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Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus)

If you want to see a Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus), commonly just known as Ptarmigan in the UK, then I can recommend a visit to the Cairngorm ski resort in Scotland in spring time! 186 more words


Last week BC        

Kayaking Saltspring Island

Views Saltspring Island of Vancouver Island .

North shore mountains , Vancouver

North shore , top of Goat Mountain.

A plug for Salomon on top of mount Maxwell. 193 more words

Family Adventures: Grouse Mountain

From trendy neighbourhood cafes to moss covered hiking trails, we’re on a quest to get off the couch and discover all that Vancouver has to offer to this mostly home-satisfied family of three. 720 more words


Old family photos

As my father is turning 70 soon,  I have been looking through old scanned photographs from when he was a child. Among these photographs I found some fun pictures of my grandmother Yvonne Avenel. 102 more words

The Love of the Lek

Ask anyone who loves the avian world and has been fortunate to visit or photograph at the lekking site of any member of the Grouse family and I am sure they will all tell you that to greet the dawn of a new day with a displaying male (and sometimes many more) just outside your hide is right up there in terms of their experiences in the natural world.   874 more words

Grouse Kebobs

Cubes of ruffed grouse breast skewered along with grape tomatoes, mushrooms and onion make for wonderful kebabs. No ruffies? You can also use other grouse, as well as duck, goose or wild turkey breast meat. 232 more words

Wawang Lake Resort