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Writing Challenge: Jan 14, 2018

Prompt: You’re a kid’s imaginary friend. As they grow up, you are fading away.

One day I flickered. I was a light that had been left on for too long. 199 more words


Star (Memories 1)

My darling, my baby, my love bug, my star

My fierce, brazen toddler; a sweetheart you are

You’ve started to kiss and give hugs unplanned (4/2017) 180 more words

Modern Life


What is?

Closure. Let me tell you a story. Many, many moons ago during that perilous decade known as my Twenties, I met a boy. He was nice; we became friends. 712 more words


Do we need to see the Doctor.... again??

When we first got T’s diagnosis, we had three appointments with the Developmental Paediatrician, Dr. Huber, within the space of about a month for her to question us, observe T, and then deliver her opinion and diagnosis.  385 more words


Crafty Cooking 

I think it started way back when I was in kindergarten, in Dubai. On Friday mornings, I would always get up before my parents. I took 3 slices of white bread and spread my favourite Thai sweet chili sauce and make a triple decker sandwich. 429 more words


My Team and I: A Journey Through Life While Wearing Vikings Shirts

A Step of Independence

I was born into a non-sports-loving (aka logical) household in Colorado Springs. The idea of emotionally investing in a violent sport played by millionaire strangers was something my parents simply weren’t into – silly, I know! 1,817 more words

The "ew" in Bewbs.

Each mom has their own journey of deciding how they want to feed their baby.  Nursing, formula, a little bit of both… the options are all there for us and in the war that is “breast is best” the underlining idea is that however you can keep your child healthy, happy, and well-fed then you’re doing ok. 762 more words