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Reading the Comics, June 25, 2016: Busy Week Edition

I had meant to cut the Reading The Comics posts back to a reasonable one a week. Then came the 23rd, which had something like six hundred mathematically-themed comic strips. 715 more words


Reflection matrices, the classy way!

In 2D we’d like to be able to easily find a reflection matrix without too much work. We’ve already talked about the power and usefulness of orthogonal matrices for looking at rotation matrices… 603 more words

Linear Algebra

Free subgroups of the group of homeomorphisms

Let . Prove that the group of homeomorphisms of the -dimensional ball that fix its boundary contains a copy of the free group on generators.

Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Lovers

By now this self-analytical Left mindbody lens grows thin
imagining dualistic cultural dominance,
logically sciencing,
rationally defaulting to either-or assumptions
supposedly proving either x or y… 375 more words

Math is not left-hand-phobic.

In the definition of a group,  the statements for existence of identity element and inverse element involve both left multiplication and right multiplication:


transversal rewriting solution by semidirect product of certain coset maps

este proceso se generaliza


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