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I was in a conversation with a young man that I have known for most of his life and we started talking about age. Growing old is an odd fact of life. 844 more words


Who Is In Charge Here? - The Concept Behind The Curated Man

Merriam-Webster defines curator as “one who has the care and superintendence of something.”  Often, a curator is the title of one who oversees a collection, such as in a museum.  460 more words


The finish line...

I prefer to think that my obsession with downsizing, purging, and getting rid of all the ‘stuff’ in my life that was weighing me down, originated with me.   403 more words


So far to go

I’ve just hit the three month mark of no hair dye. I’ve more grey hair than my eighty year old Mother! You know what though, I’m over the embarrassment of showing my natural highlights. 25 more words


Every day is an audition

Last night was really strange. Immediately after I brushed my teeth, I suddenly felt dizzy. The room was spinning. Within a few minutes, I felt a bit nauseous. 379 more words

I Forgot My Age

As some of you know, as you age you cannot eat all the different kinds of food you use to eat. Sometimes it’s not the food but the ‘combination’ of food. 1,887 more words


Act Your Age

One of my favorite bloggers, who writes honestly and insightfully about aging, recently noted we glorify older people who are active, those who at 70 or 80 are romping around like 40 year olds. 341 more words

That Little Voice