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My Sunday Photo: 17:21 Growing Up

The above photo of Oliver was taken recently on a day out at a local Castle ruin.

When looking back at the photos taken it struck me how grown up Oliver looks. 82 more words


Mama needs a drink 

In today’s hyper-vigilant, overly cynical world, There’s more shaming and bullying from adults than children. It’s sickening. No matter what Anyone says or does, it’s going to offend someone somewhere. 697 more words


Thursday's Special: Pick A Word

This week Paula invites us to pick a word for Thursday’s Special. Here are my picks:

setting – ocean front wedding

nubilous – cloudy, misty, not clear… 8 more words

Thursday's Special

Summer Daze

“It’ll be much better next year when he’s three,” my neighbor assured me as she watched me climb in and out (and in and out and in and out) of the kiddie pool with my toddler while she sat casually dangling her feet and watching our girls, who, as soon-to-be-kindergartners, needed adult supervision but not intervention. 2,837 more words


Where am I now?

Two years ago, I walked across the stage in Zorn Arena on UW-Eau Claire’s campus and managed to make it to the other side, shaking hands and taking my fake diploma back to my seat. 678 more words

Searching for meaning

Do good.

It’s a simple enough concept. Call your mother, clean up after yourself, leave every space better than you found it. Recycle.

We’ve been learning about being “good” since we were little (and often doing the opposite, as children and teenagers do, since). 524 more words

Those fantastic trips to Kenya! #ThrowbackThursday

Mum and Pops were born in Kenya but settled here in the UK in the early 70’s.  Quite a lot of our family had also moved out, but there was, and still is a sizeable amount still there, so we would spend 4-5 weeks every other summer out there, keeping our links with our family open. 1,552 more words