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November 4: An important date for electing two-term Presidents

This IS from the National Constitution Center.

Some presidential election trivia.

Since 1845, when Congress set an official date for presidential elections, November 4th has held a special role as a day when two-term Presidents get elected to the White House. 433 more words


September 9 in history:

“United States” was chosen as the official name of the 13 American colonies by the Continental Congress on September 9th, 1776. The newly-independent nation had been known as the “United Colonies” before that. 129 more words

Today In History

"A Notorious Union Buster And Exploiter Of Working Families": Why Build A National Monument To A Union-Busting Robber Baron?

Occasionally, I see something that is so bizarre, so out of place, so wrong that I have to assume I’m hallucinating. For example, I could have sworn I was delusional when I heard about the National Park Service’s Pullman National Monument in Chicago. 591 more words

Union Busting

Lincoln Logs, Teddy Bears, and Baby Ruth

Lincoln was truly born in a log cabin, and Theodore Roosevelt did indeed inspire the Teddy Bear, but the Baby Ruth candy bar arrived on the scene 30 years after the birth of Ruth Cleveland. 145 more words


Labor Day Issue

Happy near end of summer, blogsters. You no doubt have heard that it’s been a record-breaking season for wildfires here in Washington State. Precious lives have been lost, including those of three young firefighters who’ve received national attention for their bravery in the line of duty. 1,030 more words