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Balcony Gardens

Since I am an apartment dweller, gardening is not easy. But I got so sick of buying those $6 boxes of herbs at the grocery store, so I said enough! 125 more words


Farmer Sare ;-)

Farmer Sare… sounds like an oxymoron to me! haha I never thought I would actually start planting my own herbs – I’m sure eventually I will plant fruits and veges but baby steps right? 381 more words

Impostor Tomatoes/ Garden Update Week 20


Cherry tomatoes, my ass! Above are some tomatoes I bought as baby plants from a local farm. They were tagged as “Sweet Million cherry tomatoes.” No freaking way! 441 more words


Let's Talk About Rosemary

Let’s talk about Rosemary.  No, I don’t mean gossip about my neighbor Rosemary up the street but the herb silly!  No matter where I live Rosemary is always planted right outside a main entrance door of my home.  203 more words


Spring Garden Retrospective

Better late than never, right? As we are starting to plan our autumn garden, I thought it would be helpful to reflect upon the spring garden. 536 more words


Greens, Roots, Beans, Fruits

As a kid, I learned at least one rhyme about beans and (musical) fruits, but I just came across another that might be a little more practical as an adult: 452 more words

Growing Vegetables

How to grow herbs from seed.

Herbs are one of the easiest of all productive plants to grow, but as with all plants there are various ways of establishing plants. Growing them from seed is a cheap and effective way of getting lots of herb plants. 828 more words