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In search of the evasive

In search of the evasive ran the man

hoping to find what he’s looking for.

In search of the evasive ran the man

hoping to see the future of it all. 66 more words


Puppy Weights (1 Week Old)

Puppy Weights (actually 8 days old). I have to say, pups have enjoyed “helping” Deja recover from her mastitis! She is much improved on her antibiotic and pups are not having any side effects with the probiotic Deja is taking. 74 more words

Golden Tails

Becoming herself

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I am completely in love with my little girl. She is so many things to me; so many things that every other parent in the world would insist their precious ones were to them. 970 more words


Little Things Mean A Lot

Little Things Mean A Lot

Have you ever looked around your home and thought about which things are especially meaningful to you? If you’re like me, it won’t be the big-ticket items, whatever they are. 940 more words

Living On The Diagonal

#30DaysWild 2018

It’s June, so we’ve been taking part in the Wildlife Trusts #30DaysWild Challenge. If you’re not sure what it is, you can take a look at a previous… 182 more words

Family Time

Man I panicked, plainly, pathetic, private purgatory partly permanently project.

The fear of possibly washing clothes in public, like violent death, horrific.

Play emotionless acts, Pinter, stage drama, till truth doesn’t matter… 187 more words


Productive Wednesday

I had pho for lunch and the broth was tasty. I left work at 3 and not any later, and that felt good.  I didn’t go home right away after work like I always do, instead, I went to my brother’s place to help him clean it up before moving in. 107 more words