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There are a list of things we can state in this article on how to make your business look professional but here are some I wanted to focus on. 1,295 more words


Where Do You Want To Go Today? *

I loved this campaign from Microsoft and Wieden + Kennedy when it launched, and I remember it often. Like “Just Do It”* (another Wieden + Kennedy creation), these one-liners fuel me to think and act in a better way, even without a plan or a problem to solve. 476 more words

306090 Plan

- NEW - Advanced Market Research Workshop

* For a limited time, receive between 3 to 5 sixths government funding for this program through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG)!

Invest only $600 for this workshop, plus assistance for software and materials. 209 more words


How to grow your business

When a business has been setup, the next stage is for it grow. Clients are the backbone of the business, the increase or decrease in number clients and the change in clients spending on your business impacts directly on the business. 542 more words

Business Growth

Optimism For 2015

As I write this at the end of 2014, gasoline prices are down near $2 per gallon, Q3 GDP was revised up to 5%, interest rates remain low and job growth has been robust for the past 6 months.  307 more words


Are grants made for a company or a specific program?

Many times people ask me for help with finding a grant for their organization. This is a reasonable question because overall the organization needs help and quite naturally the owner or program manager wants to get grants to support their causes. 105 more words