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I’ve grown, days, months and years have passed. I’m not the kid I used to be. Gradually I’m becoming the man I’m meant to be. I’ve seen my little share of good and bad days… 302 more words


Growing Up - Did You Make the Correct Choice?

We have experienced standing on the cross-road, thinking which route we should take for our next step.  There are moments we think back and wonder what would our live be if we had chosen a completely different path. 229 more words


You might be an immature leader if....

I have always been a fan of Jeff Foxworthy. His humor has really had an impact on me over the years. Plus he is a Christian. 356 more words

The Well

Grow Up... If You Can: The Infantilization of America's Teenagers

I read an article a couple days ago about GM’s new line of cars that include a ‘teen driver’ setting that would allow parents to basically control the cars like they do with the ‘kids setting’ on Netflix or certain TVs. 904 more words


29 Things I Learned in Kindergarten

On my 29th birthday, I wrote down the 29 things I learned as an adult that were first taught in kindergarten. Here they are:

  1. READ: Remember how we asked where babies come from?
  2. 2,149 more words

Stop the blame game!

“Disney teaches bad morals.” “Barbie makes girls anorexic.” “Grand Theft Auto turns boys into rapists.”

Now before we get started, no, I do not have children so no, in my adult life I have not yet had to struggle with the balancing act of maintaining my own life and minding that of a tiny human being. 2,009 more words