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definición en diagrama

¿Cuál es la definición de un grupo libre?

me preguntaban…

y yo les digo (yo propongo) que deberían de considera un diagrama de conjuntos y flechas así: 45 more words


Some orders on groups

A left order on a group is a total order of the underlying set such that left multiplication by any element of the group is monotonous. 177 more words

A gentle introduction to graph isomorphism

On the 12th and 13th April, Prof. László Babai from the University of Chicago gave two fascinating talks about graph isomorphism (GI) at Cambridge. In this post we give a very brief overview of the problem and explain how group theory may come into play, and in a follow-up post we shall describe the group-theoretic approach in greater detail. 1,433 more words


Reading the Comics, April 10, 2016: Four-Digit Prime Number Edition

In today’s installment of Reading The Comics, mathematics gets name-dropped a bunch in strips that aren’t really about my favorite subject other than my love. Also, I reveal the big lie we’ve been fed about who drew the… 736 more words


A Leap Day 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Dedekind Domain

When I tossed this season’s A To Z open to requests I figured I’d get some surprising ones. So I did. This one’s particularly challenging. 2,170 more words