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Finding a New Home

Don’t let the title fool you, my parents didn’t abandon me and declare that I wasn’t welcome back in my OG home. I am simply insinuating that now that I’ve been in the DMV for almost a year, you’d think that I would be able to say that home is in Virginia. 606 more words

The Art of Leaving

You’ve grown up being left behind. Everyone has because everyone leaves. Everyone leaves in one way or another, and they stay in small ways because of the marks that they make in your life. 93 more words


Tail Gunner's Daughter Chapter 4

“In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.” – Tom Bodett… 1,421 more words



Dance like no one is watching…

Because everyone else is secretly reminding themselves not to be self conscious of their dancing too. Dance three songs in a row. 202 more words


My baby is turning 4 this week!

How is this possible?! That my little baby boy will be 4 this Sunday – how has 4 years just flown by like that?! I must admit, I’m feeling a little emotional, maybe its the pregnancy hormones, or maybe I genuinely don’t want my baby to grow up! 532 more words


What Are We Without Our Memories?

Prize winning photo in Rick Steve’s photo contest!

In pondering this question I wish to ask my friends, but soon I realize I must answer it myself first. 593 more words


What makes you an "adult"?

This thought crossed my head while I was reading The Signs Of Having Your Sh*t Together by Lexilife95 earlier tonight. Brilliant list and excellent blogger, give her a read and see for yourselves! 625 more words