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Balance Priorities

What is balance?

Do you feel balanced in your life? If you do, that may be good. If you don’t, that is good.

Balance is doing what is most important to you in the NOW moment, and knowing what you also want to do for the other areas of your life. 216 more words


A Piketty Moment

Update (10/27): Comments rightly pointed to different deflators for the two series. I added a figure to account for this (thanks!)

Via Mark Thoma… 452 more words


A Business is Only as Strong as Its Team: Part Two: Building Your Team

As discussed in my last blog, a business is only as strong as its team, I shared with you why having a strong team is so vital to your business’s success. 499 more words


Soul Work

The soul work we do is so subtle, so easily postponed to another day, so low sometimes, on the list of priorities.~ Katrina Kenison- Moments of Seeing… 329 more words

Fail better

One of the biggest challenges in life is how we deal with disappointment:

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. 177 more words


in honor of the tough times.

This morning, like a lot of mornings these days, I woke up feeling unrested, super swollen, and grumpy AF. I took the selfie above for myself (because I LOVE me some documentation!), but later decided to share it publicly. 888 more words