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7/31/15: In the garden this week

We’re having a heat wave; this weather shows the benefit of planting natives. Tough prairie plants stand up to heat and drought and just go on blooming. 671 more words


Tomato Tuesday

Maybe you’ve noticed a significant lack of tomatoes on this here bloog. While other gardeners in and around zone 6a are proudly displaying their luscious tomatoes, I have had nary a peep, nor a picture. 674 more words

Growing Vegetables

I Swore I Wouldn't: A Balcony Garden Journey

I swore I wouldn’t try to grow tomato plants on our balcony again. That was about seven years ago. And I hadn’t grown ’em since. So imagine my surprise this year when all that changed. 596 more words

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7/17/15: In the garden this week

It’s a funny summer season: some plants, like Rudbeckia, are blooming a bit late; others, like Boltonia, are early. Shade asters are showing buds–surely it’s almost a month too early for that to happen–but sun-loving asters are not. 670 more words


Sun Seeker App

By Chris Morris

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On today’s APP-tastic and outta SITE – Sun Seeker.

Trying to catch a few rays – or just have a bumper crop of tomatoes? 60 more words

Heard On

7/10/15: In the garden this week

The garden changes so quickly in midsummer that I thought you would enjoy seeing the same views for a couple of weeks in a row. Compare this photos with last week’s—there’s not quite as much yellow as I expected, but the Rudbeckia is certainly primed to take over. 678 more words


Tomato Growing - Encourage Fruit

In the UK, mid-July is the time when we want our tomato plants to move from vegetative growth (growing leaves and height) to generative growth (growing and ripening fruit). 500 more words