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Why some employee benefits are worth more than others

By Sheryl Smolkin

You just got a job offer and in addition to a hefty salary increase you are getting all kinds of new perks like life insurance, free parking and a cell phone. 586 more words

Personal Finance

Working Canadians say paying down debt more important than retirement savings

What would be the political consequences of CPP expansion?

Certainly CPP expansion has it support among academia, labour unions and some politicians.

But how would ordinary Canadians react to having their wallets lightened and losing the financial flexibility to plan their own lives? 117 more words


Why working Canadians spurn company retirement plans

Why do some working Canadians – when given the choice – completely opt out of the company retirement plan?

In some cases they are actually walking away from free money in the form of matching contributions from the employer. 200 more words


Where is the pension plan coverage problem in Canada?

Pension coverage is deemed to be a problem for Canada.

But it certainly isn’t for public sector workers.

About nine out of every 10 public sector workers are members of registered pension plans. 190 more words


Retirement savings alphabet soup

By Sheryl Smolkin

SPP, RRSP, Group RRSP, TFSA. This alphabet soup of acronyms represents only a few of the most common retirement savings options available to Canadians. 1,271 more words

Money Saving Tips

The Revolution In Employee Benefits Has Begun

There is an old expression “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” That’s why we created Benefits Your Way… 489 more words

For Business Owners

Job seekers should look for employers with DB pensions

Younger Canadian job-seekers should be looking for employers that offer traditional Defined Benefit pension plans, says a report being issued Tuesday by BMO Retirement Institute. 618 more words