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Growing your own food

On the estates we operate on in Basildon, one of our key aims is to encourage residents to start growing their own food. If you have access to a garden, once you can secure tools, seeds and help if needed, you can make a start. 480 more words


Community gardening this Sunday (24.4)

Community gardening and planting will be taking place at Nursery Gardens this Sunday (24.4) starting at 2.30pm. This is a chance for Nursery Garden residents to start growing their own food, to brighten the estate up a bit and to meet, talk and plan for the future. 55 more words


Get your Garden Ready!

March would have been a fantastic time to start preparing your soil for a garden but you may have missed the memo that March was a good time. 1,296 more words

St. George

The Accidental Compost, And Refinding The Joys Of Gardening

Lately, I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed with my gardening duties. It seems there’s always something to do – some mushrooms to be picked off the soil near my plants, some weeds to be picked, caterpillars to remove, etc. 802 more words

A Homestead/Historical Breakfast

For us, history is very much a part of why we homestead. We have a strong tie to the land where we live and to the history of our ancestors who lived and worked here before us. 498 more words

Doing Things For Cheap

Springtime Gardening!

It’s Spring at last!

In my garden, over the last month trasplanting – and weeding and rearranging, to a lesser extent – has been the name of the game. 748 more words

Beginning Gardening 101: Easy Plants To Start From Seed

Plus, transplanting baby plants and more hummingbird pictures.

As a new gardener, few things can be as discouraging as having none of the seeds you planted ever come up. 834 more words