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Fork in the Road

So, I thought I would quit smoking –
I thought I could make it –
Make it in Babylon..
Like a knight on a horse – 126 more words


Blog Post Aug 17.

Things I have consistently loved more than my second husband:
My children. Above all else.

The movie Reservoir Dogs

Clean bedding

Hot beverage and a smoke. 15 more words


Gaia's Daughter

Dancing Reflections,
Lit Dew of Ostara’s stretch.
Gradient sky’s –
Warm gifts to Gaia.
Seeds of Sativa,
Break ground – Blinded.

Solar offerings to Flora- 52 more words


Gang Member Becomes Organic Farmer: From Gangs to Gardens Documentary

JLove Calderon, a filmmaker has currently released a motivating documentary named as “From Gangs To Gardens.” The documentary features Ietef Vitas’s progress from a cruel gang member to an organic planter. 105 more words


I'm Off

…into the fields. It seems safest away from the turbulence of the day out there: only nature to deal with, and the results of the referendum to sink in. 69 more words


Locally Made vs. Locally Sold

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we’re usually happy to take it that way, but recently we’ve come across something we feel we need to address. 565 more words

Local Business

Cannabis Plant Spreaders and Stickers

 Feeding a Cannabis Plant via Leaves

Smart growers use a surfactant, surface-active substance (adjuvant), which increases foliar fertilization to be used for a cannabis plant. 378 more words