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We’re nearing the end of August, which means the short northern summer is waning. Still, it’s been warm; hot even, on some days. Recently, a few nights were cool and by morning there was extensive fog. 564 more words

Population Dynamics

Polluted Rivers and Surveys

Red Grouse – Barry Carter

Pennine Grouse Moor Survey Erroneous Say BTO!

A bird survey that was reported to have taken place on a managed grouse moor in the Pennines has been widely quoted in the media this week. 1,408 more words

Adventures in Lancaster Valley

He grew angrier and angrier as he realized his territory was being invaded and he could do nothing about it. 493 more words


Driven Grouse Shooting on the Moor

An excellently produced video showing the excitement that is driven grouse shooting.

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Grouse Shooting - The Real Story

The moorlands mean everything to those who live and work there. Managed grouse moors are proven havens for wildlife and a vital source of income. 6 more words

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Inglorious Bustards

There is no wilderness in Britain. The landscape which today forms the battleground between conservationist and farmer, developer and gentry, is only the latest expression of the work of millennia, to shape and subjugate wildness into something more amenable to humanity. 976 more words