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Growing Things: Prune your spruce branches during winter, before the sap starts running

Q: I have a question I am hoping you can help me with. We have four very large blue spruce in our front yard. During the last few years the bottom branches having begun showing a lot of bare spots and dead needles. 672 more words


Growing Things: All-America Selections winners represent cream of the gardening crop

Those of you who have been faithful readers know that right about now I start to get that spring itch. I have had enough of the winter and my mind has already moved onto things of a gardening nature. 668 more words


Growing Things: Boost light to keep geraniums and jade plants healthy during winter

Q: This is the first year I have tried to keep my geraniums over the winter indoors. They seem to be doing fine, except for the fact that that they are so much paler than they should be. 622 more words


Growing Things: Keep hydrangeas properly potted and watered

Q: I have two issues with my hydrangeas. My indoor hydrangea has survived being in my husband’s care twice while I was away. Once it nearly died of thirst, the other time it was nearly drowned, and it was still going strong until about 10 days ago. 603 more words


Growing Things: Manage temperature to store dahlias inside over winter

Q: I dug up my dinner plate dahlia tubers and put them in potting soil in a box. Do I water them throughout the winter or just leave them dry until the spring? 660 more words


Growing Things: Christmas gift ideas for gardeners

I am always keeping my eyes open for gardening gifts as I wander through the shops. My reasoning is twofold. First, I have many gardening friends and like to find unique gifts for each of them. 678 more words


Mini Cactus is Growing

Hello Momu Readers,

A little while ago the girl sent a little cactus home with the boy because she had accidentally almost killed it, and she knew that Bluey was good with growing things; 63 more words

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