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Growing Things: Gardeners have several seed options as spring arrives

Q: I almost always buy my garden vegetable seeds from the seed packets available in the local grocery or hardware stores, but selection of different varieties is limited. 654 more words


Seedling Update

Our seeds have sprouted and are growing out of control! On the day of planting we took bets as to which seeds would sprout first. I guessed an herb like cilantro since it was the only herb to sprout in our aquaponic system. 285 more words

Growing Things

Foraging for Fungi

Spring has sprung and so have the fungi! I went on another mushroom foraging walk this week and found many surprises. I think I may have even spotted a wild oyster mushroom, but sadly it was growing at the top of a tree hanging off a cliff edge over a river so I was unable to take a closer look. 157 more words

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That's Not a Daffodil!

That’s Not a Daffodil
Elizabeth Honey
Allen & Unwin
When Tom’s next-door neighbour, Mr Yilmaz,  calls with a crumpled bag containing what looks somewhat like an onion, but Mr Yilmaz assures him is a daffodil, the boy is more than a little sceptical. 245 more words

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Spiritual Ruminations: TGIFS…

When I was in college, we held regular TGIF parties. The beer flowed from 4-6 in the lounge and one of the underclasswomen would sing Jack the Knife…I know, we partied hardy! 248 more words

Growing Things: Margarita yews could be waterlogged or overmulched

Q: Last fall our seven margarita yews turned from a beautiful lime green to an orange-brown colour. Can you tell me why, and is there any hope for them? 766 more words


Growing Things: Don't waste time picking off potato beetles

Q: Last summer I spent plenty of time picking potato beetles — a couple dozen every day — from my garden. They start out small and bright reddish orange, then become large and brown, with black stripes. 673 more words