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Baby Peaches


The early spring flowers have faded and other late spring flowers are emerging. The apple blossoms are gone replaced by minuscule bright green orbs that will grow into apples. 93 more words

Magic Moments


2 June 2017

2 20L buckets.

The holes are to allow the water to drain in to the bucket with the stones.

Step 1

Step 2… 194 more words


Growing Things: Tackle tomato issues before they take root

With the growing season upon us, I thought this might be a good time to talk about a few tomato problems that might crop up. Heading these issues off before they start is a very good way to be proactive and enjoy the fruits of your labours. 684 more words


Friday letters

How is it Friday again people? This week has gone way too fast, again. I had another public holiday yesterday (the last one until October!) and I was hoping to get lots done, but I didn’t even manage half of it. 136 more words


 5 Reasons Your Family Should Plant a Vegetable Garden 

More and more people are getting back into growing at least some of their food – and for good reason! Here are a few reasons I think this bandwagon is one worth jumping on. 462 more words


Growing Things: 'Hardening off' produces hardier plants

Q: I am relatively new to gardening, and I am growing my own vegetables from seed for the first time. They are doing very well but I ran across the term ‘hardening off’ the other day. 640 more words


Spiritual Ruminations: 10 thing...

It’s list time! Ten things I love about early June in Wisconsin:

  1. Warm days and pleasantly cool and non-humid evenings
  2. Clear deep blue evening skies that are the perfect canvas for summer stars…
  3. 100 more words