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17 Again

So, as you might have noticed, I was in a show last week.

The other thing I did was move out of my flat in the Bay, and in with my Mam. 542 more words

Been a While...

Man, it’s been too long since my last post on here 😑

“No better time than the present.” 😬

Halfway through the school year last year, I started putting little motivational/inspirational/success quotes into Sophia’s lunch bag 😊 Not sure if it has any influence or effect but doesn’t hurt–that’s what I tell myself when I think of not doing it anymore. 368 more words


Young Jed's Story

Young Jed’s father, Old Jed, had been the best darn garage man in this part of the county. It wasn’t just him who said it, everyone did. 742 more words


Bring the Tissue

Let me warn you, you may need to stock up on some tissue before reading. Ok, needed to stock up on the tissue.

My oldest will be turning 20 in just a few short days.   1,069 more words


A Millennial's Unsolicited Career Advice (That Really Works)

I feel like I give unsolicited advice all the time. Like, something will happen to me and I’m like YO THIS WORKED FOR ME ONE TIME THIS SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE CONSTITUTION OR SOMETHING. 1,814 more words

Looking Back on My 19th Year on this Earth

Tomorrow (23rd August) I’ll have completed a whole 19 years in this world – almost 7,000 days. And so, to celebrate my 19th birthday, I thought I’d do a look-back on my year as an 18 year old. 736 more words


Fool me, fool us

Today the voices in my head have been silent. There has been no ridicule, no resentment, no arguments and limited negativity. I don’t know where it went, I don’t know how long for and I’m desperate to know what I did to make it go. 246 more words