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365 Grateful: Day 6 & 7

So, yesterday was a BEAST and I didn’t have time to post. Plus, it was hard to think of what part of my day I was grateful for since I was dealing with some emotional stuff. 68 more words

365 Grateful

First...Lead Yourself!

I dream of being a better leader.  I’m one of those people who is committed to a strong desire to be a better leader.  I read about leadership constantly.  893 more words


'Get To instead of Have to'

Jon Gordon has always been an inspiration in provoking me into thinking more deeply about how I grow, lead, work, and live. Although I have not read all of his novels, I do receive his weekly newsletter with uplifting and encouraging lessons, and I’d like to share this one with you. 268 more words


The More You...

Sometimes success happens by surprise and pure luck, but more often than not what’s required for success to happen is action. This month we haven’t followed as closely to the theme as we usually do but in a way that’s because I was busy taking action, and I hope you were too. 274 more words


What if God says no? (Part 1)

Ever since I was a little girl, I had the fighter instinct. I never gave up or took the easy way out. I had a whole lot of pride in that. 744 more words


Permission to Be Uncomfortable

“Give yourself permission to be uncomfortable…” was the sage feedback I got from a mentor coach this past week.  I find this really hard to do.  532 more words


Hope in the Rain.

She stood by the edge of the shop, you know, the corner where the sheets are barely enough to cover you but still do a sufficient job to guard you from the weather. 1,009 more words