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Tomatoes from seeds failed...

So my tomato from seed experiment failed. They were doing so well in the salad container, but when I moved them to individual small pots all but three of them died.. 104 more words

Upside Down Tomato Planters

Have you ever tried those upside down tomato planters? I grew tomatoes in a couple last year for the first time and was quite impressed with how well they worked. 259 more words


An Organic Solution for Tomato Blight and Mildew

I am absolutely convinced that gardening in my patch of Portugal is beyond a challenge, or labour of love. Case in point: I’d no sooner tidied the patch and planted up all the vegetable plugs I’d bought from the market when I noticed brown spots on the leaves. 316 more words


Little Red Hen's Babies

It’s almost time.  Time for my little babies to find a home.  Time for someone to adopt them and care for them and reap the rewards of good parenting. 331 more words

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Growing Tomatoes

Grow tomatoes is really simple and in your vegetable garden on the balcony you will have a small vegetable in more that will give you great satisfaction: easy to grow and care for, here is a mini guide on everything you need to know to get the tomatoes in pots yummy! 285 more words

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Homegrown Tomatoes -- Not just a Daydream

This winter was a cold one for most of us, making that next round of fresh homegrown tomatoes seem a distant daydream.  Did your supply of home-canned tomatoes from last year get low or even emptied?  299 more words


March 28-April 1,2015

I have one!   We made one!     I am giddy, giggling like a school girl, grinning from ear to ear.       It’s a monstrosity!   I love my monstrosity! 217 more words

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