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Home coming

One hour before my 30th high school reunion

When I let myself remember and feel the good, it brings up the not-so-good too.  To be here, back in the suburban Philadelphia town I grew up in, from 7th grade to 12th grade,  I am feeling is this sickly sense of dread, of why did I do this to myself, when I told myself I wouldn’t.   105 more words


When Memories Fade. ~ Julia Prentice

An exploration of memory-destroying life situations, this piece wrote itself as I pondered the stages of relationship with my mother.

As she slips into the golden years, I attempt to follow her, walking the path she walks. 834 more words

Contemporary Issues | Let's Talk

eating blueberry pie + growing older

I turn 40 next month and I hadn’t really given it a lot of thought until recently. Until a friend responded to something I’d say with… 1,924 more words


The Older I Get

It’s pie dough between my fingers and I’m tucking it under, slowly working my way around the dish.  I find it beautiful; the way the fat and the flour and the water do a half-dance and leave a lot undone; swirls and whirls of color which become airy pockets, flaky crust. 321 more words


REAL Woman Wednesday - Get REAL HollyWeird!

As I said on Monday, I have run out of friends to hassle for REAL Man Monday and REAL Woman Wednesday, but I remain committed to highlighting the unrealistic views of love and beauty portrayed not only in the movies and television but on the covers of most books in my genre. 333 more words


Licensed to wear purple

You may have come across Jenny Joseph’s poem ‘Warning’, and if not, you probably know the first line: “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple…” 712 more words

Reflections On Life (and Death)

When furniture shows your age...

When you have lived in one house for years and years, you don’t need much in the way of furniture. But this week I found myself in a furniture store I’d visited often in the past, attempting to find a couple small, sturdy pieces for a specific purpose. 639 more words