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Weekly Poem #9

Hello, Eagles here… so I found out why I missed week 7 of the Weekly Poem series… it’s because I forgot to publish my poem… this poem. 244 more words


Take Me To France Again

A lot of lyrics are quite self-explanatory, I have always thought this was one of them, but there might be some parts in here that are quite cryptic. 511 more words


{ Children & Grownups }

Children cry, laugh, and rage;

Grownups stifle feelings.

Children express thoughts.

Grownups suppress them.

Children dance.

Grownups sit.

Children hug their best friends. 69 more words

The pl@cEs I waNt to gO baCk to

So this other day I am talking to someone and am narrating a memory (with all glitter in my eyes) and be like ‘I so wish I could go back to that’. 289 more words


The problem with monogamy

Is monogamy natural? I will start by giving my direct and honest response: I sincerely don’t think so.

Wait, before you throw in the pyre of hell and damnation, allow me to explain.   855 more words



Author: Kelvin Annorson

I always wished to grow from being a boy to a man.

I wondered, ” many years left”, I kept wondering when. 336 more words


What Grown-ups Forget

Sad, isn’t it?


They’ve forgotten.

Yes. Very sad. Because they’re not elephants.


Elephants never forget. They even teach their babies how to play in the mud. 114 more words

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