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2 months

Two months ago, life changed completely. At first I thought, “I’ve got this who parenting and blogging thing”, but Z & E have other plans. 177 more words


My Birth Story (2): Serangan Panik Si Ibu Baru

Sejak Mae lahir, setiap minggunya ada saja hal-hal baru terjadi padanya yang membuatku dan suami panik. Rasanya berlebihan jika aku menyebut diriku terkena postpartum syndrome… 2,616 more words


New mom...What made me more patient with my baby

It is hard sometimes to keep it together when the baby is crying and nothing comforts her. It actually exhausts me sometimes. It’s like her crying drains out my energy. 213 more words

February 2016: Fantabulous

Download the February 2016 Mandala of the Month

Going from zero to fantabulous is a process!

Sadly in our culture we believe that “if at first we don’t succeed” we’re a failure, when in fact what it really means is that we need to practice, practice, practice. 256 more words


Frequency Days and Growth Spurts

Just as you are getting used to how often your baby wants to breastfeed, he may suddenly want to nurse more often over a period of several days.  283 more words


Comfort Nursing

I am a big believer in breastfeeding and using my boobs to comfort my baby.

My baby does not use me as a dummy because a dummy is a breast substitute not the other way around. 856 more words

Baby's First Year

How To Check If You're Zinc Deficient?

Simply check your nails.  Do you see any white flecks?

If you see any white marks (other than the white “moon” at the base of your nail) you need extra zinc.  368 more words