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Hmm well it’s been almost a year and a while since a relationship. Being the proud Mary that I was, walking back into a door he had kicked me out of was not an option so I reassured myself I deserved better.

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“But that’s not fair!”

All kids make this comment, I think; and, as a young, little tater tot, I remember saying it to my parents for various kid reasons. 240 more words


Sh*t your pants at 20

Yeah you read that right.

I’m talking about those dreaded years… your 20’s. I was talking to my bestie this morning and it really just hit me how weird these years of your life are. 429 more words


Did You Grow Up Trying to Please Others?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Did you grow up always trying to please others, searching for approval & the need for validation from others & learn to live your life ‘certain’ in the knowledge that were you ‘stupid enough’ to not only have but enforce boundaries with regard to your own life & that by doing so then others wouldn’t, or worse still stop loving you? 940 more words

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Disrespecting Teachers

What is it about middle/high school students that gives them the right to disrespect their elders, especially teachers? The simple talking back, fighting in school, refusing to do work, and the list goes on.. 88 more words

High School

Real Life Advice From College Professors I Still Use Today

Thinking back on the past four years, it wasn’t all the projects and exams that stick out to me most (although those were important). What stands out most clearly is the wise words I consumed during a simple lecture or a conversation. 996 more words

Grow Up

Throwing a hissy fit

I heard that my ex had an issue with me having my 14 year old son on his birthday.

He made a comment that he’s put out, because he’ll have to have fondue a week later since I had Thing 2 on his birthday. 202 more words

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