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Spring rehab required after voles take toll on lawn

Q: I laid new sod in my front yard last fall, about a month before winter set in. Now that the snow is gone, I find that voles (cute but annoying little critters) have spent the winter frolicking through the yard. 691 more words


Cinderblock wall garden

What: A miniature garden in a small space, at kid height, planted in cinderblocks.

How: The cinderblocks are stacked carefully against an existing small wall by our front door, where it’s easy for kids to remember to water them and also where school water bottles get tipped out daily. 355 more words


Patience, protection key to plum production

Q: Thanks for writing a great column. I have a couple of questions about my plum tree; it is about 10 years old, and each spring it is loaded with beautifully scented blossoms. 726 more words


Growing things!

Today my child ate dirt. Like actually took it out of the box and ate it. …

But he is pretty cute. We gardened today. Well we got the dirt put in the box. 83 more words


Container gardening maximizes limited space

Q: I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy your writing. We are new condo owners and are looking to get into container gardening, but it would have to be on a very small scale, as the balcony we have is only three feet by six feet. 682 more words