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too positive?

are you living your life too positive?

when you live your life positively; you look for the positive in ALL of life


What's Your Oath?

I initially rolled my eyes at this question during the latest KindredCast episode with Oath CEO Tim Armstrong, but Armstrong and KindredCast host Aryeh Bourkoff both had really interesting answers to the question. 228 more words


Best I Can

I quit pursuing and

it came to me.

Since I am ordering

“I Dare You”, I am letting

the normally scarier risks

be cast to the wind. 21 more words

faith is not negotiable

Today I ran headlong

into a buzz saw.

Disregarding my safety,

I went anyway,

thinking there was no


Well, life is life and I… 48 more words

Holding On to Hope

It was just about three years ago that our family life took quite an unexpected turn. For a week or two I had just been feeling off, my chest had been hurting, and it was starting to make me nervous. 1,197 more words

Beyond the Stars

I wonder at the sky

why so much is up there


and so much less is down

here where we are, on Earth?

I want to know what there… 63 more words

But That's Not Fair!: When Comparison Steals Our Joy

Our middle sons are twins, and it has been quite a learning curve raising this little two pack. Keeping up with two humans who are in the same stage at the same time can be overwhelming. 781 more words