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Life lessons I've learned from the boys who broke my heart.

Being heartbroken sucks. It comes out of nowhere and consumes you whole. Days, weeks, months could go by before you feel like you again, before you’re ready to date again, or before you’re ready to trust yourself in a real relationship again. 1,030 more words

Growing Up

I Tried to Sleep but Was Too Nervous!

08/21/98: Today I went with Erin and her mom to go see some kittens at this one woman’s house. The Campbells ended up taking one home. 325 more words


Working Girl

I miss working. I miss how focused I was in completing my daily tasks, adhering to my boss’s instructions, having a good laugh with my colleagues when things get too intense, meeting new surveyors, maintaining relationship with the current surveyors and basically, working altogether. 983 more words


My Parents are People Too.

I’ve only known my parents as my mom and dad, not Irene and Jeff.

As an only child, it was tough growing up without any siblings. 684 more words


I did it.

There are one thousand ways in which one can respond when someone tells them, “i really like you”.

You could choose to be a grown up about it and politely say, “i like you just as a friend”, or, “ive never seen you that way”, or, “i dont think it will work”, or be very straightforward and say, “i really don’t like you, you get on my nerves”. 1,941 more words


Let's talk about sex

Let’s talk about sex
When I was a kid, Sex was called “Tabia Mbaya” which literally translates to bad manners, and having grown up in an African and largely Christian environment, the word sex was a taboo. 1,375 more words


We Went on the Internet

07/03/98: This morning I woke up at around 8:30. When I went downstairs, I ate breakfast and then took a shower and got ready. Then Erin called and wanted me to come over, so I did. 294 more words