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Now that I am lowered into my trench language
I become an invocation. I am muscles and tendons,
a pressurized blood machine, slowly releasing
what was stored between the apostrophes, like a captured animal. 149 more words


Dog Fight or Aggressive Flirting?

Come on…I can take ya!

As Toby and I were going for a walk, a little boy was walking his dog.  Toby and I have met the pup before.  313 more words

Kickstarter Highlight: GROWL

GROWL makes an incredibly bold claim, saying “We designed a better werewolf card game for you and your clan!” When I saw this tagline, I honestly couldn’t help but click onto the product and have a look. 921 more words


The ray

A peak cap and a guitar and his words. Oh my those words. Ray la montangne in ireland after 8 years. Finally got to hear his tunes from the stage. 29 more words


Joey Vigour, the creator of GROWL

Tell us a bit about yourself and GROWL.

I designed the board game Chaosmos and I’m the producer of Battlestations: Second Edition. I’ve raised over half a million dollars using the Kickstarter platform. 629 more words

Kickstarter Interview


You never joined the pack.
Why share the wildness?

The abandon
as you run through the wooded stands of life,
no trails,
random turn-asides – 144 more words


I Am Cat......Hear Me Roar

Mom was laughing at me tonight.  She and I were sitting in the front room watching a little TV.  No, I have no idea where Steinbeck was.  255 more words

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