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Unseasonably Cheerful

Hello friends, long time no see. I’ve realized there is a bit of a correlation between depressed Carrie, and writes non-stop Carrie. But with the way my summer wrapped up, and the way September has been treating me, I haven’t really felt the need to work through any monumental personal struggles. 657 more words

Gilmore Girls

One thing in life that people don’t expect me to LOVE. Gilmore Girls, a story of a mother and daughter and their lives together. This show has comedy, romance and drama. 556 more words

My 20 something self would hate me now...

My 20’s were a LOT of fun…. sure there were plenty of heartaches… some jobs that I didn’t particularly love… and the usual girl drama but overall, it was a fun time in my life.   254 more words


We had a garden.  I ate all the green strawberries because even back then, I loved sour things.  I “helped” mom dig in the flowerbeds; unearthing marbles buried deep in the soil was an added bonus.  1,176 more words


Aaron, age 21-24

Aaron was a freshman when I was a senior. He was so cute. He was confident and smart and fun and I was very into him. 754 more words

Birthday Number 3

Sooo, I don’t know if y’all heard about this craziness, but the girls turned three a couple of weeks ago a month ago. I’m way behind on the blog and even on facebook updates; it’s been pretty crazy around here since May, but that’s another post. 371 more words

Our Journey

When You Realize Your Friends Are Friends Of Convenience

When did “it’s fine” become my catchphrase? Worse, when did I start believing things were “fine?” Cancelled plans, empty apologies, and half-assed excuses. When did having friends become a full-time job? 662 more words