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Planting More Seeds

I ordered some more herb seeds a few weeks ago and they finally came! Originally I just ordered a few seeds that were listed as easy to grow and I was going to see how that went before ordering more. 333 more words


Microgreen Growth Update

My sunflower and kale microgreens got big! The watercress is still tiny and cute! It’s been 7 days since I planted my microgreens and I am already harvesting my sunflowers. 253 more words


Planting Microgreens

I started another project! Over the weekend I planted some microgreens. Microgreens are seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs harvested less than 14 days after germination. 374 more words


Succulent Unboxing

I mentioned in my last post that I ordered some succulents. They arrived already! I ordered over the Easter long weekend and my package arrived (less than a week later) on Friday April 6th. 495 more words


Herb Garden Progress

I am so excited! My herbs are finally popping up! I have been checking them each day but there was no changes up until yesterday. Since I had a busy evening and was rushing around after work I almost didn’t check on my herbs since I figured there would be no change! 152 more words


Hope & Seedlings…

Today’s six word story word prompt on the theme of hope, is “seedlings”.  If you want to participate in the challenge head over to Page Flutter for more information.  7 more words


Planting Seeds

Yesterday was a beautiful day to get outside and plant some seeds. My mom had purchased some organic potting soil for her outdoor planters and had some extra so we got together and shared our seeds and soil. 331 more words