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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 8)

March 21rst, 2017

How are y’all’s days coming along? I trust you’re taking care of yourselves! We’re just starting the April challenge, and I’m sincerely hoping that we’re going to be able to survive this one. 964 more words


Growlithe Arcanine Pokemon Muse

Fire type Pokemon from Kanto.

They live on prairies and grassy plains, with a powerful olfactory sense they can smell even the emotions of others and will never forget a scent.

Thank you!


30 Day Sailor Moon Challenge (Day 4)

May 13th, 2016

Hey there everybody!
How’s it all going? I’m doing all right. I had my last appointment with the dentist in… awhile, hopefully… and, well… I am still working a lot… but hey, I  1,182 more words


Pokéwalk Log, Day 6

Day 6 saw the return of my vigor and feeling fit for the field once again. I remembered seeing the rooftops of a crude trading post near the oasis and decided to make a trip to investigate. 454 more words

Pokémon Go

Corner News-I AM ADDICTED!

So, unless you have to be living under a rock for the past week, many of you have heard of the new app called Pokemon Go. 319 more words

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