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A 2016 letter to my brother - on his birthday 

Growing up we had mandates, being told that family was omnipresent and having it conveyed in no certain terms that we had to set an example for those that came after us became second nature of sorts. 239 more words


Are we Adulting yet?

The term “adulting” now tends to pop up a lot in the dark dark world of the internet (possibly due to this tumblr/blog/book), it seems like all the social media savvy are around my age use this word. 349 more words


Being Single is Hard

I’m not single and I haven’t been for quite some time. I met Jake last June and I wouldn’t have called myself single past August or so. 1,513 more words


Expiring body parts

No, I’m talking knee replacements here. I’m talking about how long a body part can stand doing its job before revolting.

Let’s take my butt. Last week I had dinner with two different groups of friends. 443 more words


Paying Attention

Something that is very good about having to get up at the crack of dawn is that if the weather’s nice you are almost certainly guaranteed a tasty-looking sky. 140 more words


Why Oh Wyoming

I have always had a turbulent relationship with Wyoming. Each year since I was three, my family would pack us up and head to Wyoming for summer break. 897 more words


Blogiversary and Last Birthday of My Twenties!

It’s always easy to remember my blogiversary, because I started this blog on my 25th birthday. Today, I turn 29, which means I’ve hit something of a personal record in blogging. 619 more words