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where ya land

So I love the saying, “Bloom where you’re planted.”

But my thought today?  It is simply ‘Grow where ya land…’  And this rogue Sunflower mustering up one little petal as it takes root in the gutter and reaches toward the sun…well the visual sums it up pretty perfectly. 106 more words

17th June 2017

I got a job. Finally.

I’m working in a coastal town in East Malaysia. Resuming life as an anak dagang after approximately 7 and half months. 179 more words

Growing Up

Dealing With A Past We'd Rather Forget.

Most of us have done things in the past or have had things done to us that we’d rather not think about.   These recurring images and thoughts can bring about mixed emotions. 493 more words


Hope: No, it has not disappeared!

Note: This post was begun about six months ago — just after the national elections, although I have no record of the exact date. Just as obviously, I never finished it. 689 more words

Random Thoughts

Killer Comparison

When you’re in your mid-twenties, there can be a few seasons throughout the year that are difficult. Not literal seasons, but things like engagement season, wedding season, graduation season, and Summer time. 680 more words

A Fabulous Article on Kids and the Words We Use

We stumbled upon this article and love its theme that the words we use have a profound effect on children.  The author, Amanda Morgan, has some great insights and thoughts we wanted to share with you.   6 more words

Spiritual Formation

Era's Ending 

I just had my 3rd Annual Trip to the North to celebrate one of my university friends birthdays. He invites a bunch of us up every year and we all have a great time running  around and drinking too much. 249 more words