There – I’ve done it!  I now have a rip in each knee of my Marks and Spencer black jeans!

It took a while to twig on that torn trousers aren’t the outcome of an unfortunate scrape with an ill-fitted screwhead or the perishing of cheap cotton, but are actually designed like that. 421 more words


Growing old gracefully...

This afternoon, I attended an event, when old drama video being played back, I saw a lot of movie stars I know since young, grew old and some of them, might even passed away. 285 more words


My plans 1

There is a popular saying that goes the best way to predict your future is to create it. Most of us apply this saying  to our financial lives, relationship lives and all other aspects, leaving out a crucial aspect of our well being,  our health. 245 more words


Welcome to my healthydesigns blog. Basically the issues that are going to be discussed, analyzed and broken down here are the choices we make that directly affects our health. 149 more words

A Visit from Trudy

I am enjoying a visit with my old friend, Trudy Woszczyk. She arrived on Monday, and will be joined by her husband, Wiesiek, on Saturday. They live in Montreal, so a trip to Mexico at this time of the year is a great thing. 298 more words


Meditation: Growing Older--This May Hurt!

As we were celebrating his birthday, a dear friend quipped, “As I approach 50 I realize that growing older will hurt.”

Now if you already have already “grown older” you know that so many doctors, younger by the way, say pain should not be a part of the aging process. 238 more words

Savor Our Seniors To Grow Bold Along With Me – The Rest Is Yet To Come

The Big Five O

I’m counting down the days to the big 50. Why there is such an emphasis on reaching that particular milestone? There is no big 21, 40, 65, or 100. 883 more words