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100 and Counting

This is the 100th post of “A Plano Life,” and just to change things up a little and for no other apparent reason, here are “10 Terrific, Tantalizing Things about the Number 100” for your reading enjoyment: 510 more words

Growing Older

The Me

안녕 친구!!

Can you believe that it is already 2018? It is refreshing to be reminded how time snooze by under our noses while we are chasing our goals and dreams. 674 more words


A Letter to Women That are Older Than Me


In August I will officially consider myself to be out of the Early Twenties stage of my life, and into The Mid Twenties. For those of you who have a few more years’ of experience than myself, I have a few concerns- I ask these questions because I always imagined I would have more figured out when I hit this age. 187 more words


Can you Hear me now?

This month I began learning along with a small group of other prospective volunteers how to help with hospice care. The love and dedication of the woman who is training us has been both an inspiration and example. 94 more words

The Color Formerly Known as Lavender

I saw a funny picture on Facebook. A man was push mowing his yard through the snow. The caption said, “Welcome to spring in North Carolina.” That sounds about right. 537 more words


Everything Makes Me Cry

As I get older everything makes me cry. Okay, maybe not everything, but more things than when I was younger. Hallmark commercial; weepy eyes. A sports team wins a championship; I’m verklempft. 503 more words