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Bone Broth Saves The Day

After eliminating various key players from my diet, including sugar, gluten and dairy, I was no stranger to will power and cleansing. But, what really saved the day and eradicated the daily hives, had nothing to do with denying myself anything. 760 more words


Christmas, Boxed

I love this pic of one of my all-time favourite movie stars – the wonderful Carole Lombard. As Rupert Everett sort-of said in My Best Friend’s Wedding: “Love the hair, love the dress, love the Christmas wrapping paper!” Actually, those prettily decorated boxes are what I covet the most – gifts-in-boxes always remind… 145 more words


Redefining Aging: Can we will ourselves to feel younger?

Is aging just a state of mind?

I really enjoyed this article, What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?, published on NYTimes.com. The piece focuses on the studies of psychologist Ellen Langer in which she investigates the effect of recall and perception on various ailments (including old age, cancer, colds, diabetes, weight loss and eyesight). 463 more words


Healthy Food Plan- For growing younger

Healthy food plan


“You are what you eat”. Healthy living incorporates diet, exercise, breathing and meditation. Food and exercise help to keep the body healthier, younger and more vibrant. 984 more words