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Me Confident? You're having a laugh!

As I’ve previously mentioned I’m not a particularly confident individual (okay that’s an understatement, I have no confidence.) I’d rather stay at home curled up on the sofa watching Netflix with my love, then go out to an all night party with a crowd of people. 294 more words

Coming Of Age

I had an opinion today.

Someone was proud of me for expressing it.

Coming of age moment.

Better late than never.

It’s never too late to grow up.

Life Chatter

The sound of men

God, help me to remember the sound of a house full of boys. How many years have I snickered in the other room as I listen to their crazy antics? 160 more words

Daily Inspiration: 2/27/15

I’ve been a huge John Mayer since his first album. Say what you want about his public persona, but the man can write beautiful, timeless lyrics that truly resonate with every fiber of your being. 243 more words

An Encouraging Word

Giving Blood

I remember, when I was young, accompanying a friend who was donating blood. Her grandfather was in the hospital. I sat with her and when she was done with the bloodletting she sat at the table to have some juice. 229 more words


The End is in Sight…

by Sarah-Louise Thompson

In the first week back of your final term of third year at University it suddenly hits you; in less than 3 months you will leave and essentially become… a ‘real life’ adult, a valued member of society. 419 more words