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Beauty camouflaged.

There are now three Grouse that come and visit in the evening and go to sleep in the big tree near the house. So very beautiful and peaceful.

April Highlights

The month is almost over and I don’t know where the time went. It has been full of wildflowers and spring tasks and walks in the hills and birds and good times. 112 more words


Ontario's Ruffed Grouse

Although sometimes regarded as “wilderness” birds, Ruffed Grouse have no aversion to living in close proximity to humans if the cover gives them adequate security. In some areas of Ontario, Canada –  Ruffed Grouse are more abundant in remote wilderness forests. 1,271 more words

Wawang Lake Resort

Winters End

It’s the end of April and it looks like winter has let go its icy grip. However, the ice hasn’t melted off all of the local lakes, one can still find a patch of snow here and there and it was below freezing (again) last night. 478 more words

Population Dynamics

Training Your Retriever

Attach a 6-foot lead or cord to a scent-infused training dummy or the wing of a bird. (Freeze wings during hunting season and thaw them out when ready for training.) Use this to create “drags” of scent the dog will follow. 330 more words

Wawang Lake Resort

Sharp-tailed Grouse...

Sunday morning my husband and myself, along with some friends arose at 4:30 am to be at a Sharp-tailed Grouse lek an hour before sunrise… 195 more words


Grouse Spiral Dance

Today on the way to work, a grouse practically ran in front of my car. I had to hit my brakes and swerve to avoid it, and then I thought about it, because I have never seen a grouse in the road before. 390 more words