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1. a lively Spanish dance for two people, typically accompanied by castanets or tambourine; or,

2. a foolish or useless act or thing.

It started with a thump on the living room window. 321 more words

Nature Photography

Hip, Hip, Hooray

Rose hip: The fruit of a rose.

Rose hips figure high on the foods-I-like-to-eat for ruffed grouse. They’re packed with vitamin C, fibre and lots of essential minerals. 72 more words

Nature Photography

Snow Motion

Like the Energizer Bunny, ruffed grouse keep going and going and going. I laughed as I watched this one motoring right along, kicking up snow in her wake as she headed for the raspberry patch.

Ruffed grouseĀ  Bonasa umbellus

Nature Photography

Whistler Spruce Grouse

On a short hike on top of Whistler Mountain, almost walked right pass this bird, her coat matched the surroundings perfectly and remained ever so still. 9 more words


Do You Have A Complaint?

When we have a grouse about something/someone, the first inclination is usually to complain to someone close by or to oneself. But what peace we will cultivate when we start talking it out with Jesus first and letting Him calm us down. 57 more words


The Cabrach tragedy

This film is about a late Victorian tragedy.

Unconnected to this specific tragedy, World War I happened.

Many years later the ownership of Cabrach estate changed hands. 42 more words

Two Cultures

Garden Party

Ruffed grouse paid us a visit on this snowy afternoon.

First one arrived …

Not finding much of interest in the snow-dusted grass, the saskatoon bush seemed a better prospect. 55 more words

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