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August 27, 2015


Wow, the fires! We have them every year, all over the west, but Washington and Idaho have been hit pretty hard. Spokane is safe, and I remind myself every day to be glad the fires are 90 miles or more away. 239 more words

Tomato Guide 2015

Tomato season has begun. In this, the best year in the garden ever, the tomatoes are also shaping up to be the best. I’m happy about the varieties I planted. 666 more words


8/21/15: In the garden this week

Last night’s rain didn’t do much: my rain gauge registers not quite half an inch of precipitation. Several waves of storms moved through, so the amount of rain would vary greatly in different locations. 830 more words


Produce for sale from the Tomato Lady-Friday August 21

Hi folks.  I know many of you locals follow my blog. I have 125 tomato plants and 3o heirloom varieties this year.  For some unknown reason my tomatoes are taking their time turning red (or orange or striped or black or purple). 248 more words


August 13, 2015


I mentioned in May and June that my husband had brought some tomato seedlings home from work. Although I was set with the tomatoes I wanted, I nevertheless found places for these poor orphans. 435 more words

It's Not Too Late For Your 2015 Garden. Not By A Long Shot.

Over the weekend, I had a couple of people ask whether or not it’s too late to plant some things like squash, tomatoes and pumpkins. Someone also asked about lettuce. 337 more words

Vegetable Gardening

Plants - Straw Bale Gardening Update

The Straw Bale Garden experiment has been a bountiful success. These are just the latest harvest of tomatoes. I’m on my way out after I post to take a few of these beauties to my father. 24 more words