Haiti: Day One at an Orphanage

Following a bumpy ride over rocky streets you expect only on mountain roads,  we received a warm welcome at the orphanage, the kind usually reserved for long lost relatives. 738 more words

Haiti - Day One: Arrival

You can never imagine what a place looks like till you see it, with your own eyes. I craned my neck for that first memorable look as our plane circled and landed at Port-au-Prince, Haiti, airport. 485 more words

Haiti Bound - First Leg

May 7, 2017 – At last, we’re on our way to Haiti! I felt like I was taking a final exam. We’d spent months preparing for every imaginable possibility. 265 more words

Bubbly each day keeps Alzheimer’s away

IT DOESN’T help that I was another year older the other day but I simply can’t remember where I read it. It was an article I saw a while ago about having a glass of bubbly a day to keep Alzheimer’s at bay. 208 more words


Physical Therapy with Rog

Such irony. Ever since I sprained my knee on the way to the bunny slope 25 years ago, my knees have given me problems. We go in for our medical check-ups and it’s Rog that has a problem knee. 36 more words

On to State in Debate

Hooray! They took second place!

I had no idea elementary kids even participated in debate till last night when our daughter Amber invited us to watch Austin and Vance’s first competition! 213 more words

Laugh in the Face of Fear

How do you deal with your fears? Mel Brooks recommends laughing.

The other night we watched his movie The Producers. He wrote the script with the idea of helping people overcome the terror inflicted by World War II and Hitler. 40 more words