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"A Notorious Union Buster And Exploiter Of Working Families": Why Build A National Monument To A Union-Busting Robber Baron?

Occasionally, I see something that is so bizarre, so out of place, so wrong that I have to assume I’m hallucinating. For example, I could have sworn I was delusional when I heard about the National Park Service’s Pullman National Monument in Chicago. 591 more words

Union Busting

Lincoln Logs, Teddy Bears, and Baby Ruth

Lincoln was truly born in a log cabin, and Theodore Roosevelt did indeed inspire the Teddy Bear, but the Baby Ruth candy bar arrived on the scene 30 years after the birth of Ruth Cleveland. 145 more words


Labor Day Issue

Happy near end of summer, blogsters. You no doubt have heard that it’s been a record-breaking season for wildfires here in Washington State. Precious lives have been lost, including those of three young firefighters who’ve received national attention for their bravery in the line of duty. 1,030 more words

Cumberland's Grover Cleveland

This week, Cumberland University, my place of employment, announced the appointment of a new president. It was a great day of celebration and hope for a bright future. 313 more words


The Right Thing Done the Right Way

The 24-year-old assemblyman had worked hard to get a bill passed that would reduce the fare on New York City’s elevated railroads to five cents. When Governor Grover Cleveland vetoed the bill, the assemblyman gave the following speech: 175 more words


The Courage to Uphold the Constitution

The minority leader of the New York state assembly worked hard to lower the fare on New York City’s elevated railroads. It was most gratifying when the five-cent fare bill passed. 137 more words