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I like getting my hands dirty, I always have. Ever since I was a little girl, I’d be happy outdoors, mucking around, planting stuff, weeding, raiding my Dad’s peas, or Mum’s blackcurrants. 1,610 more words

Growing Your Own

Green Fingers

So it turns out that green fingers are actually a thing. Spend enough time with plants (tomato plants in this case) and your fingers will go green. 776 more words

Growing Your Own

September garden update

October is knocking and the dark nights are rolling in. It is the time of year for warm fires, stews and hot soups. But still the garden is providing despite the early frost of a fortnight ago. 162 more words


News From The Plot

As anyone who has ever dabbled in some gardening will know, growing things is nothing if not unpredictable. A crop that was prolific last year may struggle to get off the ground this year round and something that you’ve always struggled to grow might leave you with a plentiful bounty to share with friends, family and pretty much anyone you encounter on the street! 542 more words


Three Weeks In...

We are three weeks in to having our allotment and we have already clocked around 40 hours each. The time and effort put in is really starting to pay off, though. 150 more words

Starting Out

August: Garden update

We are definitely having an early autumn this year. Leaves are already beginning to turn and blackberries are ripening. While the summer seems warmer than last year, these last few weeks have been showery with very few dry or really warm days. 271 more words


Mindful Lady Garden.

Like with all our lives things get in the way, work takes over, boats leak and almost sink (yes that happened to Lucy and Bunbury!) or you just generally run out of time and before you know it it’s the summer and you’ve done sod-all in the way of being creative or doing things for yourself. 507 more words