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Country Cottage Journal...Beginning the Year in the Garden

Now is the time to sort out seeds and get sowing underway. January passes very quickly…we’re already halfway through!

First of all, ensure all trays and pots used for sowing are scrupulously clean. 409 more words


Seedlings are thriving in the tunnel.

Spring is in full bloom and life is thriving at Bealtaine Cottage.

There is a certain joy in the air that is spiralling outwards and upwards capturing the energy of all life. 365 more words


Vegucation: A Vegetable Growing Primer

Growing food is THE best way that I know of to create a resilient and prosperous household. We all eat, most of us three times a day. 435 more words

Growing Food

Growing your food on 1/10 of an acre

Article & video

The Dervaes family live on 1/10th of an acre 15 minutes from downtown L.A.. In itself that’s not strange. What’s crazy is that they manage to maintain a sustainable and independent urban farm.

47 more words

Permaculture Works...A Ten Year Transformation!

Just over ten years ago I bought a derelict cottage standing on three acres of wet, rush-infested, north-facing land.

This is how I transformed it, using only Permaculture and my own labour. 110 more words



Midwinter has passed, and with it, the counting down of the days towards the light.

Visitors have now left and the cottage seems eerily quiet…somewhere in the stone walls I can hear a mouse scrambling about. 284 more words