Laugh in the Face of Fear

How do you deal with your fears? Mel Brooks recommends laughing.

The other night we watched his movie The Producers. He wrote the script with the idea of helping people overcome the terror inflicted by World War II and Hitler. 40 more words

Blind Brotherhood

There’s a brotherhood of the blind. But how do we find one another? It seems that we just stumble into each other, but I believe we’re guided by a loving Heavenly Father. 339 more words

Haiti Mission Prep

My husband Rog and I are going to Haiti for a one-week humanitarian mission soon. We’ve been working on preparations for a couple of months and aren’t done yet. 167 more words

It's Spring!

Yay! It’s pansy time! Spring is my favorite season of the year. It’s not that I haveĀ a Spring complexion. I’m told I’m a winter in my coloring. 172 more words

Playful Parenting

Our kids are such great parents. They play with their children!

Forgive me forĀ sitting on this video since January. I did it after we returned from a visit over the Christmas holidays. 212 more words

Why ageing's actually ok

What’s the definition of ‘ageing’? If it’s a sound, surely it’s a groan. Or simply ‘meh’?

Anyone who has felt their first unexplained back twinge, or is carefully monitoring that could-be-a-crow’s-foot crease by their left eye, has the start of a typical relationship with ageing, and the mindset to go with it. 672 more words