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Answers to Essential Questions: Creating Ground Rules or Group Agreements

Everyone is getting along and working in their groups. All of sudden you hear, “That’s stupid. You’re stupid,” followed by a few expletives and a possible physical altercation. 1,627 more words

Classroom And Group Management

A Hands-On Activity: Class and Program Expectations, Ground Rules, And Agreements 

Aren’t you tired of lecturing about what you expect from your students and the ground rules for your class or program? I know I am. Year after year you review how you expect your students how to behave, and you may sometimes feel like the information goes in one ear and out the other. 517 more words

Classroom And Group Management

Summer Walks - suggestions welcome

The walk in the Escandorgue Forest (announced in a separate posting) is the last one that I shall be organising until September. Over the summer, Jenny and Dorine will take responsibility for announcing the walks, and already have several in mind, but suggestions for other outings are always welcome. 49 more words


Stage 2 Development: Meetings

Meeting 1 (1/5/16)
Once we had started the production of our packages, we began to create deadlines for our work. Within this first meeting we decided on three deadlines; 513 more words

12 May 2016 - No Walk?

Continuing rain forecast

The current forecast is that the persistent rain will continue all week, so no walk is proposed for Thursday.

However, should the weather improve there may be a late announcement of a walk around Lodeve. 20 more words

Group Management

How to Use Point Scores to Keep a Group Engaged

Engage Young Athletes with Mini Competitions

Competition – used in the right way – is a very powerful motivator and an extremely effective group management strategy. 595 more words

Little Athletics

Forward Planning

Plans for the next few walks

The following walks are planned for the next few weeks, though not necessarily in the order given – that will depend on the availability of leaders and the weather! 66 more words

Group Management