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November 14, 2016

It happened five times in U.S. Presidential Election history. Because of the antiquated system created by the founders, the winner of the popular vote, lost the presidency to the candidate with most Electoral votes. 688 more words

Current Affair

Happy Election Day

It’s Election Day, and about damn time. If I see one more ad, pro or con, about Proposition 61*, I’m going to throw a shoe at the TV. 364 more words


Fort Myers Celebrates the Election of 1885

Fort Myers generally celebrated holidays and milestone events, like the coming of the railway, as if they were the 4th of July, that is, with incendiaries of one kind of another. 1,001 more words

History In CynemaScope

October 28, 1886: Dedication of the Statue of Liberty

We are not here today to bow before the representation of a fierce warlike god, filled with wrath and vengeance, but we joyously contemplate instead our own deity keeping watch and ward before the open gates of America and greater than all that have been celebrated in ancient song. 92 more words

Lost and Found - October 28th Edition

What to remember about October 28th…

  • 1775  British Major General Howe issues proclamation forbidding residents from leaving the city
  • 1818  Abigail Adams, First Lady and wife of President John Adams dies in Quincy, Massachusetts (b.
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"You cannot get a grip on blue... blue is sly, slick, it slides into the room sideways, a slippery trickster"*...

Michelangelo couldn’t afford ultramarine. His painting The Entombment, the story goes, was left unfinished as the result of his failure to procure the prized pigment.

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1884 & 2016: Private vs. Public Immorality

By Ryan S. Walters

The 2016 presidential race was shaken up recently with the leak of private audio revealing that Republican nominee Donald Trump said something vulgar 11 years ago as a private citizen in what he thought was a private setting. 1,047 more words

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