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#PFYFS Day 4: Stay Sexually Pure

Before I start my prayer I will let you know this one was a difficult one. I mean I am a 32 year old divorcee. Meaning I’m not pure nor have I been abstinent since my divorce. 154 more words


Fast and Slow: a poem for parents

Time goes by so slowly

But where did it go

I get stuck in the same minute

It never seems to pass

But I never seem to have enough… 125 more words

Stay At Home Dad

Sometimes, feeling little is wonderful...🧚‍♀️

August 22, 2019

Sometimes, feeling little is wonderful…

With love and gratitude,



Growing Pains

Monday 21st May 2001- She thinks I'm gay

I know I have been neglecting this diary recently but I need it more than even now. If all the bad experiences I have recorded in here have been bad than this is pure hell. 212 more words

Thurday 3rd May 2001- How the hell did she know my name?

And now for an update on the case against the racist gits. Well, I was going to go and see Mrs , but it didn’t happen. 264 more words

Wednesday 2nd May 2001-Mrs M is a bitch

Yet another day of the same old shit and yet another incident that proves beyond doubt that the workings of our school system are completely screwed up and twisted to the benefit of those individuals who gain amusement from seeing others suffer. 300 more words

A Letter To My Niece

A Letter to my Niece,

Being a girl is hard. Am I pretty enough? Am I skinny enough? Do I care too much about my looks? 368 more words