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Group work without the group.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many friends at University. I have my housemates whom I love and one or two ‘friends’ from my course. And I use air quotes when I describe them as ‘friends’ because I have never once spoken to them outside of university or university-related work. 465 more words


Group Projects Suck!

When I was in college, almost every class had an element of working in groups or figuring out something within a team. I can’t tell you how many times I cringed, when I heard the professor describing the project and giving the criteria for grades. 759 more words


Group Projects and Oscar Snubs

Honestly I needed to take a Xanax before even writing this. Just saying the phrase “group projects” depletes my energy resources for the rest of the day. 652 more words



In high school there were two things I made a serious effort to avoid: public speaking and group projects. Public speaking made my voice get shaky and stressed me out while group projects (usually) combined my fear of public speaking with having to worry about other people completing their work. 826 more words


Research Portfolio: Interview Building

“Begin to demonstrate an awareness of the historical and contemporary context og Interior Design by studying a building’s history, construction, site setting, users, participants, co-workers and co-creators.” 208 more words

Group Projects

HPO Wayfinding

“Hi, you have been identified as only one of three key students in your group, and are invited to take part in working on the building to develop wayfinding that identifies your course area.” 87 more words

Group Projects

Evaluation of 2 minute SISE “sense of place” film

Im going to start off by saying that overall I thought the piece went fairly well. By that I mean there were no real hiccups or problems that we as a group couldn’t deal with. 566 more words

Critical Diary