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Herb Guide: Lemon Balm

Learn the medicinal and culinary uses of lemon balm, how to grow it, and how to make your own traditional Carmelite water.

To get the best flavor out of lemon balm, shear it with scissors, cutting it down by half or more, at least once a month.

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Herb Guide: It's About Thyme

Thymus vulgaris

Also, Known As:

  • Black Thyme
  • Common Thyme
  • English Thyme
  • French Thyme
  • Garden Thyme
  • German Thyme
  • Serpyllum
  • Thyme
  • Tomillo
  • Winter Thyme

Thyme is a common name given to all the herbs belonging to the plant species called Thymus. 3,675 more words

Essential Oils

Tips for Gardening with Babies & Toddlers

Growing your own fruits, veggies, and herbs definitely becomes more & more important as your family grows. Fresh food, let alone organic fresh food, is expensive so growing your own is great for your bank account AND your health! 2,470 more words


Growing Heather {Calluna vulgaris}

Also, Known As:

  • Heather
  • Scotch Heather

The familiar heather plant – Calluna vulgaris – belongs to the Ericaceae plant family. The plant is an evergreen shrub that has many branching stems and can reach one to two feet in length when fully grown. 1,573 more words


The Lore (and Love) of Lavender

“Lavender grey, lavender blue. Perfume wrapped in the sky’s own hue. – Anonymous

As the owner of a small herb shop and an aspiring herbalist, I think I receive more questions about growing lavender than any other herb. 1,405 more words


Growing Lemongrass

Also known as Fever grass, Bhustrina, and Takrai. From the family Poaceae.

This important culinary and medicinal herb, which can be found throughout the tropics, is indigenous to Southeast Asia where it is used extensively to produce an essential oil. 848 more words


Spring Food and Travel

Spring is finally in the air, and I am on the road. In recent weeks, I’ve cleaned up the garden beds; watched crocus, ipheion, scilla, and daffodil blooms open wider by the hour; and found the first perennial herbs like mint, oregano, sorrel, and chives poking through the ground. 1,079 more words