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When I Grow Up....

A post from my archives!

As a 7 year old, I watched the 16 year old head girl of our school wandering around the infant section of our school. 1,659 more words


The Resistance Monster

Life as a writer is tough. There are numerous books that shine a light on the writing process and I have read them all. This was a beloved method of procrastination that I subscribed to for many years. 533 more words


Fighting Your Own Spiders

I don’t usually like to conform to gender stereotypes, but one thing I have never quite got the hang of is getting rid of creepy crawlies in a calm and civilised manner. 457 more words


What If Things Don't Get Better?

I prefer stability in my life (so I say), but I don’t necessarily expect it anymore.

My personality and life choices have rendered the option of one place, one job, and one goal and one group of friends as, well…unattainable thus far. 819 more words

In Pursuit Of Holiness

Ruined Dinners, Reading Assignments, and Raising Adults

Against my better judgement, I joined a book club today. I swore I would not do it again, but when the opportunity presented itself I found myself unable to say no.  1,156 more words


Celebration of Life

By Paula Bowlby, Associate Early Childhood Pastor

Woodland Hills Church

In life, we have milestones. First birthdays, starting school, turning 16, graduating from high school, and turning 21 are all examples of milestones in an individual’s life. 269 more words

Spiritual Formation

A 2016 letter to my brother - on his birthday 

Growing up we had mandates, being told that family was omnipresent and having it conveyed in no certain terms that we had to set an example for those that came after us became second nature of sorts. 239 more words