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The scents and flavors of the season.

Are You Ready for Winter?

“Jack Frost was in the garden, I saw him there at dawn.
He was dancing round the bushes and prancing on the lawn.” -John P. Smeeton… 1,856 more words

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Herbs: Super plants with superpowers

As a seasoned garden writer, people with self-proclaimed black-thumbs often ask me which plants are easiest to grow. I always answer, “Herbs!” Most herbs grow easy without mollycoddling. 121 more words

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How to be a rebel in America?

Grow your own food.

No… really. Many states are over reaching their boundaries and regulating how much can be grown or in some states, none at all. 521 more words

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8/11/17: In the garden this week

We are into what I think of as the summer doldrums, or maybe just a reli=atively q uiet period in the garden. Certainly the prairie perennials continue to bloom with all their might, and there are all the asters to look forward to, but in the ornamental garden there’s not much to do except to keep things tidy (that is, if you like your garden to be tidy). 845 more words


Six Drought Resistant Herb Plants

If you live in a drought-prone area, or you don’t have the time or resources to water your garden much, consider these beneficial yet drought-resistant herb plants. 259 more words

Growing Herbs