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Working with AutoCAD Layer Group Filter | CADnotes

An AutoCAD drawing can have so many layers. Especially if you follow a standard. Each discipline can have their own layers. You can easily have hundreds of layers in your drawing!The challenge wil… 8 more words


How to simplify AutoCAD plotter list | CADnotes

When you plot your drawing from AutoCAD, you may find too many plotters in plotter list. You’ll see Windows printers and AutoCAD default printers in the list.If your computer is connected t… 8 more words


Coaches: How to Effectively Supervise Your Group

Coaches of young athletes need to build effective group supervision strategies into their coaching repertoire. These strategies are an important part of maintaining a safe coaching environment. 402 more words

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How Coaches Can Best Prevent & Manage Misbehaviour

A good coach will structure and control a session quite closely, yet do so in a fun, enjoyable and warm emotional environment. Effective coaches develop and maintain behaviour management systems that prevent disturbances, allowing them to focus on the teaching of skills. 832 more words

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Server Development

I have a list of things I’d like to work on including:

  1. Adding more missions in cities
  2. More spawn points for vehicles
    1. Added some new ones on 11/27/15…
  3. 114 more words