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디지털 포럼과 Dunbar Circle

오늘 회사에서 디지털 포럼에 참석했다. 디지털 포럼은 국내 유명 대학의 교수님들이 (회사 자문위원 격인것 같다) 특정 주제에 대해 그룹별로 연구하여 그 결과물을 임직원에게 발표하는 자리다. 이번 포럼의 주제는 wearable device, 인문학과 디자인의 융합, health care, display 였는데 나는 그 중 오후 세션을 참관했다. 282 more words

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The New Groupthink

The way our organizations are designed now a days follows a contemporary phenomenon which the author Susain Cain calls The New GroupThink. Organizations are putting emphasis on team above all else. 186 more words


Seriously, about Group Work: Magic or Political Train to Hell?

Group dynamics are always an interesting endeavor.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of groups in quite a few arenas both professionally and voluntary.  1,088 more words


Why Are Our Brains So Large?

A recent article1 provides a possible answer. The article’s title is Social Network Size Linked to Brain Size. Perhaps the most prominent hypothesis is that our enlarged brains allow us to be smarter than our competitors. 408 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Why Does Size Really Matter?

Small churches don’t necessarily qualify for some special badge of honor. It all depends on why they are small.  Large churches don’t enjoy special standing with God because of their size. 650 more words