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Just stop...

Okay alright…enough…just stop…

Why do we waste our precious time that we will never get back worrying about something stupid..yeah I said the “S” word…just stupid.. 289 more words

Changing the Mindset

*DISCLAIMER* This article is rated NPC for non politically correct. This means that if your feelings get hurt, you can just go to the wambulence… 209 more words


Docu-vlog #1 Self-Improvement Journey | Intro


I’ve had the thought to really work on myself to become a better person. Instead of telling others how to be a better person and what to do, I will record my real life journey of becoming a better person. 90 more words

About Timzy

Consider Me Bothered!!

I used to enjoy reading others’ stories about their dating experiences. Online or otherwise. Failed or otherwise…mostly failed, lets admit. But things have changed. Even though I absolutely love a good love story, or the prospect of one, I no longer go near any of it. 773 more words


Stop-the-Clock Moments

There are certain times in life when we wish we could stop the clock and live in the moment forever. 369 more words

On A Personal Note

Farm Legacy

Does the fall season bring reflection to your mind?  It does for me.  Thinking back over the years (decades, really), I am so thankful that Elohim granted me a legacy of farming and farm family life.  54 more words

Hebrew Roots

As you’re going…