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Growing Things: Red lily beetle a new Edmonton pest

Q: Help! I have lily beetles in my mostly ornamental lily bed. I spent nearly the entire summer last year removing by hand the adult beetles and larvae, and drowning them in a container of water and dish soap. 569 more words


I don't buy it

Over the years some have dismissed my growing, dirty passion of gardening as being “not for them”, or laughing it off with “we’re so different”, or saying, almost proudly, that they “don’t have a green thumb”. 671 more words

Growing Things: Slow-release fertilizer aids container gardening

Q: I am relatively new to the gardening scene and enjoy your columns. I find them to be helpful in answering many of my questions before I can even ask them, but there is one topic that I am not too sure of, and that is slow-release fertilizers. 713 more words


Growing Things: Golden hops offer decorative greenery

Q: We have a rather unsightly view on one side of our yard that we wish to cover up. I have seen hops growing against a fence in St. 638 more words


Growing Things: Boost humidity to keep schefflera healthy

Q: I have a schefflera that is losing leaves almost on a daily basis and will likely be bald very soon, so I am asking for your help ASAP. 722 more words


According to Season: "Winter"

Reflections from Frances Theodora Parsons’ 1924 book, According to Season. 882 more words
Hudson Valley

Growing Things: Reinforce garden soil to plump up the beets

Q: About 15 years ago I landscaped my yard, including space for a vegetable garden area. The garden was dug about 18 inches deep, garden mix was used to fill the area, and in the first few years everything I planted grew well. 595 more words