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Time Off Adulting

Today is one of those days where I just need a break from “adulting”. 

When I was 11 years old or so, I looked forward to this time in my life because I fantasized all the things I would do that the adults in my life wouldn’t allow. 234 more words


The Good and Bad of Growing Up

What was the moment when you suddenly realized you were a grown up? Was there one defining moment in your life when you sat up straighter and thought with despair that you are an adult? 674 more words


Confession: I’m pretty sure I’m not a grownup. I might be an adult (you know, technically), but I’m almost definitely not a grownup. I’m not really sure how a person becomes a grownup but I have always had suspicions that it involves babies or mortgages or something. 491 more words

Being Naive

I have fallen under the category of naive many times in my life. Recently I’m even learning that I might be considered gullible.

I understand how these things can be problematic. 591 more words


Football Coaching Tips for the Youth

Best Football Coaching and training Tips for the Youth: Soccer is indeed a great game that has an avid following all over the world, thus young people are also wanting to become World Cup superstars and train at an early age. 219 more words


Include Diet plans For Grownups

Sadly, this indicates that the main goal of numerous of the companies serving this industry is generating income and this leads to misleading, inaccurate and often downright unsafe diets being promoted to the general public. 357 more words

I donut care.


Ah, that ephemeral, mysterious state of being known as “success.” Get on it, baby.


I love, LOVE, that two of my favorite words— 71 more words