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PR Tips 2: What do you want to achieve?

When a new client comes to me very  often they start the conversation by saying something along the lines of “I need PR help.” or “I want a press release writing”.  135 more words


PR Tips: 1 People don't buy your product. They buy your story.

I have been thinking about the most common things that come up when people first speak to me about working with them on a PR campaign.  163 more words


How do you grow your own marketplace - when none of the advice seems to work?

I often wonder whether building any kind of new style business is even possible these days…or rather a business that is trying to be different from all the rest. 859 more words

Taking Your Business National

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A real sure sign of growth in any business is when you are finally able to take it on to a national level, and if you are currently looking at this in your business you are probably pretty happy with it. 466 more words

Business Coach

A great quote by Zig Ziglar is “Income does not far exceed personal development.”

Looking at this quote another way: Income and Wealth is a… 836 more words

8 Important Things Every New Startup Founder Should Do

Starting a new business can be intimidating. We all see the success stories from startups around the world but rarely do we know how to achieve the same things they are. 1,005 more words


Many times, if you’re looking at advertisements for coding schools, you’ll see a picture of a young woman working at a laptop. She looks happy and she may be even holding a baby on her lap.

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Growing Your Business