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Yellow Garoupa

  • Yellow Garoupa also known as grouper, 黃斑魚.

this family of fish most common fish when it comes to any banquet in Cantonese region, like sea bass to Frenchman, grouper is quite important when it comes to dining out at a restaurant. 327 more words


Grouper Etiquette

My name is Grouper Goodall. I’m a female Goliath Grouper writing a doctoral dissertation on human and grouper behavior. You can read more about my studies… 607 more words

Marine Conservation

Barney Peterson: What Are We Catching? August 28, 2016

NOAA Teacher at Sea

Barney Peterson

Aboard NOAA Ship Oregon II

August 13 – 28, 2016

Mission: Long Line Survey

Geographic Area: Gulf of Mexico… 1,176 more words

NOAA Teacher At Sea

Long Game

If you scuba dive long enough you can get shots like this. The coral hind and wrasse are in a symbiotic dance. The wrasse cleans the bigger fish. 151 more words


Have you seen this fish?

When you SCUBA dive in Florida, you can become a citizen scientist.

Think taking selfies of Goliath Groupers.The Goliaths don’t have opposable thumbs like primates (monkeys, apes, us), so holding a camera underwater (or a cell phone) will be impossible for the groupers. 232 more words

Marine Conservation

Deep fried fish with sambal bawang

Sometime ago, I got fishes. Actually, those fishes were bartered ‘item’ since I had made 5 pages of speech for a tuna conference that was held in Bali. 517 more words