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Many times, if you’re looking at advertisements for coding schools, you’ll see a picture of a young woman working at a laptop. She looks happy and she may be even holding a baby on her lap.

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Growing Your Business

Business Valuation After The 2017 Tax Cut And Jobs Act

Because of the Tax Cut and Job Acts of 2017, the marginal rates are lower.  The impact of the recent tax cut is very straight forward.   613 more words

Company Wealth

Tips for Doing Business Well

Speaking from over 25 years of experience as a contractor and business owner who has recruited and hired, written scope of work/contracts, worked for business owners, had business owners who worked for me, read contracts and worked with small/medium/Fortune 500 firms – some thoughts on doing business in today’s marketplace: 428 more words


Two easy reasons why Twitter is an essential tool for business growth

I’ve heard people say Twitter is on its way out.  I’ve heard people say that user numbers are dropping.  I’ve heard people say they prefer Instagram.  395 more words

Growing Your Business

How Do I Get More Sales Online?

At some point after your launch, this question will come round; how can I get more sales from my online shop? For better or worse, there is no definitive answer. 4,088 more words

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5 Ways to Keep Customers Happy - for Woodworkers

A few unhappy and vocal customers could easily void the best marketing plan and destroy a woodworking business. Therefore, it is imperative to stay conscious of your customer’s experience with you and your company. 947 more words

Growing Your Business

8 Social Media Tips for Woodworkers

In our post about identifying your woodworking market, we touched on three major points that we feel should be thoroughly examined and consistently reexamined to ensure you know exactly who your target market is. 1,368 more words

Growing Your Business