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Ray of Haiku

bright rays of sunlight
flowers past their blooming
spring becomes summer


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Thought For The Day: July 23, 2018 "It's Part of Growing Up"

Happy Monday,

We’re starting the new week with a quote about growing up.  Part of growing up involves learning what really matters and what doesn’t. “Things” don’t matter nor does the drama of others,  or holding grudges. 82 more words

Thought For The Day

Growing up as the silly youngest child

I’ve always been silly. It’s just my natural way. But I can’t say it’s unique to me alone, it’s in my blood; from my family who came before me. 816 more words



Yea, that’s right. I’ve made it to the big 2-1. I am here, in adulthood and I can now go to a bar and order a beer (well not a beer because there is gluten in it but I mean…). 683 more words


Becoming Like the One We Love

Becoming Like the One We Love

by Wholly Loved Editor, Yvonne Anderson

My daughter rolled her eyes and groaned. Once again, the mother of one of her friends told me, “I can tell she’s your daughter. 622 more words

1 John 3:2

How Kids Learn about Feelings

Monday’s Parenting Thought
It is important for kids to learn to feel what other kids feel. If others are sad – to feel sad that they are sad. 132 more words


In case anyone was counting, today is my 52nd day home. I realized that this afternoon when I was taking a shower at 2:00 p.m., contemplating and thinking about my entire life, praying, and once again putting off shaving my legs like I have been doing for the past 52 days. 882 more words