Not the Final Post

When I started writing this blog 10 months ago I had no idea as to how it will be received. I started the blog on the advice of my daughter Hannah who rightly said that to reach as many people as possible with my message I had to embrace social media, including FaceBook. 408 more words



In spite of everything I believe in, I have had to come to terms with the notion that I am pensively displaced. It’s not really pensively depressed or sad so it’s not exactly melancholy. 529 more words

Sadie's Snippets

Happy Burfday to ... well, Age 52.

I am happy to say that, having reached the grand old age of 52 full years today, I have attained a level of maturity, gravitas and quiet dignity that I have always admired in others … 21 more words

Is there a plastic surgeon in the house?

Before you go all I-knew-her-grow-old-gracefully-act-was-shizzle-on-a-schtick with me, the plastic surgeon is NOT for me.

I am growing old gracefully. Not quietly or comfortably…but it’s easier for me to pull off the graceful thing because I’m alone so much of the day. 187 more words


So much fun when you are on the bike.

One of the greatest pleasures of cycling is that you get out into the open countryside and see things that you didn’t even know existed. I am discovering areas of outstanding beauty on my own doorstep. 613 more words


Painting the Roses Red

Blog Post #29

As Alice explored Wonderland, she happened upon three gardeners in the form of playing cards busily painting the queen’s white roses red. When she asked them why they did this, they explained that they had planted white roses by mistake, and were frantically attempting to conceal the error with red paint before the queen found out, lest they lose their heads. 1,833 more words


Busy week!

Coming back from holiday there is so much to catch up with and then there is a small matter of relearning the daily routine. In addition to that I have gone back to work – now before anyone gets an urge to scream, it’s only one day a week. 863 more words