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No Offense, But I'm Done

If you are reading this, you are either a college student or you are not. But seeing as this is a blog heavily influenced by NYIT students, I am going to assume that whoever is scrolling through this entry is somewhat familiar with the American education system. 508 more words


The Shadow Collective Prototype Day workshop

In our Group ‘The Shadow Collective’ we had a Prototype workshop where we were given a brief to make or design something which we would all, as a group, be inspired and interested to work with using the bare materials such as wire and glue guns which we were given. 122 more words


The Shadow Collective

After the Christmas Holiday we started on our group projects in Professional Practise. We formed groups from the illustrators who we felt had similar interests, methods, ideas of ways of working making  a strong team to work with. 113 more words


Using Technology is the Easy Part

Is Technology the Hard Part?

Even though the focus of this blog is learning about technology, learning technology, and learning how to use technology (particularly in education settings), I wanted to tell you about how using technology is the easy part as I mentioned earlier (see my earlier blog post, … 505 more words

Small Man Syndrome and Group Projects Don't Mix!

I used to love group projects. It was a great time to spend getting to know other people. The work was evenly distributed throughout the group and when presenting you didn’t have to stand in front of the class alone. 558 more words


Working as Part of a Team

Athens, OH 24 February 2015

As a senior engineering student, I am no stranger to working in a team environment. There are few things I do in a normal day that do not involve other people in some way. 228 more words

Mechanical Engineering

Motivation and Emotion Advertising Campaign Resources.

Due March 2nd

EDIT: I forgot to include this on the instruction sheet – any citations that you need for this paper should be done in APA 6th Edition style. 232 more words

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