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I'm Off

…into the fields. It seems safest away from the turbulence of the day out there: only nature to deal with, and the results of the referendum to sink in. 69 more words


Locally Made vs. Locally Sold

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we’re usually happy to take it that way, but recently we’ve come across something we feel we need to address. 565 more words

Local Business

Cannabis Plant Spreaders and Stickers

 Feeding a Cannabis Plant via Leaves

Smart growers use a surfactant, surface-active substance (adjuvant), which increases foliar fertilization to be used for a cannabis plant. 378 more words

Rebranding Project- Banana Preciossa Alphabet -

This little beauty took me longer than I expected.  Bananas for everyone. Who doesn’t like them right?

A poster that would be placed in schools, libraries, with the intention to give the Preciossa Brand visibility to the world and making the customers aware where it stands in the market.


One Red Rose

One red rose in a garden

To show beauty

Surrounded by

The necessity of life.

Nourished to life

By the grower

Tended with hands

That care. 20 more words


Good News, Bad News...

As with most things in life, there are items of good news and items of bad news when it comes to our 2 acre piece of weather paradise.  243 more words

March Hungry Gap

These cold and windy days do seem to drag at the moment: the temperatures aren’t warm enough to really get going with the next round of seed-sowing or ground preparation, and any other jobs I could be getting on with – such as weeding and mulching the perennial herb beds, clearing brassica stalks from the field, making a new raised bed or taking off the plastic from the Vole Tunnel and getting it ready for its new skin – all really don’t appeal in this weather. 229 more words