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That journey into manhood…

Far into the night he wept
She’d dealt a devastating blow
Never had he had a single thought
That she would pack and go.

He couldn’t ever remember a time… 118 more words


Passing These Days, a Poem


The Intimacy I Shared with the Sun

For a Prolonged Periods, in This Small Rental Space

He Slept, by the Window Frames

I, Next to the Scripts… 173 more words

State Of Mind

The Student Loan Generation

Student Loan Generation

We, mostly what they call ‘millennials’, are from parents who told us as we grew up that to get ahead in life, you needed an education. 927 more words


Growing Pain

He cries almost every night. The homework is too much or I bark too loud the fifth time I ask him to wash his hands for dinner. 975 more words


Birthday, a Poem


Those Who Remembered My Birthday, Must be My Kin

Just like a Song, So Long as They Managed to Squeeze in

They’d Not Forgotten about the Lyrics… 223 more words

State Of Mind

Empty Man

Empty man within him,
He’s so sad but really.
He holds back until he’s,
At home mask concealing.
He’s so mad the mask,
Gets ripped off revealing. 75 more words


Words, Without Emotions

and here is a picture of thre brain, dissected…

There’s just, black ink, on white pages here, words, without emotions…

Words, without emotions, well, it couldn’t be, at all, possible to have that, because EVERY single word has to have at least, AN emotion attached to it, otherwise, why would you feel, compelled, to get it out in the open??? 141 more words

State Of Mind