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Once was Punk'd

Ha ha the jokes on you
Got a young man's hat
But an old man's shoes
You occasionally orbit into style
Laika mummified fashionphyle

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Orphaned Verse

No Country For Old Men

The age process is a double edged sword. I’m nobody’s son now, just somebody’s Dad. I’m now an expert at spilling drink and dropping food down my shirt, the varifocals are binned, replaced with a separate set of reading and distance glasses, random noises emanate from my body with unexpected ease and regularity, all outwith my control. 219 more words



In today’s society 77 isn’t considered old, yet why do I feel like I’ve entered a new dimension – like the Twilight Zone?  My hefty body has been supported by legs and feet which are beginning to falter under the strain.  584 more words

Getting Older as a Gamer

For those of you who don’t know, which is all of you, I’m a 30 year old man.  Yup, I’m a man of 30 years, and I am a gamer.  1,103 more words


Starting One Final Chapter

It’s hard to imagine closing the door that last time. I have lived in this house with my wife for a lot of years. It’s so very hard.

190 more words
Personal Growth

When You Grow Old

A Story For Saturday. I’ll be returning next Saturday with a regular or semi-regular features. Today you get a story. Enjoy. Savor. Relax. Ponder. Think. Create.  729 more words


About the Numbers

In 1968 I stepped off a plane in Memphis, TN.  I was about to go through some concentrated electronics training.  At the time, I did not know that.  259 more words

Politcal Opinion