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Killing for the Community: The evolution of homicidal self-sacrifice

Suicide Mission: March 8, 2016

At five o’clock in the evening, Fouad Tamimi turned his motorcycle east onto Sultan Suleiman Street on the north side of Jerusalem’s Old City, ready to die. 3,995 more words


PROSOCIAL: An Overview of David Sloan Wilson's 'Does Altruism Exist?'

Does altruism exist, or are humans entirely selfish?

In Does Altruism Exist?, famed biologist and president of the Evolution Institute David Sloan Wilson  answers this age old question with evolutionary theory. 1,637 more words

Book Review

The Righteous Mind: Religion, Cooperation, and Evolution

I’ve read a book.

In perfect candor, this is a feat I’ve accomplished once or twice in the past, but it never fails to stoke a certain sense of accomplishment and smug self-adulation. 3,673 more words


Where did altruism come from? In-Class Discussion for Dec. 6th

So far as we’ve seen, selection favors traits beneficial to the individual. In that case, how did altruism evolve? The concept of group selection offers a compelling perspective… 120 more words

Class Prep

Keep your mind open and your enemies' opener.

A friend’s dad is a hereditary member of the House of Lords. I stayed the night at his house not long after he had been re-elected after a period of absence. 1,038 more words

Additional Perspectives on Human Evolution and Group Selection: Simon Sinek's Why Leaders Eat Last

If you’d like to get more perspective on our evolutionary heritage, especially in terms of how it pertains to leadership, check out this 99u talk by Simon Sinek. 10 more words


Class Prep For Apr. 25: human evolution & group selection

To wrap up our look at evolution, we’re going beyond what’s in our textbooks to look at some related topics that connect with more recent developments in Biology. 93 more words

Class Prep