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A nice (but false) conjecture

For the last couple of days, I have been thinking about graph theory. One observation that I made was that it generally seems to be possible to arrange most graphs in a “symmetric” way in the plane. 497 more words


Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Let be the equation of the elliptic curve E. Any line L that intersects the curve will intersect the curve in at most 3 points. Below are examples of how these look like. 656 more words

Algorithms And Complexity

tensor products for group actions, part 2

In this previous post, tensor products of -sets were introduced and some basic properties were proved, this post is a continuation, so I’ll asume that you’re familiar with the contents of that post. 1,985 more words


tensor products for group actions

Suppose is a ring, is a right -module and is a left -module, then we can form the tensor product that we all know and love. 1,366 more words


Dawn of the Simple Generalisation of Wilson's Theorem - The Structure of Finite Cyclic Groups

In the last installment, we proved a generalised form of Wilson’s Theorem:

Theorem (GWT, necessity). Let be a positive integer such that has a primitive root . 440 more words


Coincidences among small groups

I like to study reflection groups of various kinds.  Let Sn denote the group of permutations of n points, let GL(n, q) denote the… 178 more words