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원들대 01: 군의 정의와 아벨군의 예제

제 1편: 군의 정의와 아벨군의 예제

오늘의 목표:

  1. 아벨군이 무엇인지 알아봅시다.
  2. 덧셈군곱셈군에 대해서 알아봅시다.
  3. 무한군유한군의 예제를 살펴봅시다.

The Treachery of Physics

What you see above is my rendition of “The Treachery of Images,” a famous painting by René Magritte. Painted in 1928-29, it depicts what is unarguably a pipe with a caption that reads, (translated) “This is not a pipe.” Deciphering the painting is not as difficult as it looks. 1,282 more words


Threefold advice: making the jump from geometric group theorist to computer vision specialist

by Lucas Sabalka

I began my mathematical career as a research mathematician, but now I work in industry even though my degree is not in an applied area. 995 more words

Career Information

"One Line" Algebra Qual Problems

Today I’m going to try to distill some solutions to previous algebra qual problems into one sentence answers. This will likely mean that the solutions are missing details, but my hope is to be able to give a decent overview of how the solution would go. 468 more words

Algebra Qual Problems

Wreath Products: Sum and Product Actions

During Laci Babai’s course on graph isomorphism, one of the tools we encountered is the wreath product. Here I’ll give some intuitive descriptions of the wreath product . 429 more words

Quick Intro: Group Theory

Now and again in higher-level Physics you might run into terms like this: SO(3), Lie Group, U(2), etc… These sound like strange and disconnected terms but they are all part of how we categorize systems into groups. 611 more words


Galois group of x^10+x^5+1

This was a problem from an old qualifying exam, that I solved today, with a few pointers. First of all, is it reducible? It actually is. 58 more words

Group Theory