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The fourteenth of August

So well today was finally my big Target getting accomplished day. I started my YouTube channel giving my poems a better direction. I’ll be speaking the verses to make the feel better in its impact. 95 more words


Prayer Diary no.2

If you have not read my previous post Prayer Diary no.1, then let me welcome you to my new series based on Prayer Diaries.

I am looking back over 5 diaries starting from 2013 and exploring the key messages and themes that have impacted me over the years as a Christian. 902 more words


Thoughts I changed as I grew up.

Hello reader.welcome back!!

Growing up,everyone had so many things in there life they wanted to do but can no longer relate because maybe you lost interest or you were just a bit ignorant then. 323 more words


आज संध्याकाळी मी घरी आल्यापासून माझे वडील
थोडेसे माझ्या आजुबाजूला घुटमळत होते,
मला ते जाणवत होतं
परंतू कामात थोडा व्यस्त असल्या कारणे मी लक्ष देउ शकलो नाही, 149 more words

The First Vehicle I Drove

“You remember the old blue truck?” Uncle Jason asked me the other day on the phone.

Do I remember the old blue truck? Do you forget your first kiss? 545 more words


SomethingYou (to Us)

Without love desire

Is but veneer

Applied cheaply and

Thin giving the

Appearance of beauty

Ah but love

Love is walnut

Hickory and cherry

Dense heavy rich… 33 more words


"The Inheritance Trilogy" by N.K. Jemisin (2010-2011)

The world of N.K. Jemisin’s Inheritance Trilogy was created by three gods, but with one dead and another imprisoned, the strict theocratic rule of the Arameri dynasty – favoured by Bright Itempas, god of stability and order – has gone almost unchallenged for two thousand years. 1,108 more words