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Eyed hawk-moth 'Smerinthus ocellata' caterpillar identification

Eyed hawk-moth ‘Smerinthus ocellata’. The caterpillar can be considered by some as a garden pest as it eats the leaves of the genus malus – Apple trees… 104 more words

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Brown-eye moth, Lacanobia oleracea garden pest identification

‘Lacanobia oleracea’ ¬†Brown-eye’ / ‘Brown-eyes’ is a garden pest as it eats tomato plants including the fruit.

They can destroy your tomatoes in a very short time unless you pick them off… 53 more words

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Pea hypogeal germination underground time lapse

Here is a time lapse I made to show hypogeal germination.

The pea germinating underground and growing was filmed over a period of about 6 weeks. 147 more words

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Epigeal germination timelapse of bean growing

Here is a time-lapse of a climbing bean showing epigeal germination

The climbing bean was filmed growing in my studio over a period of 4-5 weeks. 120 more words

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Tomato blight identification on fruit and what to do. Time-lapse

Tomato blight is weather-dependent and can be devastating during wet summers. Watch out for signs on outdoor tomatoes, which are most at risk; glasshouse tomatoes are less likely to become infected though the spores are carried in the wind and will enter through open windows and doors. 372 more words

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Time-lapse of Artichoke flower

Here is a time-lapse of an Artichoke flower. I think it’s fascinating.

Filmed on a 35mm Nikon D300 digital camera.

Filmed over a period of two days… 16 more words

Time-lapse Of Plants And Flowers Growing

Time-lapse of flowers and plants by Neil Bromhall

I add my time-lapses of plants, vegetables, flowers etc. to Youtube. I hope you find the different flower shapes and designs interesting.

I think that the artichoke flower fascinating. 16 more words

Time-lapse Of Plants And Flowers Growing