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Haiku # 15

The Grown-Ups asked Me,

What I’d Want to Grow Up as?

Child – I said Smiling.

Creative Writing

Black Blue & Terrified of Loving You

I have bruises and contusions

And I’m constantly losing

My mind and my footing

I pick rocks that are shiny

And the sun’s so bright it blinds me… 126 more words


Growing Up 0.2

Heyaaa everyone!

How is your summer going? I hope it’s great, super great! If you’re already back to school, I’m so sorry for you. Same if you’re back to work. 118 more words

Aye It's My Life

BOOK REVIEW: Grow Up Ben Brooks

I judge books by their covers. I’ll be the first to admit it. However, this cover threw me. I went into this novel not knowing what to expect from a book written by a nineteen year old Ben Brooks; titled Grow Up and sporting a happy clown face superimposed over a skull as the cover.  517 more words


What are the signs of ADULTING?

Age doesn’t always say if you have grown to be an adult, or hints that you have grown matured. It is a gradual process that lets even snail to beat it, in a race. 235 more words

How Do We Ever Know That We Are Ready?!

Yeah, how we are supposed to know that we are ready for something in our lives? I have no idea at times what I am doing, thinking if me listening to my heart and trusting my gut feeling is just stupid. 1,316 more words


"Grow The Feck Up"

There are days when I just cannot do it.  I just cannot “adult”.  It’s a thing you know.  I used to go through it on a Monday morning when I would be getting ready for work.  882 more words