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Giving up Alcohol

When I drink, I suffer.

  • I don’t sleep well and the sleep I do get is poor. I wake up in the middle of the night, my heart racing to the point my throat hurts and I feel out of breath as if I’ve been running.
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My Values and Beliefs

What do I value? What are my values? What are my beliefs and how closely are they connected to my values? Do my actions align with my values and beliefs? 1,297 more words


It’s currently 13:28 – it’s a Thursday and I have achieved nothing today. Why? I woke up, had breakfast, and then instantly allowed myself to be sucked into the virtual hole that is the internet and TV. 533 more words

Where am I?

Disclaimer: This post is going to be more like a diary entry, a combing through of my thoughts – catharsis in writing.

I was recently ‘let go’ from my job as an Executive Assistant. 903 more words

To the Negativity in my Head

You are the thing that makes me sick. You are the dark black coal that fuels the burning anger within me. You are the reason that I wish to end every moment of everyday. 250 more words


Writing Negativity Away

There are multiple methods to easing anxieties and I’ve tried most of them. Many times I would take people’s advice on what to do with it. 381 more words



This is a lesson that I have needed to learn, having no expectations of the people around me.

Why do I say that? Because having expectations of people leads to even greater disappointments. 314 more words