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Containers Galore!

Summer weather has hit New England, which means I can finally transplant my hot weather plants outside. This is good news for my seedlings, which are getting so big the word “seedling” has become generous.  376 more words

Grow light set up.

So, as I have sprouts sprouting, I needed to get something to be able to hold my grow light. I wanted to have something adjustable, and something that I could take apart when I needed to. 387 more words


Basil, Tomato, Pepper, & Eggplant Seedlings

My seedlings have been growing well.  They are in front of a west-facing window, but fluorescent lights provide a total of ten hours of additional light in the morning and evening.   84 more words


Alite Advanced LED Plant Grow Light

The ALite Advanced LED Plant Grow Light is optimized to maxiize your plants growth, and it actually works wonderfully. The LED plant light has just the amount of light color and wavelength to produce maximum growth for your indoor and greenhouse plants. 304 more words

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Grow Herbs

I also managed to re-pot some herbs. I bought them last week and unfortunately they are already looking desperate. From what I read, that’s probably because they are not getting enough light. 69 more words

To start seeds or to buy starts?

For me, this has been a question I’ve asked myself for the past few years, and I just changed my answer this year! I decided to dive in and grow my own, and here is why. 943 more words