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it’s not all perfect

but it’s all perfectly real

and we’re still alive

Growing Things: Colchicums provide burst of fall colour

Q: I have been growing colchicum bulbs for the past few years, and I get approximately 10 to 12 flowers for each bulb. While digging in the area, I noticed that there are many small bulbs forming on the main bulbs. 679 more words


what is left

we don’t speak of it

no one knows

held between us

like something precious, broken

you’ll glance sideways

I’ll meet your gaze

they chatter around us… 14 more words

savage grace

the raw places rub

deep within your chest

heavy heart beats

and you wish it didn’t

because hearts break

and sometimes heal

the wrong way… 25 more words

the first blog post

gardens need digging
and so do our broken souls
dirt under my nails

Give your lawn a short cut before winter

Q: I have a mature lawn, and every fall I question how long the final cut before winter should be. Some years I cut it very short, so that in the spring it has less thatch. 744 more words


Jam.... Pickle... Passata.... it's that time of year again ....

Izzy wizzy let’s get bizzy 🐝 ✨

Greetings from a busy kitchen 💐 💕

I’ve been singularly failing to keep my blog going lately…and that’s because I’ve been madly busy harvesting and storing, preserving and pickling some of my homegrown fruit and vegetables. 983 more words