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Chaos and the art of not tidying up

Once you don’t have an adult to tell you to clean your room, what happens?  Well, if you’re a hot mess, your closet turns into a knee-deep pile of sadness. 222 more words

Bed and back again

To the bed and back again: a shirt’s tale by a lazy student.

So, while procrastinating and reading something I definitely ought not to ( 481 more words

I guess we're grownups now.

In my mind, I am 19 years old.  Forever.  Smart, beautiful, effortlessly thin.  Decisions are limited to: what should I wear (answer: tube top)?  Should I make out with that bartender (answer: no but you will)?   219 more words

Kofoworola Toriola's teenage years experience


As a child I always fantasised about growing up. At some point, all that ever mattered to me was growing up so fast and doing the things I saw the older people around me do. 463 more words

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To take respite in form

is to mend the chaos

To sift the miasma

is to inhale fulfillment

but my mind does wander in spirals of shells… 115 more words

Naughty Cupcakes - Grown ups only.

A friend of mine celebrated his birthday this week and I didn’t have a clue what I should get him so I decided to make him some rude cupcakes as a joke- he took it very well and loved them. 225 more words