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Living Your Life With Intentional Expectation

Scripture Study Verses:  Isaiah 29:16 & Ephesians 5:15-16


“CONVICTION” Definition:  “the act or process of convincing,” “the state of being convinced,” or “a fixed or strong belief”. 2,034 more words

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Slipping Up...We All Do It, But Can We Grow From It?

It’s happened again. Another fight, another argument with your partner. Over who does the accounts, the dishes, who shouted at who last. What went wrong? Most of us when we enter a relationship don’t think about the potential misunderstandings that are part of the slippery slopes of any partnership. 388 more words


Parents, Don't be a Burden for your Children!

When I was in church this morning, the pastor was preaching about our relationship with God. At the end of his sermon, he said, “Don’t let God be a burden to you! 1,021 more words


Misadventures of Being Fabulous: Couple's Bracelets - Evolving

I must say (not to brag) I am very fortunate to have a special understanding someone in my life. He is my best friend and humors me on my cheesiest whims. 425 more words


Whispering Sweet Nothings

We all have this image of what a marriage should look like.  For most, it usually depicts something similar to the movies.  But, many also have this wonderful idea of what it’s going to be like between them and their spouse.  959 more words

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Praying For Parents

Praying for the Parents

Father, I ask that the believing parents of   ____(insert school name)____     will be growing in their relationship to God.  Do this so they can train godly children… 82 more words


Reward over Risk

A few days ago, I got somewhat emotional- the girly overdramatic kind where you’re mind starts playing tricks on you and makes you freak out about situations that may or may not be accurate. 589 more words