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Grown ups Are Not A Different Kind of Human Being

I’ve always thought grown ups are a different kind of human beings. That we do not have the same emotions. That they are stronger. That they are always happy. 132 more words

M*A*S*H: The Ultimate Throwback

Does that acronym ring a bell? And no, I’m not referring to the show which aired back in the 70’s, although most of you may remember MASH for that reason. 495 more words


Having an Outlet

OK…I am not an expert. I am just speaking from experience and from what i have saw others experience. I am just merely writing to share with you those experiences… 885 more words

Family Life

Of Summers And Heartaches

Summer is here, the semester is over and my bags are packed. It’s been an year since I joined the university but it feels so much shorter. 299 more words


From Cosmo Magazine to Bar Journal Subscriptions

It seems like just yesterday I used to curl up in the bed inside my tiny mold-infested dorm at FSU and read the latest subscription of Cosmo. 603 more words


Most people don't grow up but all people age.

When I was five, I looked at college students and thought they were old. They were burdened with the task of gathering as much information about the world as they could. 444 more words


Fish Don't Notice The Water

I’m working a full week at my¬†per diem phy$ical therapy job since next week I’ll be away on two¬†separate trips (one business, one pleasure). 466 more words