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DJing as a right-handed person.

Now before you drop the mic in disbelief and contempt towards any person that could ask such a ridiculous question, I beg that you consider the world that we live in. 683 more words



Innocent works hard for her money.

She works hard for it, but she doesn’t look for clients on poorly lit street corners.

Clients find Innocent online. 857 more words


Some Moments I'll Always Remember

When I have large gaps of free time, I tend to overthink. Or maybe it’s not overthinking, but rather it’s the important things clamoring for attention, things that got a little too dusty in the cellar of memories suddenly creeping back up, reminding me that they exist inside my head and need some attention. 546 more words

Not your sacred Sad-girl.

My generation seems to hold its sadness sacred and romantic. I’m one of those Millennials whose adolescence held awkward court in the early 00’s.

We spent our teen years with Fallout Boy and As I lay Dying and in basements of our grandparents homes with Bob Dylan and Quiet Riot on Vinyl and in my case, hiding behind my insanely religious step-fathers shitty house listening to Nirvana on CDs borrowed from older friends who, in hindsight, someone… 328 more words

Letters to my Berry#14

You turned 14 months 3 days ago, but given that things have been mental at work this month and will continue to be until the end of this year, I am only getting around to writing to you now. 1,028 more words

Growing Up

One Son to Change Him

One Son to Change Him

By: Chase Spears

“Are you sure? The blue line looks kind of faint”…… or something like that came out of my mouth. 580 more words