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For Apr. 11th: Group Selection & Altruism

So far as we’ve seen, selection favors traits beneficial to the individual. In that case, how did altruism evolve? The concept of group selection offers a compelling perspective… 144 more words

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Cultural Group Selection

Interesting paper. 

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Human cooperation is highly unusual. We live in large groups composed mostly of non-relatives. Evolutionists have proposed a number of explanations for this pattern, including cultural group selection and extensions of more general processes such as reciprocity, kin selection, and multi-level selection acting on genes.

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What drives human warfare and how has modern warfare impacted nature?


Modern human warfare is becoming an increasingly complicated affair and the technology of armaments increasingly destructive. Warfare is ubiquitous in the natural world however the nature of modern human warfare does not appear to exhibit current known evolutionary mechanisms such as groupings of unrelated individuals and an arms race involving social dynamics. 3,104 more words


A Lament on Simler Et Al

I read Kevin Simler’sThe Leaning Tower of Morality the other day. It’s a good article, but something about it bothered me. It bothered me more than it would have if someone else had written it, because Simler is usually so good and insightful. 2,965 more words