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It's Coming On

I bruise easily and cry a lot and I think about what I should be doing
so much that it makes me nervous and I can’t eat foods that are too heavy… 238 more words

Here Goes Nothing

Hi, My name is Meghan and I have decided to start a blog. I am a little late to the game, but better late then never right? 164 more words


To The Foul-Weather Friends, Who Love Us No Matter How Hard Things Get

A lot of you were already in the picture when things were easy (read: college). You were there for the 2 a.m. hangouts while we procrastinated writing papers, you were there for the delicious hangovers in which we didn’t mind how awful we felt, because the previous night’s activities were so much fun. 706 more words

Everyone Grows Up, Please Don’t Hate

It’s time for you to grow up, please don’t hate.

Stop stomping your feet and crying out loud.

Don’t let this baby fit ruin your fate. 149 more words


The architect of my first nine years as a social being was my maternal great-grandmother, lovingly referred to as “Mamei.” She was the person my childhood consciousness was deeply woven to; a consciousness which manifests today in bits and pieces of fleeting memory. 841 more words

Clothing Trade

Having Courage Does Not Mean Exercising Violence

After yesterday’s post and considering the emotional, financial, and physical violence that we (my daughter and I) have suffered at the hands of some family members, I feel the need to define cowardliness.   214 more words