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While preparing for dinner yesterday evening, we received a text message from our eldest daughter, asking if it would be alright to stay at her friends house overnight. 230 more words


All Work and No Play

If I look back on my childhood, my memories are tinted with a hazy filter of sunlight reflecting off the faded asphalt, the scent of freshly mowed lawns, and the burn of scraped hands and bloody knees from falling off of the playground.   799 more words

Yesterday Gone Too Soon

It was only yesterday, I walked in the school holding my papa’s hand.

It was only yesterday, I scribbled my teacher’s face on my friend’s pad… 199 more words

My head aches and aches and aches.  All I did was have a wonderful day and drink less than three liters of water.  How is it normal for someone to have such a result?  

100 more words

A Quick Update

I always hate that I let myself go so long before posting something when in actual fact, I love this blog and it is essentially my baby. 222 more words

Personal Updates

Discrimination & Prejudice Exists

I was in third grade when they didn’t pick me to become a leader because I wasn’t
“assertive” and because I was too quiet. Instead, all the ones who were picked to be leaders were boys, and they were the loud ones who always talked, but never knew how to listen. 435 more words


For my children

My memories will fade one day

my eyes will shine less bright

and into dark I’ll surely slip

but you’ll remain my light

The best of me I hope I gave… 130 more words