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Seeing the Positive in the Negative: The Group Project

This week, I’m leaping outside the realms of my Technical Writing and New Media module and sharing the experience I had with a group assignment for another module; Public Administration. 336 more words

Group Project Success : Tips & Tricks

Now I am fully aware that most students are adverse to group projects and are perhaps triggered by horrible group project experiences. I, however,  am not a complete nay-sayer. 1,282 more words


Simple tips for a successful group project

Effective group work can be an excellent cooperative learning tool. Team members typically bring different perspectives to a subject and with that, a platform is created to understand a topic better. 157 more words


Teamwork Blog - Joey Canova

What behaviors do you believe demonstrate good team membership?

A good team member will not only convey their own thoughts and feelings to the team, but also listen and respond when the team shares their own. 151 more words

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Teamwork Questions - Taylor Karels

1. What behaviors do you believe demonstrate good team membership?

In my opinion, good team membership is demonstrated by showing up to the planned meetings, doing their assigned job to the best of their abilities, and getting their assigned tasks done by the set deadline. 120 more words

Assignment Information

What is gratitude?

Together with my followers on Instagram I tried to find out what gratitude actually is. 1,298 more words

Group Projects

Clement & Pekoe

Project information:

Dublin City Council has talked about reopening the old public conveniences in Dublin. They were closed off in the 70´s due unwanted activity at the facilities, and have not been restored or opened since. 213 more words