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Thoughts & Feelings on one of my Biggest Flaws.

I know I moan a lot on here, but to me this is like a feelings blog and it helps me cope sometimes.

I have had this battle in my head for a while now, a battle about my social life, could I have social anxiety? 756 more words


Get Shaved

I know I am not as cool as Brad Pitt, nor having that DiCaprio’s perfect smile, but as a man I think it is important to keep the good looking face anytime. 173 more words

Grow Up

On not driving: a few thoughts on fear and courage

When Bill was in his 30s, a train locomotive slammed into the rail trolley he was working on. He had the presence of mind to lean forward, out of the direct path of the engine, but he ended up with internal injuries and fractured ribs, a back injury that took time to heal. 1,773 more words

Life Goals

I’m reaching that stage of life where when people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, they actually expect a cognitive answer. 193 more words


What are parents good for

What are parents good for. It was one of those issues that comes up and talking with many people.’ They didn’t do this for me, they didn’t do that for me, they didn’t buy me a new car, they let my younger brother and sisters do anything they want, I could have done so much more but my parents never really pushed me and so on and so forth.’ When people complain like this, there is generally some valid criticism. 370 more words


Miss Motivator.

{This post is brought to you by: travelling around Dundee on the 73 bus.}

I think I’m becoming more motivated to achieve goals that may sometimes seem out of reach. 181 more words