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The Missing Page

I’m a runner, not a fast one – quite possibly the slowest runner you have ever seen – but I am a runner. That’s part of who I am. 761 more words

J&the World

Stories are Monsters. Part 3 (of 3).

This is Part 3 about the haunting stories. Links to the beginning: Part 1, Part 2.

Part 3.  The family story

On a Sunday morning, I call Mom on Skype.   1,239 more words

So cut to the chase kid 'Cause I know you don't care what my middle name is...

G’day guttersluts,

Today was pretty fucking uneventful. Let’s just get this out of the way, most of my days are. I’m essentially the most boring mother fucker you’re going to meet. 615 more words

Changes & Loss

It has been a hard couple of weeks lately. I got some news two weeks ago from a close friend of mine that he has decided to quit chemo and give up on fighting his brain cancer. 756 more words


Let Them Be Little

A random thought popped to mind when Mads and I were driving to school, listening to the Disney station on Pandora for the million and tenth time, which is carefully curated to include Tangled, Frozen, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. 389 more words


Crucify Him!

Language Arts class in small-town Sikeston, Missoura High School English class included dissecting the minutia of literary classics of the day.  Among these was Harper Lee’s treatment of rape, class, racial violence, and justice (and injustice) in  1,331 more words

Faith & Religion

5 Differences Between What You Tell Your Mom Vs. What You're Really Thinking

1. “How was your day?”

What you tell your mom: “good!”

What you’re really thinking: “I have $8 in my bank account and twenty-seven things to do but it would sound whiny to complain to you at this point — please offer me money. 226 more words