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The Preening of Partiality

Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters. — Rosa Luxemburg

As social animals, humans exhibit a propensity for group association, interpersonal acknowledgement, and a sense of belonging.  290 more words

The ISIS Group Nightmare

Just when you thought you had heard of about every atrocity and psychotic group behavior, ISIS creeps into your dreams like a nightmare from ancient history. 664 more words

Communication And Conflict Resolution

Whose identity is it anyway?

The Cosmos

Everything is really about who we are. Individually and collectively, identity matters. Who we are individually defines personal identity; who we are collectively defines our group identities. 1,956 more words

Group Identity

Sacred Values and the "Devoted" Rather than the "Rational"

Dying and Killing for Sacred Objects

By Richard A. Koenigsberg

Terrorists die and kill for sacred objects such as “Allah” or “the Palestinian homeland.” In the First World War, millions of human beings died and killed expressing fealty toward sacred objects with names like France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, or Italy. 717 more words
Communication And Conflict Resolution

The Cannibalizing Nature of Group Identity Politics

We were created to be seen, heard and understood as individuals, yet are constantly being shuffled off in to groups with predetermined character traits. Women you belong here with the victimized, white males stand over there under the racist/sexist flag and minorities you’re in with the permanently aggrieved, government is your savior crowd. 576 more words

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