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Passive Solar Greenhouse: Construction

In an article I wrote in August of 2014 about a new passive solar greenhouse I was planning to construct, update to this is that I have finished the construction of the greenhouse. 587 more words


2015 in pictures

This year has been rich in wonderful experiences, feeling an array of emotions, building and strengthening relationships and doing a lot of hard work psychologically, mentally and physically. 204 more words

This is for the 1% of Americans!   

My family and I belong to this 1% , the American Preppers ! From prepping to meet the lord Jesus Christ all the way to the “Zombie Apocalypse”. 906 more words

A morning's walk...

On a morning’s walk in Pensacola’s Old East Hill Neighborhood I found much to celebrate. Camellias are blooming on a vacant lot near the little House on Belmont Street. 147 more words

Tiny House

Put On Your Masks, Your Smiles---Tonight's Show: Modern Society

In today’s world, so many people, if you were to sit them down, perhaps over a nice, good strong drink, would eventually admit that their job doesn’t make a great contribution to society. 1,482 more words

Thoughts On Life & Existence

Too Many Tomatoes

Today, we had to process what is left of our tomatoes. They were one day away from the compost due to being in the house in pails on the floor for too long. 197 more words

Doing Things For Cheap