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Groups and Homomorphisms

One often sees that proving theorems about groups and related structures can involve clever reasoning and ingenuity. I will be collecting, when possible, problems which use such reasoning, because what is more disorienting than not being able to re-use a clever method you discovered a few weeks ago? 206 more words

My Explorations

#MathStatMonth Day 13: Peg Solitaire

The Games for Young Minds newsletter recommendation this week was for peg solitaire (which you might know as Hi-Q). This is a game played on a board with n holes and n-1 pegs. 965 more words


Anticommutative Group Operators

The other day, a thought cross my mind. Consider the wedge product , an binary operator on differential forms. This operator satisfies a property known as anticommutativity, that is if and are any two 1-forms, then . 421 more words


Not so hyperbolic

Give an example of a hyperbolic manifold with finite volume and non hyperbolic fundamental group.

Remark: It has to be non compact.

Sophus Lie

“It is difficult to imagine modern mathematics without the concept of a Lie group.” (Ioan James, 2002).

Sophus Lie grew up in the town of Moss, south of Oslo. 540 more words


A nice (but false) conjecture

For the last couple of days, I have been thinking about graph theory. One observation that I made was that it generally seems to be possible to arrange most graphs in a “symmetric” way in the plane. 497 more words