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GNARLY: SUP Fisherman Catches MASSIVE Grouper

Catch of a lifetime for this SUP angler down in Florida…

“First known giant Goliath Grouper ever landed off of a Stand Up Paddle Board SUP. 44 more words


Pulley Ridge LITE - A Jig and Bait Adventure

Many have adventured to the Dry Tortugas fishing grounds; some have adventured to the Pulley Ridge area and fished the deep drop zones in the daytime and shallower areas at night. 2,407 more words

Fishing Reports

HELEN - " Motorcycle "


Kranky have just announced that they’ll be releasing the debut album by a new(-ish) Portland, Oregon band, Helen is the sometimes-active dream rock band that counts… 216 more words


Lemon Garlic Crusted Grouper with Vegetables

It has been a while since I have had grouper. I have been curious about preparing it in different ways. This came out delicious. I did not know how I would prepare it until I got to the market it was purchased at. 194 more words


Rescue Fish!

The Children’s Services department has a special, new, aquatic friend in the form of a slightly deformed, but wonderfully resilient, Panther Grouper. When Randy, our “fish guy,” told us he had a rescue fish who had been through a rough and tumble of a time, we invited him to rehabilitate the trooper of a grouper in one of our spacious 225 gallon tanks. 138 more words

CURRENT: Helen - "Motorcycle"

If you’re familiar with Grouper’s Liz Harris and her discography, then the first official single from her group Helen will almost certainly throw you for a loop. 72 more words


52 Photos Project #9 "lips"

This weeks’ prompt is “lips”!  It was proving a challenge…then I remembered an outing while on vacation in Madeira Beach, Florida.  Perfect…now, I just have to find the photo (Note to self: improve photo filing method) 277 more words