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M is for Meaningful.

Since we got back from our “vacation” we have drastically reduced our spending. This is part of how I have always wanted to live anyway so it is not much of a problem. 688 more words

Frugal Living

Fun with Sprouts

What if I told you that you could have fun with sprouts? Ok, maybe not dance around the kitchen with your sprouts kind of fun. (Well, I guess you could if you wanted to. 478 more words

Grow Your Own Food

How We Make Sauerkraut

We don’t make sauerkraut every year but this year we had to because of all the cabbages that decided to grow.

For this process we have a ceramic crock that Ernie’s mom used. 372 more words

Doing Things For Cheap

Community Gardens Adventure

I went a visiting a few local community gardens this week around Melbourne’s Northern suburbs. Our place is a studio with a gorgeous balcony where I intend to grow a few edible plants. 147 more words

Just For Fun

We Have Basil!

This year Ernie did the garden planting. I was working (at home) and didn’t have the extra time so he put in all the plants. He even picked up the seeds at the store and some transplants from the local greenhouse. 237 more words

Do It Yourself

Small Homesteads Can Be Big Producers

Since our homestead is in a village, we have a restricted amount of space that we homestead on. Obviously it is going to be smaller than most. 652 more words

Doing Things For Cheap

The Garden So Far

I know it is probably a boring post to make but I am showing off our garden this year. We were’t sure if there would be much of one, since we weren’t going to be planting as much, but it looks like the garden is doing what gardens do – GROW. 165 more words

Do It Yourself