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Journey Through the Years

Since today marks my 21st birthday, I felt it was only appropriate that I take a look back on my past!

Well would you look at that, I could drive before sixteen. 224 more words

Raising Boys

In these days of political correctness, some suggest it’s heresy to talk as if there is any difference between boys and girls – that ‘equality’ means ‘the same’. 204 more words


spread your love like a fever

diary excerpts pt. i
from oct ’14 – may ’15 diary
& a collage-y sort of thing made on photoshop

Dec 29, ’14 – “I wish I could step out of my body, out of my own self and climb right into another life. 393 more words


The Unsolved Puzzle

Childhood-School- Graduation College – Post Graduation -Jobs – Marriage.

If only life was as easy as it seemed. As a child, looking at our elders, we all wanted to grow up, lead a matured, well settled life. 212 more words

13 Miles to Coalinga

She stopped the car. I jumped out. I had to get away.

Where the hell was I? Somewhere in the San Joaquin Valley. That’s all I knew. 927 more words


People Suck, But I Suck Even More

You know something, I don’t get people. I don’t get the need to lie and to hurt others. I don’t understand why in the hell I should have tears in my eyes right now caused by people I try so hard with. 146 more words

Growing Up

The Language of Laundry

One of the main tasks I knew was coming my way when I was a grown up was the laundry.

It seemed never ending for my mother when I was growing up. 743 more words

Young Shoulders In The Big Wide World