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8 Reasons to Create an Attitude of Thankfulness

With the holidays soon approaching and Thanksgiving around corner, I wanted to share how to spread  an attitude of thankfulness. Being grateful and appreciative for the very things we take for granted can be difficult. 353 more words


Water into Wine

One tiny birthday candle

will illuminate

a whole room full

of darkness.

It only has to be lit.

Dimly at first, others

will join it, as we grow. 80 more words

Part 2: Do Leaders Eat Well?

Welcome to part two of the series! If you missed part one, go back and read the last blog I just released about leaders eating well. 678 more words


Inner Work

If life slows our pace

and it seems like we’re

getting nowhere, it’s

for a purpose.

For a healing to take place.

Going deep to the core… 93 more words


When the planting is done,

Nature takes over.

You’re free to sip your tea

while your garden grows.

Sparse sprinkling

is all that’s needed.

Harvest time… 75 more words

Lizard Skin

My son has a lizard – a bearded dragon to be exact.  What started off as a 4-inch baby lizard imported from Australia has grown into a 2-foot long baby dinosaur whose appetite for crickets (must be store bought – ugh) is breaking the bank.   364 more words

How Are You Using Your Influence?

We’ve seen over the last couple of weeks the power of influence for evil and destruction with the events in Paris. In the aftermath of those events, we’ve also seen the influence of those committed to solidarity and peace. 252 more words