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The Real Habits of Successful People (Yes... a Real List)

Have you ever come across a list of the habits of successful people? Yes you have; more than one time.

These lists overlap, yet they always seem to claim to have discovered some key habits that others haven’t. 1,410 more words


Supplying The Growing Demand: It’s Not As Tough As You’d Think


When first stepping out into the world of business, your initial goal was simply to survive. Becoming a sustainable operation with a steady flow of profit would have signaled success during those early stages. 507 more words

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A Quick Guide To Mastering Discount Codes

If used in the right way, coupon codes can be a powerful tool to increase your online flower sales.

A coupon code can come in the form of a percentage; for example, let’s say offering 10% off on certain flower bouquets. 379 more words

Growing Your Business

Six Incredibly Powerful and Insightful Questions to Create a Brilliant Online Business Strategy

Formulating an online business strategy can become quite mechanical if you’re not asking the real questions. After determining financial goals, ideal customers, products, processes, resources, and the like, it can be easy to lose sight of the driving ideas that ignite the strategy. 1,267 more words


Florists - Product Images For Your Online Shop

The images of your stock should look as beautiful as your flowers!

Having good quality product images inside your online shop is key as these images will be the first thing your customers will look at when browsing.  339 more words

Growing Your Business

Practical eCommerce Marketing Tips For Florists

Ecommerce website marketing can be tricky… That’s why we put together a list of easy ways of marketing your online shop to get customers to purchase your flowers. 310 more words

Growing Your Business

Let It Grow: What Does Your Business Need As It Expands

Growth should be at the forefront of any business owner’s mind. A business that it content to stay in one place is pretty much guaranteed to fall behind the competition and eventually fail. 558 more words