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"Gift of Sisterhood" by Amy

So….I guess we are doing this. My sweet yet zany sister has convinced me that we should be documenting our lives. Hmmm….I know I have had an “eventful” life. 275 more words

Hope Girls

Day 26: I love the kid in me

“Grow up” was what he used to say when I get too unreasonable with my emotions, or with what I want. Of course, he’s got a point. 516 more words

Other Stuff I Write

A Time for Rest and Healing

I can smell the snow, and  it is a heady perfume.  A mixture of the biting wind and frozen humidity in the air, it calls to me like a forgotten song.   368 more words


Deadlines, wait when? 

Now I’m not a bad student, in fact when I apply myself I get As and A*s. However I have a small problem when it comes to meeting deadlines. 141 more words

What became of once beautiful place we call "Internet"(Interweb?!)?


To stress out before I insult half the internet and the entire tumblr goes on rampage after seeing this post, I consider myself to be a leech of society – meaning that I take what I’m given, eat it and then crap it out through my butthole. 1,099 more words


The Fount of Happiness: Let things go.

The fount of happiness is not derived from materialistic means. It’s not derived from the self-gratification of of revenge and scheming to hurt others that help us, although it is an intrinsic and innate response to envy or pain. 128 more words


are we adults?

When do we become adults?

When do we make the official switch from child to adult? Where is that line in our lives? What is the event that grants us access to the new level life? 379 more words