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‘To The Edge of the World,’ by Julia Green, cover by Helen Crawford-White.

‘Sing your own song.’

Jamie and his family have relocated to the island of his mother’s birth, a remote and tiny island in the Outer Hebrides. 204 more words


We all start somewhere. Some place that is green, grassy, has water around it, or we might start on a rocky terrain, or even in scorched earth, but we all start somewhere and then we start building. 222 more words

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Why do you love like you're running out of time?

via Daily Prompt: Rush

I am always rushing when it comes to dating. When I think I’ve found someone who I am particularly attracted to, I rush it. 1,379 more words


Being Cranky at 21!!!

Good morning my friends!

Today I am a cantankerous woman with many a botheration to accompany me. This is my fancy way of saying I am embracing the fact that I have reverted to a good ol’ fashioned toddler style temper infused…cranky jerk! 1,147 more words

An Interview With A 7 & 9 Year Old

I recently came across a post online that was a series of questions that a mother asked her children, there was some comical answers so I decided to try the questions out with Kadie and Poppy to see what responses I got! 480 more words


When did you become you?

Hi, i’m Hannah. I’m a 25 year-old London-dweller who loves cats and plants very much. My favourite foods are pizza and pasta, although I almost never allow myself to eat them, and my day job involves me knowing an awful lot about pensions. 895 more words


Not a butterfly

Let me be clothed
As a caterpillar, cocooned
From the storms, and the rains
The bristles on my skin
Try and counter the opposing
Forces, I am still trying… 78 more words