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Growing Things: Strengthen your trees to fend off harmful birch leafminer

Q: I need some urgent help and was hoping you could provide me with some advice. We have birch burrowers and we don’t want to lose our tree, but an arborist is just too expensive. 723 more words


Growing Things: Shop and compare when choosing a landscaper

Q: We’ve bought a home in a new subdivision and are responsible for front yard and backyard landscaping. We have some ideas about what we want, but want to hire someone to draw up plans, install sprinklers, do concrete work, install patio covers, and plant trees and bushes. 777 more words


Growing Things: How to protect your garden from hungry bunnies

Q: Do you have any tips for dealing with bunnies in the garden? In the morning I had a beautiful border of lobelia in full bloom. 646 more words


Love is Like a Cactus

Love Is Like A Cactus

(A poem for Lydia on her 6th birthday)

In a fertile Midwest land, the grass grows so green,

And the fields surround me like a hug for miles unseen. 188 more words


Information Briefing:Bees, Gardening & Cities

What on Earth? Bees
Andrea Quigley and Paulina Morgan
The author and illustrator of the latest in the ‘What On Earth?’ series offer a cross-curricular approach to a fascinating and vitally important insect, the bee. 486 more words

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Growing Things: Composting turns household waste to garden gold

Q: I am a relatively new gardener and, having moved here from the Yukon a few years ago, I am still learning the ins and outs of gardening in Edmonton. 657 more words


Growing Things: Trust local compost to help improve soil quality

Q: The soil in my vegetable garden, which is approximately 40 feet long by 15 feet wide, is in desperate need of improvement. I make my own compost, but not the volume I need, as I think I would need two to four inches of the stuff. 643 more words