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Reflections on the First Year

Do you remember when you were about 16 years old, walled up in your room of your parents house counting down the days till you moved out on your own? 538 more words


My Brother

My Brother

            I miss my younger brother. He has relocated to New Hampshire, and though it’s not far away, over the years as our kids have grown, we see each other less and less. 1,278 more words

Friday 16th March 2001- Red Nose Day

Today was red nose so we had a noon uniform day to raise money. Pretty pointless when no one really wheres the uniform anyway. I wore my dragon top and my favourite piece of headwear: My blue bandana. 281 more words

Living in Limbo

For the last 4-years I have defined myself as a student. My identity revolved around OSAP deposits, overpriced textbooks and unruly deadlines. Whenever I filled out a form or met a new person I was always quick to announce that I was a student – it’s just who I was. 275 more words



“I’m not going to move from this chair until I’ve typed 2000 words… or I have to pee, whichever comes first.”

Most of the days you sit back on your chair staring at the blank white screen or just lines on a paper. 177 more words

The Writer's Page

Sophia's Flute

There was a newborn baby on this floor, and she had come to this world on July the fourth. This family’s apartment was next to us, and we could hear baby Taylor’s very loud fuss. 235 more words


I Am More Than My Major

I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t asked what I wanted to be “when I grow up”. My answers of course changed through the years. 711 more words