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Paris: Day 4

Funny how one day can begin with screaming on the bottom floor of a Parisian metro because you’re lost and end by giving cheek kisses to an Italian man who drew your portrait in the courtyard of the Notre Dame. 793 more words


I Still Don't Know What I Want to Be When I Grow Up...

Yep, not need to adjust your computer or phone screen, you read that correctly.

At 24 years old, I, Aley Arion, still don’t know what I want to be when I… 661 more words


Killer Queen*

He drinks Cava by the glass, you know,
(Just in case you’re unaware)
His boldly printed shirts on show
But, thankfully not his underwearrrrr-
From the North to Brighton town… 119 more words

Monster (II)

The ghosts of my former self

Lurk in the shadows of my mind;

Ethereal temporal echoes,

Time-split personalities,

Ever-present relics of the past

Taunt and tease and boast… 123 more words


Human Pyramid

In the photo, he grins up from the base of a human pyramid. He occupies the exact same spot I did in my last pyramid, which was, oddly enough, just a few weeks ago. 875 more words


How to eat like an Adult

I know you may think you got this food thing on lock down, but in case you are like me and never quite grew out of your picky eater stage let me share with you the story of Turmeric. 401 more words

My wish

The kiddo is off today on another adventure. She’s been so many places this summer. North Carolina, two summer camps, and lots of little day trips with me. 907 more words