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Additional Perspectives on Human Evolution and Group Selection: Simon Sinek's Why Leaders Eat Last

If you’d like to get more perspective on our evolutionary heritage, especially in terms of how it pertains to leadership, check out this 99u talk by Simon Sinek. 10 more words


Class Prep For Apr. 25: human evolution & group selection

To wrap up our look at evolution, we’re going beyond what’s in our textbooks to look at some related topics that connect with more recent developments in Biology. 93 more words

Class Prep

Group selection

Group selection is a proposed mechanism of evolution in which natural selection is imagined to act at the level of the group, instead of at the more conventional level of the individual. 171 more words


E. O. Wilson--Of Ants and Men

I didn’t know it was coming up, but I was fortunate in turning on the television this evening in time to catch a 2-hour PBS show chronicling the career and scientific and personal thoughts of E. 83 more words


Brave men in Bangladesh

Keith Hudson

I am an agnostic.  This means that I neither believe in God nor disbelieve.  I see no evidence either way.  I have intuitive faith in the scientific method and that our brains are coherent with the reality they are trying to uncover.  791 more words

Britain grinding to a halt

Keith Hudson

“Housing market grinds to a halt” says my morning newpaper’s headlines.  That’s because Britain as a whole is grinding to a halt.  The government keeps on trying to convince us (and largely succeeding . 426 more words