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“Grоwіng old grасеfullу” — whаt dоеѕ that mean, еxасtlу? Dоеѕ іt mеаn that you ѕhоuld just ѕіt there аnd ассерt whatever tіmе dоеѕ tо уоu? Dоеѕ іt mean that уоu ѕhоuldn’t fight back? 420 more words



My tired knees. They ache from pain

As I pick up a stone from sandy grains

Along the pond next to my home

Now weathered just as I have grown. 184 more words


Someone Else

I walk by way of moonlight
In the empty halls of glory.
Another dream eclipses mine
And speaks over my story.

I live in silence next to sounds… 68 more words


The generation gaps

Next January, I will become 37, which is almost 40, which is like a nightmare for me.   Turning 30 was really hard for me, it was depressing, not the suicidal type of depression, but in a where-did-time-go kind of depression. 651 more words

The World Through My Eyes

Parrot's Song #poem

Parrot’s Song


Watching the bird growing old inside its cage

                                                                                      inside its cage

feeding its agonizing life awaiting death

                                                                                     awaiting death

the liberation you might love inside your heart… 63 more words


Preposterous Sleep Paraphernalia

Mimi’s packing her bags again, heading north to celebrate the first birthday of the youngest granddaughter. My packing list forces me to face the hard reality of the approaching “60’s”. 915 more words


But Compared To What?

Historically, I share this song in January, but today, I can’t stop thinking about the hook line.

“It’s often said that life is strange, oh yes, but compared to what?” 6 more words