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The Summer 2017 Mathematics A To Z: Volume Forms

I’ve been reading Elke Stangl’s Elkemental Force blog for years now. Sometimes I even feel social-media-caught-up enough to comment, or at least to like posts. This is relevant today as I discuss one of the Stangl’s suggestions for my letter-V topic. 1,627 more words


Simplicity of Special linear groups and Iwasawa Method

Throughout, will denote a field, a vector space of dimension over , the linear automorphisms of , the subgroup of automorphisms of determinant . When , we denote the field of order by . 734 more words

p-Sylow subgroups and why they exist

Let be a finite group and a prime such that the order of is where and are coprime. Cauchy’s Theorem for finite groups tells us that there exists whose order is . 600 more words


The Summer 2017 Mathematics A To Z: L-function

I’m brought back to elliptic curves today thanks to another request from Gaurish, of the For The Love Of Mathematics blog. Interested in how that’s going to work out? 1,404 more words


Cyclic and Dihedral Groups of General Order

Here, I will introduce more general dihedral and cyclic groups. In the next post I will discuss the symmetric group. After that, I will begin to talk about some of the general properties of groups instead of just giving more examples of them (the fun part!) 935 more words

Group Theory

The Summer 2017 Mathematics A To Z: Functor

Gaurish gives me another topic for today. I’m now no longer sure whether Gaurish hopes me to become a topology blogger or a category theory blogger. 1,019 more words