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A Plain Ol' Life

I write this on the first anniversary of the beginning of this blog.  By God’s grace and with his kind help, we’ve been able to write pretty regularly for this past year; this is our 45th post.  449 more words

Planting A Church

Families Missing in Action - Part One

While lack of two parent fasmily has often been pointed out in relation to incarceration in prisons, not much has been looked into for people who find themselves in the institution called the nursing home. 641 more words

The #Playground

As infants, adults like to play with them, as children, we like to play with things as adults we play with infants and other things.  As infants, they smile at us as we pretend to speak a language intended for infants.  795 more words


Sometimes I Feel an Echo

via Daily Prompt: Echo

Sometimes I hear an echo, only it is not quite a sound but rather a memory. Or perhaps a memory of a… 471 more words


The Day my Heroes fell from the Sky

I remember the night that my entire perspective on life changed. At this one moment, I was no longer the wide-eyed kid from Detroit. I no longer felt the ability to complain about life and the injustices that I faced while growing up. 531 more words



I think back about my life
that spans four score years and one
remembering days of long ago
when things were different and oh so slow. 256 more words


Is there happiness?

Painting ©Bernardien Sternhelm

Is there happiness to be found,

to be picked up for the asking,

plucked from random moments

and the bustle of other people’s lives? 168 more words