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Create Growling Lead in Xfer Serum

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create growling lead on Serum. I’m not trying to recreate any specific sound. The idea of this tutorial is to get you started in programming your own sound and get you to understand how Serum works.



Why in all hell do people talk so much? Can’t they just – now and then, for five damned minutes – shut the fuck up? It’s a party, I come on to the balcony, it’s a beautiful evening, the sun has just set… I thought I was escaping from the gabble inside to look at the sky. 99 more words


#startracking Saturday July 30th 11.45am

A busy Saturday and loads to consider and at last a few at Glorious Goodwood to get stuck into! Mind you I’m going to put up a few on The Downs from high draws (If they’re good enough the draw won’t matter?) but my head says on four days of evidence you need a low draw not to mention a truck load of luck and a one eyed steward!! 3,949 more words


#startracking Tuesday 19th July 11am

Looks like I’ve had a senior moment, again! Managed to put up two non-runners in yesterday’s Ante Post piece! They were already out by the time I blogged so no financial damage. 668 more words


New trending GIF tagged run tiger perfect loop...

New trending GIF tagged run, tiger, perfect loop, chase, growl, animated loop via http://ift.tt/1B6OfZ5

The Old King



He told the story of the lost prince and now there was indication that the lost prince was with them that very night and in the presence of the first king, the rights of the lost prince are to be restored to him. 629 more words


Ruby Getting Annoyed That The Chickens Have A Treat

Never really heard Ruby get annoyed like this lol, such a nark when the chickens are getting what she thinks is hers

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