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Author: Kelvin Annorson

I always wished to grow from being a boy to a man.

I wondered, ” many years left”, I kept wondering when. 336 more words


What Grown-ups Forget

Sad, isn’t it?


They’ve forgotten.

Yes. Very sad. Because they’re not elephants.


Elephants never forget. They even teach their babies how to play in the mud. 114 more words

Daily Post

Day 100: Escaping

Today, Eliot and I ran away. It wasn’t the kind of spontaneous Hollywood eloping story because we have kids and morals, but nevertheless, we ran away in a very co-ordinated manner. 560 more words


Broken Record

Something about hearing a song for the bajillionth time.

With no need to focus on it anymore, it becomes little more than background noise.

I found this fact under a new light while speaking with my oldest daughter on a recent drive home. 815 more words


A Jollytologist tells us Secrets That Kids Know... That Adults Oughta Learn

Secrets Kids Know… That Adults Oughta Learn, by Allen Klein, (Sept. 2017, Viva Editions), $16.95, ISBN: 9781632280534

Recommended for grownups – kids already know this stuff… 341 more words

Grocery store is not code for 'wear sweatpants'

My rants against the slobbification of America are legendary. Flip flops are for the beach. Fleece pants are for being in your house with a cold. 39 more words