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*knock knock* "Who's it?" "Group project!" *Door shut*

I think we all have been there, done that . . .

If there is anything I absolutely dread the about college-life, it’s “Group projects.” I even don’t mind running a hundred miles marathon (I mean, for one hell of a sloth that I am) just to escape it. 568 more words

Does Teamwork Really Makes the Dream Work???

Teamwork makes the dream work is a saying that I’m pretty sure all of us have heard for majority of our lives.  We all remember those dreaded group projects in school but were those projects just building block for future endeavors we might do.  419 more words

How to Survive Group Projects

I’m about a year away from being done with school, hopefully for a long time.  That means I’ve done my fair share of group projects, and with the professors I have, I know there are more in my future.   365 more words


The Introvert’s Nine Circles Of Hell

Abandon all hope, ye introverts who enter here… – Dante, kind of

Circle 1: Networking

In this circle the introvert souls writhe and groan as they are forced to shake hands, drink coffee out of urns, and listen to people talk about being disruptors.

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Group Presentation Details


  • Danielle
  • Frankie
  • Stephanie
  • Yvette
  • Tourin
  • Joshua

Northern Renaissance

  • Zarrina


  • Yvette
  • Danielle
  • Frankie
  • Stephanie
  • Sherwin


  • Sparkle
  • Helen
  • Zarrina


  • Roswell
  • Alana



Everyone Hates Group Projects

When this old picture of girl guides putting up a tent popped up on my screen, it inspired these thoughts. I can’t actually remember the conversation that went on during the tent-construction enterprise, but I can imagine it just from the body language of the people in the photo. 491 more words

Living And Learning

Box Office Statistical Analysis

Predicting Success of Film Adaptations from Book Data

Lindsay Tracy, Holly Baldacci, and Lauren Rogge

         Many different factors impact the lifetime box office gross of film adaptations of novels. 2,124 more words