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A Change In The Weather

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Crazy Life

Anyway now, it don’t seem right
He is in there and you’re on the outside
Over pine ridge to wounded knee… 686 more words



I’d like to think
I’m beautifully mysterious,
or at the very least, someone
somewhat interesting.
The reality
is that I am just a collection
of scattered thoughts… 72 more words

Writing Adventures

Our Nation of Fools, Zealots, and Unicorns

“Never argue with a fool. Onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.” ~Mark Twain

You know what makes me tired? I mean, mother-of-toddler-triplets tired? 988 more words


Dear diary

I’m scared.
This time next year I will be in a new city on my own. If I was to ask my younger self who I thought I’d be at 17, it would be nothing like who I am now. 74 more words


Watch Those Hearts Shatter

You see those hearts, falling, ALL around you, super quick, getting drawn to the ground, by the forces of gravity, outside your windows…

Watch those hearts shatter, and, feel their pains, upon contact to the ground.  115 more words

State Of Mind

Ten More Days, Until You Were Born, Exactly Thirty-Three Years Ago

To myself, FOR myself…

Ten more days, until you were born, exactly thirty-three years ago, and, I know you’d been through hell, in these a little UNDER thirty years of life, because I already DIED, back in 2008??? 159 more words


No Strings Attached to Goodbye

No strings attached to goodbye, because, goodbye is, finalized!

No strings attached to goodbye, because we don’t want to be held back, by the past dreams that are NO longer in existence.   168 more words

State Of Mind