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It’s been a busy year so far… admittedly despite best efforts there is little time for my blog.  I’m a little embarrassed by this fact especially since I wrote something for the Green Parent magazine last year about how I make time for my hobbies. 827 more words

Growing Our Own

We love mandarins in our household, as I’m sure many households do. They’re usch neat packages from Nature, wrapped up and ready for us. We love them so much, a couple of years ago, Graham, the main gardener in our house, bought a mandarin and planted it. 281 more words


Tea Break

Time for a tea break and a breather.

What a glorious day! The sun is shining warm on my back, the sky is blue and my friends in the hedgerow are singing away. 247 more words


Plot Envy

It’s been an outdoorsy kind of day today. Throat feels like I’ve swallowed a cactus, but the sun is shining which never fails to lift my mood. 244 more words


New Chapter

Hello! I’m so glad you have joined us as we embark on our new chapter. For those of you that shared our journey at A Plot in Common and for those of you that start here, I look forward to sharing with you our new adventure – growingabitsmaller. 855 more words

In a Pickle

So following last night’s last hurrah with pickling, we woke this morning to find that neither time nor open windows had in any way diminished the reek of vinegar that now pervades the house. 335 more words



So the tomato harvest that I was expecting in September is happening now – in November. Cheers for that, and I really am wondering why I thought it was such a good idea to plant so many cherry tomatoes  instead of normal ones. 828 more words