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To the Negativity in my Head

You are the thing that makes me sick. You are the dark black coal that fuels the burning anger within me. You are the reason that I wish to end every moment of everyday. 250 more words


Writing Negativity Away

There are multiple methods to easing anxieties and I’ve tried most of them. Many times I would take people’s advice on what to do with it. 381 more words



This is a lesson that I have needed to learn, having no expectations of the people around me.

Why do I say that? Because having expectations of people leads to even greater disappointments. 314 more words


Why Toastmasters?

That is a very good question. Why do I choose Toastmasters? For a number of reasons, and for everyone, they will be different. I was invited to my first meeting by a former employer. 383 more words

Take some me time

  • Get to know your Soul — go in. Inside yourself. Read. Talk. Ask Big Questions of Life. Look for answers. Write it down. Draw it.
  • 373 more words
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