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I Have a Twin?

“I have a twin brother?” The shock went through my body as I snooped through my parents boxes in the basement. I was nine and boxes upon unopened boxes that weren’t mine that I could go through. 445 more words


Your first step should be to STOP spending money

Of course you are going to feel accomplished by the end of the night; your new lifestyle is off to a great start.

When you are first trying to resume control over your finances; do not spend a cent on doing so.

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Life Lessons from a Cedar Tree

The life of the cedar tree has so much to teach us.  There is such beauty, wonderful fragrance, and uses that this majestic tree provides. In fact, it is the most mentioned tree in the Bible…and for very good reason. 1,103 more words

Morning's Spiral

trying to figure how to restructure
preparing forever for a day that’ll never come

fit all things into one
attempting to be the person “I know I can be” 78 more words


What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?

It’s the last month of Autumn, and the brown leaves are only just beginning to fall off the branches. There’s something about staring out of the windows that is almost like staring into another world. 849 more words

Daily Thoughts

Adult and Childhood

I am back in childhood, though that is a lie. My three small children play without abandon and I watch them and I can no longer join in. 192 more words

How leaders can grow in the skill to challenge people to grow

Good leaders don’t only tell you WHAT to grow in; good leaders but motivates you personally with WHY and coaches you with HOW to grow further.  417 more words

Leadership Growth Series