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For the second week of helping our kids become healthier individuals, I wanted to write about herb planting in the fall. Herbs are extremely easy and inexpensive to plant and take care of and most herbs are completely suitable for children of any age. 1,192 more words

How to keep the outdoors vibe in Autumn

It’s 9pm, three days into official Autumn, and it’s pitch black outside.

Despite the promise of beautiful crunchy leaves, flavoured lattes and pink cheeks for the next three months, the end of light nights does make you want to a) hibernate b) survive only on a diet of hot chocolate and pasta, and c) do nothing else. 466 more words


Lavender Cotton

Lavender Cotton – Santolina chamaecyparissus – Asteraceae (Compositae) family

Although lavender cotton is a member of the daisy family, it is more reminiscent of lavender with its grayish green foliage and strong aromatic scent. 176 more words

Growing Herbs

October 11, 2016 - Tuesday 9:30 - Sustainable Herb Gardening: Why and How

Join us for a lively presentation by gardening educator and permaculture expert Laura Ruby,  co-owner of The Ruby Roost,  a learning center and retreat located… 314 more words


The Plight of All Pollinators

Lately there has been a lot of publicity about the dwindling number of Monarch butterflies. My understanding is that an unexpected winter (sleet) storm drastically affected the number of Monarchs this March in their overwintering area in Mexico. 980 more words

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Two Magnificent Rhizomes

Ginger & Turmeric,

I simply can not decide which of these Asiatic Rhizomatous Plants I adore more, the warming zing of ginger on my taste buds enlivens my whole being and the golden colour of turmeric always brightens my food and feelings.   862 more words

Holistic Health

A post about tea

I used to be a ‘must have a black coffee in the morning or I’m useless’ kinda gal. Then I had an extended stay in hospital, where even the most hardened coffee-drinker will switch to tea if they value their tastebuds, and came out an early waker and morning tea-drinker. 267 more words