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“Video Killed the Radio Star”...or Technology Killed Imagination

Dear Soph-
Growing up my parents refused to buy us a video game system. Nor would they allow cable television in the house. Yes, kid, you read that right. 658 more words

Growing Up

Apartment of Weirdos <3

Living in an apartment is weird.

It is not a new thing to me at all. To be honest i don’t know what i would even do if one day i woke up and i had to figure out how to take the bins out or worse, how to keep a lawn short. 635 more words


Developing Photographs

Ever since I was a young boy I always thought I hated photographs, and slowly I’ve been coming to the realisation that I’ve actually just been hating my own face, frozen, staring back at me. 799 more words

Growing Up

Listen to Your Parents

When my father said, “they put you on birth control at 47?” That should have been my sign things were not going to go well for me this month. 588 more words


Beyond The Winter Of Our Discontent

“Our winters are very long here, very long and very monotonous. But we don’t complain about it downstairs, we’re shielded against the winter. Oh, spring does come eventually, and summer, and they last for a while, but now, looking back, spring and summer seem too short, as if they were not much more than a couple of days…” ~Franz Kafka… 973 more words


Blood is Thicker Than Water

Blood is Thicker Than Water…..
Ever since I could remember, I craved a family life that was big and tight knitted. Reality was that family holidays were small and a pain in the ass. 1,012 more words

Alcohol Abuse

My Life Four Years Ago

The day has been beautiful. After a long time, I have had a productive and relaxed day. It reminds me of life four years ago at the university. 1,123 more words