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Liberal's Entropy

The big story is not that leftist professors successfully turn millions of young people into dangerous political radicals every year. It is that they have gotten students so obsessed with their personal identities that, by the time they graduate, they have much less interest in, and even less engagement with, the wider political world outside their heads.

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What Does "American" Mean

What does it mean to be an “American” … “we the people” ?

Were the indigenous tribes of North America Americans (they were, after all, here before any white and to this day are members of other, first nations, that the US Government suppressed through violence)? 532 more words

From a liberal point of view - Turkeys WILL vote for Christmas

I’d be grateful if you would give a few minutes quiet reflection to the question below, and possibly even write down your answer. It’s quite important. 403 more words


What Can We Learn About Team Culture From Social Movements?

In today’s changing workplace, the rise of freelancing, remote working, and virtual teams means many organisations are grappling with how to generate a shared culture. This is no easy task, and here at the Hot Spots Movement, we’ve been looking for new sources of inspiration on how companies can address this challenge. 667 more words


Motivation in the office: Group identity matters

Recognition programs attuned to the group dynamics of a workplace can maximize individual contributions to overall goals.

Motivation is an intangible quality in an office, one whose effects are evident in the extreme. 547 more words

Professional Development

I Don't Want to Debate. I Want to Talk about My Pain. How the Democrats Got It Wrong

It is quite interesting how just a few short months ago we were burying the Republican Party. They were in a state of disarray with a crowd of presidential contenders each of which seem to be more flawed than the next. 554 more words

Communication And Conflict Resolution

What We Call Ourselves

Here are two pages about my personal feelings about Christmas:
https://ritualabuse.wordpress.com/2015/11/30/christmas-plans/ (The images disappeared — I don’t know why.)
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Healing From Ritual Abuse