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In the garden: Peppers

Weather is getting cooler but peppers are growing nonstop in my garden. Peppers comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. While bell peppers are sweet, jalapenos, and cayenne are very hot. 72 more words

Summer Vegetables Winding Down...

Wow! Where did the spring go?! And now the summer has passed as well.  A growing garden points out the never ending cycles of the natural world in a unique and intimate fashion to those of us who work the garden.  535 more words


Harvesting the Peppers

I was in the kitchen garden harvesting some miniature peppers this morning. I had seen these cute little peppers being sold in grocery stores for $5 a pound. 452 more words

Kristin Crouch


This post might not be as exciting as the title suggests, but it is about peppers. And peppers are pretty awesome, especially when you end up with a bunch of different and delicious varieties to spice up your meals. 541 more words


6 Ornamental Peppers To Grow This Year To Add Color, Spice and Flavor To Your Landscape

As each year passes, we find ourselves utilizing more and more new varieties of  ornamental pepper plants in everything from our garden and landscape beds – to hanging baskets all around the farm. 983 more words

Life In The Garden

8 "Must Grow" Plants For This Year's Garden!

It’s hard to believe, but we are just a couple of weeks away from starting our seeds indoors for this year’s garden! Our garden is used not only for fresh food throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall months – but also with a lot of canning in mind.  1,109 more words

Life In The Garden

Grow Peppers as Perennials

Growing peppers organically is second nature to me but I really never thought about trying to keep my sweet Italian peppers alive through the winter. 99 more words

Organic Gardening