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The Baseball Game

It was Spring, 1960.

The last day of fifth grade.

The last day of school.

There were two fifth grades in our small town elementary school. 520 more words

My Life


She sits in a fold up chair idly scratching at her hands.
Around her, in her father’s greenhouse insects buzz and off in the distance the mellow cry of the cuckoo chimes out. 127 more words

Packing Like A Pro And How I Am So Far From Doing It Right

I suck at packing. For someone who is usually so organized at everything else in life, I sure do have a delicate way of shoving all my s**t into boxes with zero organizational skills. 1,109 more words

Charles, the Londoner

There was one man who stood out in my mind out of all my early travels as a child: Charles, the cab driver.  He would pull up with his black cab to the curb in front of whatever building we had exited, bright eyed and cheery. 1,309 more words

Growing Up

Aging as an Art, Apart from Expectation

I never grew up behind a white picket fence
But I live behind one now
Many people aspire
To build an empire
But fall with the weight of it… 85 more words


Now you are 6!

Happy Birthday Jelly.

It is hard to imagine that this is actually the fifth birthday we have celebrated with you. You have been with us forever, and longer. 581 more words


A Story of Hurt Feelings

I was reprimanded at the auto mechanics today. The strange thing is, I felt agitation before leaving my house like I knew this person was going to talk down to me or have to say something about my car situation. 473 more words