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[Big Year] Reunion Coming Up

So, umm, my (garbled number) year high school reunion is this summer.

Ok, fine. My 30-year reunion. Happy now?

Thirty years.

How is that even remotely possible? 882 more words

Growing Older

Glass Box

Most days I sit here in a daze,
Secretly wishing it would all go up in a blaze,
So then, I could finally be free, 223 more words

Rational and Slightly Irrational Things That Bug Me

I hate the song “Happy.” It just bugs me. Plenty of songs I don’t like, I guess I just find it kind of ironic that I seriously don’t like this song. 748 more words


Older and Wiser? Eh, Close Enough!

You know you are getting older when, having an extra few dollars means a special treat from the grocery store. That special treat? Calcium gummies!  30 more words

From: Someone Wise

“Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

― Quote unknown

In Other Words

Lining Up

Every time I hear someone refer to the ‘circle of life’ I cringe. Because I don’t think of life a a circle at all. Seasons, migratory and mating patterns might be cyclical in nature, but our tiny private lives are not. 771 more words

An Ongoing Journal...

Growing older

Many of you have read my views on ageing and my own minding not to give into it. And getting freaked out when things do change. 158 more words