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30 Day Fall Blog Challenge [2017] Week 4A

June 11th, 2017 

Salutations to all of you,
How is this month coming along for you? Meanwhile, I’m doing all right. I’m considering whether or not to go to High Score Con, and then… maybe Comic-Con?! 502 more words


New Growlithe and Arcanine collection appears at the Pokémon Center

A brand-new Pokémon merch line featuring Growlithe and Arcanine has appeared at the Pokémon Center. The official Growlithe and Arcanine collection currently consists of five products in total – Growlithe and Arcanine Relaxed Fit Adult Crewneck T-Shirt for $24.95, Growlithe and Arcanine Relaxed Fit Adult Hooded Sweatshirt for $49.95, Growlithe and Arcanine 24 oz. 26 more words


6 Pokemon I'm Glad Aren't Real

When I was younger and obsessively playing my first Pokemon game – Pokemon Gold on the Gameboy Colour – I had this grand image in my head of how amazing it would be if Pokemon really existed. 738 more words


Growlithe #58

Drawn by: Jose B.

Joe’s Grade: A

Growlithe was one of the best Pokémon drawn by Jose. The shape and shading were fantastic, the position on the post-it note were excellent and the confident smug look of the Pokémon bring everything together.

Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 2)

April 30th, 2017

How-do-y’all do?!
I trust this second week of the Summer Challenge is coming along well for us all! Let’s see what prompt we’ve been given this week: 1,875 more words