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Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

This is from the second book of the AMAZING Percy Jackson series, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters which I would definitely recommend you read as Rick Riordan in a GENIUS!!! 375 more words

Annabeth Chase

Book Breakdown - My Favourites: Percy Jackson & the Olympians

This series by author Rick Riordan definitely doesn’t need introduction; it’s one of the most popular teen/tween fiction series out there. But, it is however still worth me telling you how genuinely great of a read it is since popularity has been straying farther and farther way from equating quality these days. 380 more words


In Which a Demigod Confronts Two Wizards

Where we last left off…

Luke had cornered the demigods, spellcaster, and others on the deck of the Malfoy yacht. He pointed to Ron…

1,540 more words
Ron Weasley

In Which the Kids Are Rescued by a Wizard

Where we last left off…

The kids found themselves dangling off a cliff that spanned over a huge lake. The birds (California condors) had them completely surrounded.

1,413 more words
Jacquelyn-Claire Ulrich

In Which the Kids Must Escape From Singing California Condors

After a few hours of driving, Jacquelyn had grown tired of everything. All of the running, hiding, And fighting was beginning to take it’s toll on her. 955 more words

Jacquelyn-Claire Ulrich

In Which a Spellcaster Must Dodge a Wedding and Rescue Several Demigods

Jacquelyn woke up in a room.

The room was soft, with pinks, greens, and turquoise. The carpets were plush, the curtains were heavy but soft, and the room gave you the feeling of being safe. 1,337 more words

Jacquelyn-Claire Ulrich

Finding A Family

Hey guys!

So guess what?! I finished The House of Hades by Rick Riordan like a week ago or something. You know, that book I’ve been talking about in almost all of my blogs so far? 1,206 more words