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Two Magnificent Rhizomes

Ginger & Turmeric,

I simply can not decide which of these Asiatic Rhizomatous Plants I adore more, the warming zing of ginger on my taste buds enlivens my whole being and the golden colour of turmeric always brightens my food and feelings.   862 more words

Holistic Health

A post about tea

I used to be a ‘must have a black coffee in the morning or I’m useless’ kinda gal. Then I had an extended stay in hospital, where even the most hardened coffee-drinker will switch to tea if they value their tastebuds, and came out an early waker and morning tea-drinker. 267 more words

Dried Herbs

A surfeit of parsley

Anyone who grows their own vegetables or fruit has experienced a glut of something at some time. The classic one is courgettes (there’ll be more on them in a few weeks when my glut arrives). 584 more words

Dried Herbs

Empty Spaces

Zoe’s death left recurring, sometimes unexpected, often random, but always heart-sad, voids in our life. Her absence permeates our daily routines. Her weight on our feet at night in bed, the expectant face as we stirred in the morning, strings of drool as she politely, patiently waited for her breakfast, the intent eyes and head tilt at the slightest sign of an impending morning walk, her serene pose in the shady grass under the apple tree as she surveyed her domain, her joyous enthusiasm for countless daily pleasures (fetch! 795 more words

Retirement In Maine

All About Chervil

Family: Apiaceae (Umbelliferae), Anthriscus cerefolium Hoffm.

Chervil has been used since ancient Roman times. The flavor is somewhere between tarragon and parsley. Its delicate fern-like leaves have a mild and delicious flavor. 298 more words

Growing Herbs

Pots of Medicine

I can’t quite remember when my love of potted herbs began but it has been a long love affair which I know will continue until I return to the earth.   436 more words

Holistic Health

Dividing Aloe to Share

Aloe vera barbadensis is a ‘Living First Aid and Medicine Plant’ originally from North Africa and the Mediterranean, which means it thrives in Perth’s warm temperate climatic region.   221 more words