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Greenhouse before and after

A few months ago I did get outside, and clear out the greenhouse, which I will admit, I had left in a bit of a horrible mess last Autumn!!! 38 more words


Gateway to Gardening: Which Plant Got You Started?

By Catherine Winter

We all had one. You know what I’m talking about.

That first little plant that sparked a love of things that grow, and set you on your path to being a gardener, farmer, and/or homesteader. 376 more words

Gardening (general)

Everyday, for the rest of the year!

I do not like to throw away any plant from my garden. Having only plants in containers can be stressing out that way. Most times, in my compost bins, I end up having to see tiny saplings grow. 212 more words

Terrace Gardening

How To Grow Tomatoes From Seed

Although many tomato varieties are available from stores in the spring, there is nothing quite as rewarding as growing your own tomatoes from seed.  Also, if you peruse spring seed catalogs, you will note hundreds of tempting varieties of tomatoes are available from seed, as opposed to the few varieties you can find to purchase as plants.  1,275 more words


Growing Tomatoes 

We were lucky enough to be included in The Big Seed Giveaway which is an organisation that gives free seeds and learning resources to local schools. 268 more words


Ready for a glut of tomatoes?

Okay I may be a bit early but one of my 10 a day would definitely be a tomato (or two) nothing tastes better than pulling a juicy red fruit from the vine and eating a handful before you reach the kitchen.  157 more words

Growing A Garden

Got a favorite tomato you’d like to grow again next year?

Here’s how to save the seed to do so.

Tomato seed is great to save – you can have your tomato to eat and save the seed too. 868 more words

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