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Ageing and growing older

‘Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many’ – Anon

What do I know about ageing? I’m not even 40 yet, so is it really something I’m qualified to have an opinion about? 620 more words

If you don't use, you will lose it! Ask me how I know.

The school year has been quite the roller coaster ride for me and my family. Logan struggled with adjusting to third grade and I struggled adjusting to the teacher. 681 more words


Trying to keep up with Technology

I’ve worked in High Tech throughout my entire career.  I realize now that I’ve never really understood how it all actually worked.  I just knew how to communicate with people who were interested and convince them to buy whatever product my agency was promoting. 79 more words

Sex...SEX...and MORE SEX!!!

While PanKwake was with her dad on Saturday, I did something I should have long ago. No, not sex. I had one of those quickie health assessments at the shopping center. 314 more words


June Haiku 1

weathered clapboards–

does the old barn ever dream

of being a tree?

Note:  My thanks to Michael Todd for allowing me to use his beautiful photograph of an old barn in Spring Creek, Tennessee.

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Mary Kendall Poetry