affluent family – stole beer from a convenience store, got drunk to the tune of three times the adult legal limit, and then joyrided his father’s F-350 pickup.   1,120 more words

Internal Conflict

That Pig On A Stick...

Group mind is a very potent thing and often it needs some focal point, the eponymous Pig on a Stick. It is the flag around which group mind rallies and in its name are many things done. 362 more words

Self Discovery