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Fear is Essential to Growth!

I remember hearing Dr. John Townsend talk about a man he knew who made sure he did something every day that stirred fear in him. He wasn’t looking just to be frightened, not like telling ghost stories, but doing something that put him outside of his comfort zone. 252 more words


Withdrawing permission

In standing still and receiving life with all its adversity and sorrow, you have withdrawn your permission for suffering to define your life. You have also withdrawn your consent to living in fear. 49 more words


Death of capitalism; bring it on

Capitalism is nourished by growth. Without growth it cannot survive. It’s a function of the debt-based monetary system which requires growth to cover future interest commitments. 50 more words


Convergence, Where Art Thou?

A new Occasional Paper details the new methodology adopted by the Bank of Italy for calculating an index of price competitiveness, and applies it to the four largest eurozone economies. 350 more words

EMU Crisis

Waters Of Change..

It’s funny how something you crave so badly at one point in your life can later become so obsolete. I’ve felt deeply for many things.. so deep that I swear my whole mind, body, and soul was consumed by it, and I would grieve at the thought of not having it… to only realize later, through time or experience, that not having it is not so bad after all. 243 more words


Dealing with failure

I have failed at many things. I’m deeply passionate and my beliefs are usually what drives what I do and as such it’s really painful when things go south. 343 more words


Listen to Your Body

I seem to have a penchant for random ┬áinjuries and illnesses — nothing ever super serious, but enough to throw me off my game for a bit. 362 more words

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