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Family is growing

Our family projects and home renovations will soon have a little helper! Not sure if that will make them easier, but they will surely be much more exciting! 123 more words

Home Sweet Home

Don’t get me wrong, I love my house.

I love it in the way that I have grown comfortable here.

I love it for the memories it has given me. 268 more words

Growing Family--Gratitude Day 9

I am grateful for our growing family. I often wonder what my son’s wife (if he plans to marry) will be like and get excited about how our family will build and change. 199 more words

Journal Writing

Finding Loss

Opening up about what has hurt me most in life is a tough thing to do. For me, it’s not always so much about the topic I’m choosing to bring up, but more about allowing people to look in and see that I’m still hurting… that some pain just doesn’t go away. 635 more words


Football & Real Estate

I checked my boy into school yesterday. He’s a wide receiver and will be playing football. Since he was six years old and playing on the neighborhood flag football team to ending his high school career as Team Captain, Jack has worked very hard to play college football. 264 more words

First Home

Raising a Toddler while Pregnant: How to Stay Sane

I never realized how difficult it would be to care for a toddler while growing another human being in the womb. I always knew having two children would be more challenging, but I didn’t realize how difficult once some-what simple tasks would become and how my time would suddenly be required to be spent more wisely and managed differently. 593 more words


Time Flies When You're Having FUN

That saying is so true! We’ve been so busy, with so many fun things going on lately! Lots of family time & just enjoying our family of 3 for the next couple months.. 394 more words