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A Trip to the Zoo

It was simple enough. *scroll, scroll, scroll* through Instagram, I went. It hit me from nowhere, and it hit hard, nearly knocking the breath out of me. 295 more words



Some people will

Push you

And push you,

Until you prove them right.

Don’t let them push you

Into viewing yourself differently.

Don’t let what they push you to do… 8 more words

Oh, to be a baby!

I remember the lure of being grown up when I was younger. I was desperate to be mature and do adult things. I’m sure kids the world over have role played adulthood at some point or another. 749 more words

My Musings



From one activity to the next, one class to the next, one stage of development to the next…

Life is crammed full of these inevitable shifts, and they can be daunting for the best of us. 644 more words


Through the Tiffany Window.

His words fell into and outside of me,
Some fey wander
I put blanket terms over charming boys
Faded into the background
Her glamour is made up eyes… 185 more words

Growing Up

Even If I Get Lost, It’s Still My Way

This is my journey, this is my road and I am entitled to navigate my transition from one place to another according to my own directions, according to my own GPS. 438 more words

"It's ME or YOU"- Being Confronted for Being a Narcissist

“Forever didn’t seem to last as long these days as once it did” – Granny Weatherwax in ‘Witches Abroad’ (Terry Pratchet)

I always end up posting here when I have a problem or if I’m at a cross roads in my life.

1,382 more words