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Mama Life Mastered

Another apology ahead; I have found myself slipping away from the blogging world because, well, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’ve been totally rocking this mom thing. 422 more words

Tess Tales – Lessons – Hold your damn tongue girl!

I was born a very bright human. I knew everything there was about life by the time I was age 13. (I can hear my Mom’s eye’s rolling from her grave.) 313 more words


Finding the Balance

Anyone who is particularly quick might have seen a draft version of this post, I scheduled it thinking I would edit it before it went up and then I went out drinking with my housemates and totally forgot about it. 367 more words


With Every Letter From Home

“When are you coming in to Tennessee?” 

I could almost hear the sweet southern voice reading those words as I read through the rest of the letter.   796 more words


The Teacher and the Bully

The Teacher

My 5th grade teacher pulled me to the side while the rest of the class made their way onto the playground for recess. 653 more words


Things to Remember When Learning to Love Yourself

The most important thing you could ever do is learn to love yourself, but sometimes we get hurt. Sometimes we lose sight of ourselves in the midst of all the pain and suffering. 853 more words


Too Much Choice!

Something that I find quite difficult to wrap my head around is choosing what to with my life, because there really is so much choice! I could do so many different things! 579 more words