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Battling blossom end rot

I think just about every gardener in the world has battled with blossom end rot on their tomatoes at one time or another. It’s really irritating to find those water-soaked spots on the ends of the fruits that you’ve nurtured through frosts and heat and… 616 more words

Container Gardening

7/22/16: In the garden this week

My goodness it’s hot outside, hot and dry. I actually watered my perennial beds this week, something I rarely do more than once or twice a season. 656 more words


7/15/16: In the garden this week

It’s hot out there. Those last two blessedly cool summers make me feel like we’ve never suffered through devastating heat and humidity before. And there’s been very little rain–less than half an inch this past week–although the prairie plants all look great (and without watering). 636 more words



One of the special sayings that we share with our dear friends from Kansas is this – Goooooooood Mooooornin’ ! It really doesn’t matter if it’s 7 AM or 10 PM. 444 more words

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7/8/16: In the garden this week

I guess the weather had to turn brutally hot sometime, although I certainly prefer the moderate days and cool nights we enjoyed until very recently. I can only work outdoors very early in the morning and very late in the evening in this punishing heat and humidity, but luckily it’s too late in the season to plant! 663 more words



The flowers are starting to bear fruit and we’re on our second tomato!! No they are not very big and they are far, far from red, but they are still there. 315 more words


How to Plant Tomatoes

Tomatoes are among the popularly grown crops in home vegetable gardens. Tomatoes are loved by many because they have versatile uses such as cooking, eating as a fruit and make… 571 more words

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