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Close some doors today.

Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance,

but simply because they lead you nowhere

Paulo Coelho.


Just Another Detour

I’m in Phoenix. That sentence is void of detail. You might have given it meaning that isn’t there. We do that. We hear, see or experience something and add all kinds of layers that don’t actually exist. 261 more words


My Sunny Side: Acceptance

Most people might look at my life and think “Wow, he must be miserable.”  On the contrary, my life couldn’t be better!

Just a quick recap for folks who may be joining the regularly scheduled broadcast already in progress: 331 more words

Rob's World

A Leaf & A Flower

If I was a leaf

I’d grow a flower.

I like yellow

but any color

would do.

I’d let the world

see my beauty.

Invite the… 38 more words