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One day it will hit me –
I’m turning fifty,
and the years have not been kind.
There’s only me to blame,
too foolish to believe… 16 more words

Daily Prompt


I am by nature a baseball cap “kind” of guy. Forty-three years of coaching baseball and football will make you a baseball cap kind of guy out of habit. 956 more words

As You Got Older...

From the child, to the parents now…

not my picture or words…

As you get older, you’re becoming, more and more of an inconvenience to me, I know I’m supposed to take care of you, like you’d taken care of me when I was little (yeah right!!!), but, it’s just, too strenuous now, you’d become, close to immobilized, and, I’d needed to, take you wherever it is that I go, even the bathrooms, because something might happen (like you might fall and hit your head and fall into a coma???), while I go and use the toilet. 143 more words

Properties Of Life

growing older with glitter in my hair

One of the hardest things I had to learn in my twenties was to accept that my outrage, anger, hatred, and pain were all valid feelings, though they overwhelmed me to the point of exhaustion, so strong because of a powerful sense of empathy. 130 more words

Plagued By Thoughts

Friday Funny - Getting Older

Time for another chuckle with our Friday funny. We are once again taking a poke at age today so enjoy. (I’m old enough to get away with doing this).



Sitting in the bus yesterday I sat opposite a lady who was reading the paper. When the bus stopped at Columbus Circle, she looked up and fumbling to put her newspaper away, as well as trying to hold on, she said, 72 more words


Clear-Cut Signs I'm Growing Older...

My best friend, Lacey, and I moved into our new apartment two days ago, and we’ve spent the following two days organizing and getting everything put away where it needs to go. 513 more words