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Growing Things: Filipski's 2017 gardening gift ideas

I always like to help out my readers at this time of the year with some ideas of gifts for the gardeners in your life. Normally I compile a list of gifts that I like and pass along those ideas. 709 more words


Growing Things: Mycelium benefits garden soil

Q: I had been digging in my vegetable garden, making sure I had all the beets and carrots up, etc. Much to my surprise, nearly every forkload had oodles of very fine thread-like roots, varying in colours of white, red or brown. 676 more words


First Pine Cones


We have a spruce tree out by the garden, that we planted it almost 20 years ago. It started out as a living Christmas tree. 271 more words

Magic Moments

Fat Spider


Several years back my husband built a roof over the steps that connect the porch to the ground. I was initially against the idea fearing it would block the already meager sunlight that shines into the house in the afternoon. 220 more words

Magic Moments

Picking Blackberries With Mom


My parents are once again camped in the driveway, they will be heading south back to Florida soon, and will have to deal with some minor damage from Hurricane Harvey when they get home. 196 more words

Magic Moments



Well, it is the moment of truth. The two peach and nectarine trees each flowered last spring and did grow small green fruits. The twenty or so peaches are still tiny, green, and hard, so they will stay on the tree as long as possible. 108 more words

Magic Moments

Growing Things: Prevent tomato blight and potato scab

Q: I have a fairly large vegetable garden on a rural acreage. This year I had a load of compost added to the soil. We have high sodium in our well water so I water by hand from rain barrels, but depend mainly on Mother Nature for watering. 687 more words