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Growing Things: Protecting potatoes from hollow heart

Q: I plant around 100 potato plants every year, and the last few years I have been getting potatoes with “hollow heart.” This causes a lot of extra work when peeling the potato, not to mention all the wasted pieces. 673 more words


Growing Things: Protect your tomatoes from blossom end rot

Q: We have been growing early girl tomatoes for four years and always had great luck — they were always perfectly shaped, without any scabs at all. 662 more words


Rooting out field horsetail a tough job

Q: My husband has been fighting an ongoing battle with horsetail. It is even coming up in spots on the lawn. He has tried pulling it out, digging it out, using garden-strength vinegar and Roundup, and the weed still lives and thrives. 681 more words


The Farmer's Market

Having a rare Saturday off work today, I decided to go over to our local Farmer’s Market.  I wanted some vegetables for dinner and some local honey for allergy prevention. 184 more words

Fertilize Saskatoon trees to help spur fruit production

Q: Hello and thank you for the tip on dividing rhubarb. I will be following your advice this fall, but I have another question about Saskatoon trees. 696 more words


Tips to keep your lawn in top shape

Q: I have a couple of questions I hope you don’t mind answering. Being a regular home subscriber to the Edmonton Journal, your column is one that I enjoy reading. 675 more words


The Impractical Gardener- Spring 2016

Last year’s harvest of our lemon tree resulted in two and a half gallons of lemon juice in our freezer. We use it in daily cooking, desserts and in beverages. 553 more words