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License To

I parked my dog
along the nearest curb
while I considered my route
in a forwardly direction,

He started gnawing
on a nearby street lamp… 229 more words



a rumbling in my blood
stampedes through veins
and at night
I want to wrap myself
in the moon
run wild, my eyes
hold stars… 35 more words


365 Challenge: Day 239 - Growl (RYDER RANT)

Growl: the noise I make when I am unhappy

Growl! And that kicks off this fine Monday morning. First of all, I was promised a walk yesterday, but I did not get one. 908 more words

365 Day Challenge

The Gift of a Growl

‘He growled at me the other day!’

This is something I hear commonly from clients. It is always uttered with a tone of shocked and offended indignance which would lead you to believe… 575 more words

Dog Training

Petting Your Chihuahua Is (NOT) So Relaxing

Anyone else have a devil dog chihuahua?

As much as you love your little chichi, admit it, the older they get the more evil they become. 106 more words


Why Does Your Stomach Growl When You Are Hungry?

Why Does Your Stomach Growl When You Are Hungry?

Your body lets you know every day, in a variety of ways, that it is alive and well. 1,745 more words

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