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Grouse Shooting in Scotland

Grouse shooting is regarded by many as the premier form of game bird shooting. This video shows how grouse come in “missile like swarms” over the butts. Exhilarating sport.

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All That Remains: How to Make Game Stock | Field & Stream

One thing you can do to amp your kitchen credibility quickly is learning to make stock—a flavorful cooking liquid that forms the base of many soups, sauces, and other recipes. 506 more words

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Day 3: Of Hiking and Makerspaces

Today I hiked the Perseverance Trail in Juneau, Alaska. Along the way I caught this fuzzy picture of a grouse running away from me. I’ve seen more grouse on the trail this year. 595 more words


Driven Grouse Shooting - Courtesy of Wikipedia

Driven grouse shooting is a field sport of the United Kingdom. It is popular because it provides a challenge due to the rapid flight of the grouse. 305 more words

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Shoot it! : A picture is worth a thousand words!

Wawang has always been synonymous with great trophies.  We have also be recognized as one of the most photographed filled brag book holders amongst our peers.   151 more words

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Black and White Grouse

Dear Friends, this dancer is pausing to check out the photographers hiding in the blind clicking away while he and several of his buddies dance for the one female who appeared on the lek.   39 more words