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Turning to stone

Turning to stone

The young have green sticks for bones,
skin like Fruit-of-the-Loom waist bands,
and toe-head hair piled high
in layers of chicken tails. 168 more words


Swiftly fly the years

Our son, our last born, celebrates a birthday this week. When I think of him, I smile and remember what a surprise he was when he emerged in that delivery room.  520 more words



Inside every old man
Sits a boy who
never grows up
His mind plays games
Some on its own
Some as he claims
his body’s on loan… 78 more words


My Mission in Life?

As I get older, I am more inclined to believe that instead of each of us having a specific mission in life, it is more that we live our lives in worship to Him. 193 more words

Internal Struggle

I often confuse myself. I battle depression seemingly on an hour to hour basis. Sometimes I’m fine and other times not so much. I have wondered sometimes what is the point of life and living, but on the other hand, I fear death. 250 more words



In just 273 days, I’m going to be getting married. This sound so crazy to me. As much as I wanted to get married and have a family, there has always been such a large part of me that felt it was never going to happen. 381 more words


Whispers of Delight

Ellie, it’s not like it used to be.

               Not the carefree afternoons,

               And reckless summer nights.

               Not the infinite world before us.


               We had our moment, 104 more words