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Once upon a time, a woman I loved asked me a hypothetical question. She was sick of my procrastinating way of dealing with things. She was tired of my way of waiting up, seeing what is going down, and most likely not doing anything to really influence the situation, lazy bastard that I am. 597 more words





Can I just say? Here's an Unpopular Opinion

Unpopular opinion: If someone asks a person to stop “praying for” them and said person doesn’t stop- Even if it is called “Love” towards the obviously uncomfortable party, this makes the person pushing the issue a boundary-crosser and moves into spiritual warfare territory. 202 more words


The Bus is Goin’ Mighty Slow

People are getting hostile. They want equality. Oops, no, they want power. The people, you know, the people, the multitudes, all those people who live like shit… the… 130 more words


It Was a Gift

“Have you seen my cup?”  Batman growls.   He always growls.

“No, I don’t think so.”  I answer.

“I had it three minutes ago.  I put it down…there,” he points a gauntleted finger at a patch of countertop near my elbow. 205 more words


Åke Parmerud ~ Growl

What do birdsong, vinyl crackle, techno beats and heavy metal growls have in common?  They all appear on Åke Parmerud’s latest collection.  This seemingly disparate set of subjects unites to form a surprisingly coherent whole.   616 more words

Richard Allen