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1 bad versus 100 good

No amount of flowers, chocolate, or granted wishes of materialistic things can erase the pain of humiliation. The sharp stabs of someone disrespecting everything you’re made of and everything you value just never goes away completely. 340 more words


Know That You Need To Ask For Help

The Lord helps those who help themselves.

That is not in the Bible. Sorry. Grace is not dependent upon our works. It is dependent upon our attitude–the attitude of turning to God and asking for help. 319 more words


Austin Old-Timer and Newcomer


Austin is the capital of the American Renaissance of the beginning of the twenty-first century. The explosive construction of bridges, ramps, roads, buildings; the flow of creative, inventive, and resourceful people from all over the world—it all creates a space like no other. 3,280 more words


The Curious Case of Clarksville

It’s no secret that Austin, Texas is a growing town. Residents gripe about the weak infrastructure, how the bustling tech industry has made the city less weird, and the pains of rapid development pushing the boundaries of downtown farther and farther east. 645 more words


Native Bees and Austin's Unrelenting Growth

Most of us know by now that Austin is a great place to live.  I’ve been here my entire life and watched the city grow up with me.  1,104 more words


Interview with Geographer Eliot Tretter

What inspired you to write Shadows of a Sunbelt City? 

Two factors inspired me to write Shadows of a Sunbelt City. One was the very practical matter of needing to find a viable research agenda and publish relevant academic material. 2,689 more words


Just not ready...

Friends suggest I try dating sites.  You know to get my mind off the ex and help me move forward.  I tried.  Here’s what I’ve learned: 509 more words