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ive been trying so hard,

searching for my privileges 

in the faces of the poor and the diseased and the alone

found my privileges, in places where there were none. 101 more words


The 5 Most Important Things I’ve Learned By 25

I am sitting here as my 25th birthday weekend draws to an end, and I can’t help but rise to the clichés of extreme nostalgia and reflection associated with such events. 963 more words

19 Realizations You Owe It To Yourself To Have In Your 20s

1. You have to just embrace the madness. We’re never truly going to know when the timing is right, or always have all the right answers. 1,054 more words

I don't wanna grow up

I know most people don’t want to grow up. It’s a part of actually growing up. Actually… Am I still allowed to say things like that anymore now that I’ve turned 26? 393 more words

JUN17 Collection of Random Thoughts

  • Here’s an update on the ice cream game! A very, very basic demo is complete. I’ve decided to name it Cold Business. Get it?
  • 555 more words

4 Ways My Childhood Experiences Shape My Current Spending Patterns

By Kate Kole

I grew up in a middle-class Midwestern family. My dad was a college professor, and my mom self-employed. While we never went without, we also didn’t live extravagantly. 822 more words


My continued life-long obsession with Harry Potter

It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years!

I’ll say it loud and I’ll say it proud: I love Harry Potter. There you have it folks… I am a super geek at 💓 and my major continued obsession is HP. 967 more words