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Grow In: A Peace Corps Volunteer's Journey Inside Herself

A seed must be planted into the soil and given plenty of nutrients to grow within. It expands and expands. What science does not tell you is that during this time the seed is making important decisions: who it is, what kind of plant it will be, even how strong, resilient, and comforting it will be. 1,898 more words

Gameplay | Grow Up (Multi, 2016)

Past year Grow Home was a nice little surprise. It was the first game selected in “Vote to Play”, a non-regular PS+ feature where you can vote between three options which game you would want to be given in the service. 403 more words


Grow Up Review

Grow Up’s got some significant technical problems, but if you can work past them, prepare for a fun and free experience.

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More Than Food & Clothes


So, here I am in Soweto, Kayole, staring speechless as this middle aged woman as she gives me tit bits of her unbelievably trying life of sacrifice and service to the orphaned and disowned children. 1,139 more words


New Experiences

New experiences are scary. That isn’t true for everyone, some people thrive when they’re undergoing new experiences but for me, having to experience something new is a little bit intimidating. 432 more words

Why Growing Up is Hard as a Mom

Today my daughter went to my girlfriend’s house to play with her twins and be watched by their nanny. She hadn’t gone in a while due to scheduling conflicts so I was worried she would cry pretty hard this time. 507 more words


Episode 183 - Nah Man's Sky

Does No Man’s Sky live up to the hype?! Well obviously no. We’re all aware of that. What does this interstellar exploration game have going for it? 58 more words