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Making a Stand

Yeah! Finished my grow light stand and storage shelf combo. There are lots of very clever plans to make fantastic take down light stands made of PVC pipe such as this… 377 more words

Time for Seed Starting!

Time for Seed Starting! I have been waiting months for this time and with spring just around the corner, preparing for this year’s seed plants is a welcoming opportunity.  163 more words

Starting the Summer Garden Indoors

When starting seeds for the  summer garden I planted seeds in cardboard egg cartons.  These are free. I love free and can be cut into sections and be planted directly into  a larger pot or into the garden.  316 more words


The Anatomy of My Seed Starting Setup

I just upgraded my seed starting setup for this year, and I’m super excited to tell you about it!

Four years ago, when I was planting my first garden, I tried starting seeds in pots on a windowsill. 797 more words


Garden Quest 2015 #002 - It's working. Maybe?

I think things are going okay. It’s been 14 days since I sowed mesclun mix indoors. I’ve played around with the light position of the HPS grow light. 275 more words


Garden Quest 2015 #001 - Indoor seed starting math

My “garden quest” series tailed off in 2014 and I failed to provide any sort of final verdict on the year. This year I will try to be more diligent about my experiments, successes, and failures in the garden. 724 more words


Tripod And Grow Lights - The Beginning of the Garden!

Light Bulb On

Tripod Setup, Bulb Off

Light Bulb Box

This year, we’re trying to make our garden really good and we also want an extra early start, so our mom is getting products for our soil to be used a bit later (urea, potash, bone meal, and vermiculite for example) as well as supplies for starting plants inside. 414 more words