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Turning 31

I’m turning 31. It feels a little bit surreal.

As a child, I had an idea of what my life would be like – but it never went further than my late 20s. 245 more words


Raising a Kind Child

Raising my children to be kind is one of the most important things to me. It’s as important as learning to read and write in my eyes and my go-to phrase (after ‘please don’t do that’ and ‘don’t feed your brother’) is… 386 more words



I don’t know why I have flashbacks of high school. I’ve been having the same scene played over and over again, where I asked the science teacher if being gay was natured or nurtured, I remember being such a homophobe, and how deep into the closet I was. 485 more words


16 Realisations You Have During A 'Quarter-Life Crisis'

People often laugh at the idea of middle-aged men having a mid-life crises; buying a sports car, dating a younger woman and wearing an inappropriate silk shirt. 533 more words


This Is Going To Sound So Cliché

…but I’ve always done what was “right” and “good” in my life.

When friends come up to me, they often praise and compliment me for who I am and what I’ve done–as the kind of girl their kid can look up, someone who’s handled herself well, who they’ve seen as a role model to follow their passions, live honestly, and as someone who’s grown into a young woman and stayed a sweetheart. 266 more words


Finding unapologetic authentic peace

I know that my last few posts have been quite a bit about spiritual struggle and deep moments. Something that I am really learning a lot about is that when things are going really well in your life and you’re on track and happy that spiritual struggles start to rise. 421 more words


On Growing Up Okinawan-Japanese

Months into our blog later, Cheri and I talked it over and have belatedly decided to finally explain our blog name to our viewers. OkPotato stands for Okinawan Potato which is that purple potato that we have posted everywhere. 888 more words