My injury

Following on from my injury when I fell onto my left hip 10 days ago, I have an interesting update. Importantly the injury has not prevented me from continuing to cycle as you will see further on. 677 more words


The Menopause Makeover by Staness Jonekos

I don’t want to be guilty of TMI but for my sisters going through “the change”, this is the book for you.  There are many great books on the subject but I think this is all you need to start with.  241 more words


Claims to fame (#0237) 03/31/15

Before you read this realize this post is ultimately meant to be upbeat. This might help you traverse through the beginning doom and gloom part to the happy ending. 419 more words


New bike, new body - not quite!

I have my new bike! After much deliberation and consultation I have finally got myself a new bike delivered last Saturday. I have named it Alfie. 826 more words


Steady progress

This week has been an easy week – officially a “recovery week” but as I have nothing to recover from I have been doing some low level cycling. 531 more words



I wasn’t too sure about going down the hills this morning when I saw a man in a pickup back up the hill by my house and the snowplow screech to a stop behind him.   385 more words


Six months to go!

Well here we are folks. Not quite the count down but only six months to go before my challenge ride. I have so far lost 11 pounds but still another 17 to lose before I can be considered to be at my optimum weight to carry me over 17000 ft across The Alps. 549 more words