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Salvia lyrata - also known as lyreleaf sage, wild sage, cancerweed

If you live on the U.S. mainland, especially the eastern half, you’ve probably seen this prolific plant growing along roadsides or in vacant lots.  It is also planted in gardens. 210 more words

Growing Herbs

Your Best Garden Ever- Part 3

Cucumbers: Considered a tropical vegetable. they thrive and seem to grow overnight when the temperature is above 80 degrees. Plants and vines are frost tender and should not be planted until the middle of May. 574 more words

Growing Herbs

Your Best Garden Ever- Part 2

Planting season for spring crops begin 6 weeks before the last spring frost, but tomatoes and peppers and other warm season vegetables are planted later. Usually May 10th is considered “frost free” by then. 979 more words

Growing Herbs

Garden Photo Update - Five Weeks Later, February 15, 2015

Since my last post (on Jan. 11), we’ve had two gentle storms that each lasted at least a day, and one thunderstorm that lasted about 20 minutes (thankfully, it was a storm that brewed over the Antelope Valley and moved south quickly).  787 more words



Today I decided that it was time to cut down my very large Sage plant so that the young shoots could start to grow and produce more harvest for the coming season. 299 more words

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How to Grow an Endless Supply of Ginger Indoors | fitlife.tv

Ginger is the perfect herb to grow indoors. It’s very low-maintenance, loves partial sunlight, and you can use parts of it at a time, leaving the rest in the soil to continue growing. 148 more words

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If you want to start a small gardening project in your apartment or small space then you’ve probably thought “I need to buy a lot of things to get started!” 986 more words