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Maybe He’s a Spoon...

Growing up, I really valued being smart. My parents are smart, my sisters are smart, my friends are smart, and I was expected to be smart. 522 more words


Dear Daphne: Happy 17 Months

Dear Daphne,

You turned 17 months old this past weekend! The time is passing quickly, but we are cherishing every moment. We celebrated your milestone by taking a fun family walk at the park. 287 more words


Thoughts on Turning Twenty-One

Twenty-one is an interesting birthday. On the one hand it lacks the excitement of ‘finally an adult’ and ‘legal drinking’ of eighteen but on the other twenty-one is the age where you are considered a ‘proper’ grown-up, rather than a teenager. 343 more words


Safety Nets.

Just over a month ago, I was comfortable. I lived with my family, in the home that my parents had bought together when they got married some 30+ years ago. 529 more words


1st kiss in 15 words

Happened late at night. Silent, on the stairs. He left for America in the morning.

But Seriously...


Where I am at 25

For a 25 year old, I feel like I have seen and done a lot. I feel I have been indulging in life, enjoying it, exploring it, learning from it and what is important. 634 more words

Some Lessons Learned from My Little One (Part 8)

We just finished celebrating my little one’s birthday. You never really comprehend the speed of time’s passage until you see it’s work on a child. When you’re an adult, a year can blur into another. 948 more words

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