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Create: Ruler Growth Chart

One of my 30 Before 30 goals is to build something out of wood. Well, I didn’t build anything per se but this is a wood project so I’m calling it good! 709 more words


Calculating anthropometric z-scores in Stata

Anthropometric measures: height-for-age, weight-for-height, etc, are widely used in economics and sociology to assess the health condition of children relative to their peers. The procedure in Stata works as follows: 144 more words


Kid's Growth Chart

If you’re looking for a cute kid’s room customization, try out a DIY growth chart. I used acrylic paint, which worked great (Liquitex BASICS… 74 more words


I'm SUCH an idiot...

Remember when I spent weeks meticulously painting different sized stripes in 6 different colors on a growth chart for Charlotte? Here’s the blog if you’ve forgotten. 258 more words

New Baby

Newborn Marlins Fan to Track Journey Through Boyhood with Giancarlo Stanton Growth Chart

Meet the newest member of the #FishFamily! It’s Scott from New Jersey!

Even though Scott (and his dad, Tim) live in New Jersey, he was able to get his (tiny) hands on a Giancarlo Stanton Growth Chart… and he intends to put it to good use! 81 more words

Marlins Fans

DIY Children's Growth Chart

Growing up I remember all 5 of us measuring our heights on the wall in the garage as we got taller each year.  It was always so exciting to see if we were catching up to our older sibling, or who was taller at what age, so I’ve known for a while I’ve wanted a growth chart for our kids. 192 more words


Rule Over All

So we joined the wagon and made one of those overgrown rulers for a growth chart. Super, super, *super* easy.

  1. Find some wood, old or brand spankin’ new.
  2. 69 more words