~ Grandpa Report: All is Well ~

Having just returned from the first half of our school holiday break, we can report that Grandpa is doing well. We drove down there, having heard he had ‘a sniffle and a cough.’ The constant worry about my father went into overdrive. 799 more words


~ Another Visit to Grandpa ~

This week, I took the boys down country to visit their grandfather. Dad has been recovering from double pneumonia. “I’m a medical miracle,” he told us proudly when we arrived. 804 more words


~ Dad’s Road Home ~

I think my father’s recent illness and brush with death has been a shock for everyone in the family. You are immediately reduced. Humbled by the experience. 770 more words


What am I swimming across the lake for ?

Well, how does one even begin to describe the journey from September to this day? From beginner swimmer to swimming across what is a very large lake on July 15, 2017. 897 more words

A Week in Paradise

My husband Rog created A Week in Paradise, a 13 minute video of our week in Haiti. We were helping kids, some of whom were rescued from slavery. 236 more words

Finding Peace

A dear friend and her husband became upset with me this week because of a miscommunication. I felt horrible about it. It threw me for a curve. 378 more words

Haiti - Day two

On day two, Sunday, after eating a tasty breakfast of fresh mangos and scrambled eggs on the hotel patio, we rode to Saint-Marc to attend a service of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 484 more words