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Guess who can ride a bike?!?!

No, not me…well I can, but I’d rather rollerblade…

It may seem small to some, but to me it is a big deal.

My son is 9 years old and did not have a bike. 344 more words

We Can't Keep Looking For Signs To Tell Us Where To Go, We Just Have To Go

Whenever I’m in the midst of a tough decision, I look for signs. I look for metaphors. I look for anything that will make me believe that someone or something in the world is looking out for me, because I don’t want to be on my own. 753 more words

I genuinely do love all things summer

I am one of those people who just loves summer. My birthday is in summer, I love the seaside, holidays, BBQs with the friends and family. 320 more words


Day 16: Writing Challenge

Day 16: Writing Challenge: Something that you miss.

One– I miss being a child.

Living at home with my parents. My dad and grandmother alive.  1,351 more words


Why I love new media

I LOVE new media; especially YouTube, I think it is possibly the most useful tool at everyone’s disposal. There is something for everyone and a tutorial for everything in between. 614 more words


Introduction Time

Hi everyone! I am starting this blog to practice my writing but to also have a space to talk about what I feel are important topics. 116 more words

Growing Up

Letter to my Daughter.

Tonight I will attend the Jr High graduation of my second child.

For me, this marks the ending of the time in her life when I can try and convince myself that she is still a child. 853 more words

Lifes Lessons