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When is it Champagne o'clock?

Whenever you want it to be!

But what makes Champagne so special in the wine world? Is it really the king of Sparkling wine? Where does champagne come from? 964 more words


Wine Trip : Champagne, France

Now, when it comes to our fascination with wine, there is one type specifically that stands out above the rest (occupying about 90% of the floor space of our apartment) and that is sparkling wine *cue cherubs singing*. 832 more words


Southern University Presents Medical Marijuana Vendor Recommendation to Board

Approving a vendor is the last major hurdle to start the process of producing the state’s cannabis. The university has not yet chosen a location for the secure indoor growing facility, which will be funded through third-party donors.


Grower's Dictionary

Ever wonder what all the “growing terms” mean? Here is a complied list of definitions to every word, expression, and phrase relating to cannabis use and growth. 8,251 more words

Accounting 101

When I was looking at coming on board with this company, I asked to take a look at their books. If I was going to be responsible for all aspects of the operation I wanted to know what I was walking into before I got there. 451 more words


Hello Cannabis World!

I’ve been in the legal cannabis industry for a full six months now and have never been a marijuana guy at all. I came into the business straight out of 12 years in corporate America, one of 70,000 employees, with time spent managing projects, clients and people; dealing with budgets, sales goals, cost projections, client retention goals, employee engagement and all the rest. 288 more words


Free weed means taxed weed

By Curran Daly

Proposition 64 legalized the recreational use of Marijuana by people 21 years of age or older. The passing of Prop 64 also created new taxes to help generate state tax increases. 409 more words