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Building Character

By Teresa Sayles, Children’s Creative Arts Director

Woodland Hills Church
The past two weeks, we’ve talked about how our picture of God shapes our faith and our identities and how creating family values together and working to integrate those values into daily life is key in creating a unified and loving home.  765 more words

Spiritual Formation

OMG You're Four Today!

Oliver is Four years old today, how on earth did that happen???

I can literally remember bringing him home from the hospital as a little bundle of joy that was completely dependent on myself and his mum. 217 more words


The Lego Batman Conundrum 

A while back I posted a My Sunday Photo post of Oliver’s new found love of Lego and in particular the Batman range.

Well since that post that love for Batman has increased to the point he has actually asked for Lego Batman sets for his birthday this coming Thursday. 265 more words

My Sunday Photo

The City * Dean Koontz Book Review

If you are looking for a musical and enchanting book filled with a young boy and his mother (not Stephen King’s Talisman) and with a few baddie characters and a lot of Jive and music playing, look no further than Dean Koontz’ 1,239 more words



So it’s not you.
You’re not the one I’m going to curl up with under the blankets on the slow Sunday mornings.

You’re not the one that will dance around that oh-so messy apartment in some part of I-still-don’t-know-where-in-the-world with me, dressed in our work clothes. 162 more words


My Ultimate Treasure

I looked into the eyes of my grown children

Sitting down to dinner happy as can be

I realized no amount of money

Or possessions could be… 40 more words


Never let me go * Kazuo Ishiguro Quote

Driving around the country now, I still see things that will remind me of Hailsham. I might pass the corner of a misty field, or see part of a large house in the distance as I come down the side of a valley, even a particular arrangement of poplar trees up on a hillside, and I’ll think: “Maybe that’s it! 557 more words