A Week in Paradise

My husband Rog created A Week in Paradise, a 13 minute video of our week in Haiti. We were helping kids, some of whom were rescued from slavery. 236 more words

Finding Peace

A dear friend and her husband became upset with me this week because of a miscommunication. I felt horrible about it. It threw me for a curve. 378 more words

Haiti - Day two

On day two, Sunday, after eating a tasty breakfast of fresh mangos and scrambled eggs on the hotel patio, we rode to Saint-Marc to attend a service of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 484 more words

Haiti: Day One at an Orphanage

Following a bumpy ride over rocky streets you expect only on mountain roads,  we received a warm welcome at the orphanage, the kind usually reserved for long lost relatives. 738 more words

Haiti - Day One: Arrival

You can never imagine what a place looks like till you see it, with your own eyes. I craned my neck for that first memorable look as our plane circled and landed at Port-au-Prince, Haiti, airport. 485 more words

Haiti Bound - First Leg

May 7, 2017 – At last, we’re on our way to Haiti! I felt like I was taking a final exam. We’d spent months preparing for every imaginable possibility. 265 more words

Bubbly each day keeps Alzheimer’s away

IT DOESN’T help that I was another year older the other day but I simply can’t remember where I read it. It was an article I saw a while ago about having a glass of bubbly a day to keep Alzheimer’s at bay. 208 more words