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The Light in an Instant


This particular dusk, I’d gone out for a stroll, caught the beautiful skies.

It’s a kind of blue that’s noted by Monet, the kind of ultraviolet color, that in his final years, when Monet had surgery for his cataracts, the ultraviolet color, that none of us would see ordinarily, the kind of color, in his lilies. 639 more words

State Of Mind


Memories of the childhood years, translated…

As a child, I’d loved to gaze into kaleidoscopes, I’d once made a simpler version of it, a triangular mirror, a cylinder, and colorful scraps of paper, turning it slowly, shake it up, then, there would be, various beautiful, congruent pictures, that looked like flowers.  391 more words



There is a tug of war.
I am being pulled
In two ways.
My dreams have taken hold
Of my semi-opened wings
And pull furiously… 59 more words


When Losing Him Cut Like a Knife

You WILL feel it, that’s for sure!  Because you’d invested TOO much of your heart, and soul too, into loving him…

When losing him cut like a knife, but, you should’ve known about that, before the two of you began, because he is not the settling kind, he is a drifter. 167 more words

Feelings & Emotions

Your Lies Versus My Life

Welcome, to this WWF SHOWDOWN!!!

Your lies, versus my life, guess WHICH I picked?  Let’s just, DISSECT this issue here…

Your lies, tasted and felt so god DAMN sweet and amazing (kinda like those ORGASMS you’d get, right?), but, it’d left me, with that NASTY after effect of a HANGOVER, the headaches, the throwing up all over the room, etc., etc., etc., and, once was MORE than enough for me. 132 more words

State Of Mind

When A+B No Longer Equals C

This, may come as a SHOCKER to all of you, who are used to A+B=C!

When A+B no longer equals C, but, but, but, HOW could that be?   164 more words


The Student with Cerebral Palsy Who’d Gone Around the Island: the Biggest Obstacle is the Society

From the Front Page Sections, on the LACK of accommodations, translated…

“The farthest distance between the sceneries and the gourmet foods is, it’s, RIGHT in front of me, and yet, I can’t get to them.”  The student with cerebral palsy from Hu-Wei Technical University, Lee, went around the island I his wheelchair, to experiment that accommodations for handicapped individuals, to fight for a friendly environment for those with the physical handicaps just like him, and, he’d gotten stuck, stumped by the ramps and the fences countless times.  660 more words

State Of Mind