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“We are on the same path you and I, seeking healing that will mend the brokenness of our past

We try to be brave for our future but self-defeating seem to be winning, we are not a mistake,

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When We Fall Short There is Forgiveness

I have to remember I sin — also.

Lord knows I don’t have it all together. I know none of us have it “all together” but yet we sort of make ourselves seem that way? 581 more words


Makes Light of Everything

In spite of appearances, life seems beautiful.

Moments that arrive unbidden when you’re minding your own business, like a sudden break in the clouds when the sun streams through and makes light of everything, and peace becomes quite a tangible thing, floods your soul. 85 more words


Well, Don't You Wear a Tie Everyday?

I’m a strong believer of signs. If we’ve talked, you can guarantee that I’ve said at some point, “all for a reason,” “that’s a sign,” and “even if we don’t know the reason yet, it has a purpose; we may even never know the reason too! 667 more words


You Have The Power To Endure

I frequently talk about Viktor Frankl with my clients. He survived Nazi concentration camps from 1942-1945. His freedom came when his camp was liberated at the end of World War II. 324 more words