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Vervain - Verbena officinalis verbenaceae

By far, not the most beautiful or fragrant of herbs, but certainly the most magical of all herbs in Europe, the Middle East, and China. Sacred to the Druids, vervain was used for purifying sacred spaces among the groves of oak trees and in spells, potions for divination, crop fertility, and protection from evil spells and lightning. 327 more words

Growing Herbs

Happy September to All Our Readers !

Good morning, and a Happy September to all !

I trust you’ve had a good summer.

As I was signing off in my previous post, I mentioned the problems I was having with slugs, and I sounded pretty optimistic about the sandpaper I had just fitted around my huacatay seedlings. 75 more words

Growing Herbs

Worms Turn Three (Months)/ Garden Week 24 Update

Hello, worms! I just realized I’ve never checked back in with them on the blog! My worm family is about three months old, and they are kickin’ it old school. 540 more words


Coriander and Mint Cashew Nut Pesto

I was craving some pesto and decided using some with the organic herbs that I have growing in my garden to whip up a “pesto” of sorts. 221 more words

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Drought/ Garden Week 22 Update

This month has been so rough. No rain and temps in the hundreds, day in and day out. Until today, when it decides to torrential downpour and HAIL. 366 more words


Transplant your basil cuttings

My last post was about growing your own basil. I figured I’d share an update to let you all know those cuttings I started grew strong enough roots to transplant them. 101 more words

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Rhodiola {Rhodiola rosea}

Family: Crassulaceae

If you live at high altitudes or have a short summer, this is the plant for you. It has a long history of use in Tibet and mountainous countries throughout Eurasia, especially Scandinavia and Russia, and was known to ancient Greek physicians and Chinese emperors. 2,987 more words

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