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Day 9 ~ Humility

It’s been known I’m a perfectionist. I’ve gone from a position in the work world of management to just an employee. For my health reasons this is great but I’m learning a whole new way to do things and that brings some humility. 114 more words


Unconditional Love

You might think I am talking about a person.

Plot twist: it’s about dogs. Dogs give unconditional love

When I turned three, my mom moved me to another babysitter, frightened because of what had happened before in an old house with people my mom thought she could trust until my dad suspected and witnessed something odd. 1,335 more words


Day 7 ~ Damaged

First I’m under no illusion I’ll miss some days. Life is in session. That being said I see that at times I still feel so damaged. 235 more words



Hello! For those of you who read my blog to see what’s happening in my life, all is well. I have been ultra busy with clients, Marriage Intensives, Outrageous Freedom (a women’s group I am co-leading), visitors, a bit of traveling and working on a project very near and dear to my heart. 53 more words


Never let anyone get the best of you....including YOU!

For several months now, I’ve been urged to write again. Card reading and card reading, dream after dream I have been given the ‘signs’ – messages to express myself in more ways than I have. 288 more words


Are You Real?

my heart

flourishes when you’re around me

it opens up the second you speak,

then grows flowers over my body

and through my body

my mind… 152 more words