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Small Steps Rather Than Springing Forward

The Small Joys of a Small Garden

After a very enjoyable visit from family last weekend, the allotment has been sadly neglected – I still haven’t planted my potatoes (“Expel her from the allotment club, right now!” I hear you scream in disgust) and not one seed has gone in direct this year. 337 more words

Grow Your Own

Wheelbarrow compost riddle & drying tray

With having a fairly large productive garden and more chickens than you can shake a stick at, we create quite a bit of garden waste, though far from ‘waste’ it is, as we compost just about everything we can. 514 more words


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This is just what I need will be getting the team building a couple of these next week, perfect for riddling all the leaf mould and compost for top dressing our lawns! Liked shared and re-blogged.

The Garden

The garden is in, here is everything in my main garden area.  Of course, this is what I’m imagining the veggies to actually look like someday…  Some are experimental as we’re always trying new techniques, new varieties and many annual favorites.   36 more words


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Make your Garden a "Happy Place" just had to reblog this great sketch from Brad Young Art, really enjoyed your drawings.

Growing walnuts for their nuts - the cultivar revelation

One walnut tree is not necessarily the same as another walnut tree.  Many people will have planted a walnut seed in their backyard waiting hopefully for the growing tree to produce a crop of nuts.  415 more words


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Having discovered a file that refers to the trials and tribulations experienced by a Walnut connoisseur, as she attempts to establish a Walnut paddock of her very own in middle England, early 1980's. I am intrigued to discover more about her struggles but also about the history surrounding the humble "English" Walnut and it's hybrids. As Head Gardener for the current residents of said estate, we care for the remaining 35 of theses trees from the originally planting. Consisting of 20 of each of the following french varieties, Franquette and Parisenne, are now reaching maturity and bearing heavy crops most years. Originally shipped in from France at great expense the files regularly refer to these trees as the first walnut plantation of it's kind in the UK? How true this is will become clear as I compile my own article detailing the plight of a Walnut fancier who dreamed of harvesting her own fresh Walnuts from her Manor House Plantation. Sure is going to be an interesting journey and I hope you will enjoy reading it. French Walnuts

Herbs On The Rooftop

So today I am showing you our herb collection grown on the rooftop!

Dried herbs are good but fresh is always better. During the drying process of herbs, some nutrients may be lost and you will not get 100% of  its benefits, whether it’s health benefits and also taste. 44 more words


Preschool Activities Berkshire

The children are currently learning about the English garden and together with our team, we’ve all been busy creating an environment for them with features that include… 214 more words

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Kitchen Basics - Your spice rack

Here is a list of spices and dried herbs that every kitchen should have:

Sea salt
Peppercorns, whole
Garlic powder
Chili powder
Dill weed
Bay leaf
Parsley*This should prepare you for any basic recipe you may wish to try. 89 more words