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Spring is in the air!!!

It might still be February, but it sure feels like spring in North Carolina! This is totally messing with my 34 weeks pregnant nesting instinct. I want to plant, dig, weed, and bring loads of chicks home, but I can’t do much of that just yet. 310 more words


Building a Grow Light Rack for Seed-Starting

What do you need to build a grow light rack for seed-starting?

1. Wire Shelves – I bought two of these shelves at Menards in black for around $70 each. 196 more words


Oxyled GL02 Hydroponic LED Indoor Plant Grow Lights

The Oxyled GL02 Hydroponic LED Indoor Plant Grow Lights is a single bulb (suited for a standard E26 socket) that is 24W and is made 12 LED lights, 3 Blue and 9 Red. 171 more words


High-Tech Plant Helpers; Hydroponics, monitoring systems, even an electric pollinator (PHOTOS)

What busy person couldn’t use a little help to make life a bit easier? From soil humidity sensors to computer-generated growing tips to weather detection devices, a new generation of high- and somewhat low-tech gadgets are available to assist us all in indoor and outdoor gardens. 1,146 more words


Sparkling Mexican Tree Spinach

Has anyone who has grown Mexican tree spinach noticed it sparkle under grow lights?
Here’s a picture of mine today. (Well spotted by the boyfriend) 27 more words


Homestead Diary March 11th, 2016

I started this week by ordering a couple of expensive but hopefully one-time tool purchases. The first is a Meadow Creature broadfork. Broadforks are a manual cultivation tool that loosens and aerates soil for improved tilth without inverting any of the soil layers. 788 more words