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Hillary Clinton Not First Person with Popular Vote to Lose Presidency

Hillary Clinton lost the presidency in 2016 even though more people voted for her than Donald Trump.  Mrs. Clinton is not the first person to lose the presidency even though she had more votes than her opponent. 171 more words

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Game Design Musings Episode 001: 6 Rules of Horror!

So relatively recently i watched Alien for the first time and although i didn’t find it remotely scary, years of watching comedy sci-fi appears to have completely desensitised me to the xenomorph, not that i will be giving quiche a chance any time soon, it did get me thinking about how horror stories work. 2,965 more words

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El colegio electoral (2 de 2)

por Federico Anaya Gallardo *

He resumido los casos históricos de no coincidencia entre el voto popular y el voto en colegio electoral para ver si este mecanismo resultó efectivamente un freno frente a la… 1,458 more words


El colegio electoral (1 de 2)

por Federico Anaya Gallardo *

Entre los saldos de la elección presidencial estadounidense de 2016 destaca el relativo gran detalle con el cual las televisoras mexicanas reportaron el acontecimiento. 1,778 more words




November 14, 2016

It happened five times in U.S. Presidential Election history. Because of the antiquated system created by the founders, the winner of the popular vote, lost the presidency to the candidate with most Electoral votes. 688 more words

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Happy Election Day

It’s Election Day, and about damn time. If I see one more ad, pro or con, about Proposition 61*, I’m going to throw a shoe at the TV. 364 more words


Fort Myers Celebrates the Election of 1885

Fort Myers generally celebrated holidays and milestone events, like the coming of the railway, as if they were the 4th of July, that is, with incendiaries of one kind of another. 1,001 more words

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