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Photographic Evidence

In response to the comnents on my earlier post, please allow me to submit photographic evidence that I still fit on Human Daddy’s lap, sort of.


Relationship with my mother

As I said, when it comes to my mother it was very obvious that my brother was the favorite child. Even when it was about little things, like what are we having for lunch to him getting the newest tech and everything, while I was stuck with whatever he didn’t need anymore. 894 more words


05 December 2016; 1:55 AM

Dear Caitlin,

Today is a day that embarks your birthday. To most people, it might seem like just any ordinary day–but to you, it is a special day or at least it’s supposed to be…. 285 more words

You Need "Me" Time More Often Than You Think

Amidst the flood of criticisms that currently rain down on millennials (most I probably agree with), there is something that we do well, if not better than the generations before us: 974 more words


Day 21-Settling in!

My first full day alone and in charge, well I am at least in cMy first full day alone and in charge, well I am at least in charge in my own mind as I know who is really pulling the strings behind the scenes to make sure that I am a success with her pride and joy. 816 more words

Growing Up

Not every acquaintance is a friend!

DISCLAIMER – Those who haven’t gone through my previous write-up might find it difficult to understand the context of this post. So I urge you to read my… 1,041 more words

Growing Up

Flu season

I’d be lying to myself if i didn’t say i missed you.

I miss you so fucking much it hurts. Its killing my head and heart. 140 more words