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People...and their Groups....and Assignments given to.....GROUP ASSIGNMENTS YEAH THAT'S THE TITLE SUE ME!

This post is dedicated to group projects…. Where every person thinks they are the only ones possessing leadership qualities a.k.a. telling everyone else what to do and what not to do and after a few minutes everyone is arguing about how to do it and how not to do it and this takes up hours and I’m just sitting there enjoying the show coz no one is even going to remember their own shitty ideas by the time they step outside the gate and the next day this same discussion is going to take place! 621 more words


Three times I wished I'd quit.

Further to this previous post I wrote, here are three examples that come to mind, when I think of ‘times I wish I’d quit’.

A philosophy paper in my third year of university. 640 more words

Social Philosophy

Group Projects with the Candidates

Anyone who knows me really well knows that group projects were the absolute bane of my school existence approximately 98% of the time.

And yet I find myself pondering, as of late, how it would be to be assigned to a group project with the presidential candidates. 1,536 more words


STRANGE: Music Video

Film stills from a little Video for ‘Strange’. Film by me, Edited by Tom Knights and Music By YUSSA MUUSA.


Group Projects

Switching the Focus on College-based Group Projects

I think it’s fairly safe to say that nearly every college instructor wants their students to learn. In fact, I know more than a few of my colleagues who design their courses around this very idea. 663 more words

Blog Post

Running Away with the Circus

Writer: Ella Salome

Illustrator: Veronica Mellere

When you were little and your mother denied you dessert after you failed to eat your vegetables, did you threaten to run away? 435 more words

Victoria University

*knock knock* "Who's it?" "Group project!" *Door shut*

I think we all have been there, done that . . .

If there is anything I absolutely dread the most about college-life, it’s “Group projects.” I even don’t mind running a hundred miles marathon (I mean, for one hell of a sloth that I am) just to escape it. 568 more words