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Take steps to avoid battling beetles and blight

This week I would like to do something a little different and share an e-mail I received from one of my readers. E-mails such as this one are the reason I write about gardening. 733 more words


Chilli Madness

Hello Momu Fans!

Bluey wanted me to write a little bit about how good he is at growing chillies with the boy.

He really is quite good and seems to have got the hang of growing them now.   68 more words


Use pesticides to keep aphids off Virginia creeper

Q: We have been reading your columns regularly and enjoying them for the excellent information they provide, and we would like to ask for your advice regarding our Virginia creeper. 705 more words


Identify and rectify seed germination issues

Q: We bought an acreage 10 years ago mostly so we could grow our own vegetables (and hang laundry out to dry). The first few gardens were great, but I’ve had a few issues the last three years. 725 more words


Bluey and the Chillies - update

Hello Momu Readers!

We have just had a little message from Bluey  updating us on his Chilli plants Рthey seem to be growing very well. 69 more words



Since I decided to stop forcing myself to do specific projects I’ve lost my crafting mojo. It’s coincided with me needing to get the garden sorted out and I’ve been really focussing on that, wanting somewhere nice to sit when I finally get it back! 281 more words


Stash diving...

…and finding a WIP…

I had almost forgotten this cardigan I started for my Mum. The back and half of one front are done, the sleeves are integral, so it makes sense to finish it for her birthday. 106 more words