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Two easy reasons why Twitter is an essential tool for business growth

I’ve heard people say Twitter is on its way out.  I’ve heard people say that user numbers are dropping.  I’ve heard people say they prefer Instagram.  395 more words


How Do I Get More Sales Online?

At some point after your launch, this question will come round; how can I get more sales from my online shop? For better or worse, there is no definitive answer. 4,088 more words

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5 Ways to Keep Customers Happy - for Woodworkers

A few unhappy and vocal customers could easily void the best marketing plan and destroy a woodworking business. Therefore, it is imperative to stay conscious of your customer’s experience with you and your company. 947 more words

Growing Your Business

8 Social Media Tips for Woodworkers

In our post about identifying your woodworking market, we touched on three major points that we feel should be thoroughly examined and consistently reexamined to ensure you know exactly who your target market is. 1,368 more words

Growing Your Business

3 Keys to Identifying Your Woodworking Market

As a woodworker you know what you love to do and you know what you love to create. Everyone wants to make a living at something they love, but oftentimes… 1,317 more words

Growing Your Business

10 Ways to Locally Advertise a Woodworking Business

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this post, it should be noted that there is a difference between marketing and advertising, though advertising is a part of marketing. 1,561 more words

Growing Your Business

Are You Getting In The Way Of Your Own Business Growth?

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There’s a solid argument for keeping your small business small. It makes the day to day operation of your enterprise more manageable, it affords you greater oversight over quality control, it invariably allows you to provide a more intimate level of customer service and enables you to spend more time doing what you love and what you’re great at. 544 more words

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