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5 Months and Growing!

I cannot believe how much has happened to Thibault in the last couple of weeks. Five months has seen lots of changes for him. He’s actually ten days shy of turning six months! 309 more words

Baby Led Weaning

Holy Disruption

Our little man turned five weeks old Tuesday.

Five whole weeks since we were swallowed up in this beautiful tidal wave called parenthood.

Already, our son is teaching us so much. 657 more words

Welcome to Our Home

Have you ever wanted to introduce yourself to someone or a group of people and forgot your own name? I have not and I hope that never happens. 160 more words


Friday Fictioneers -- Measuring Up

Genre: Saucy fiction
Word count: 100


“Gosh, you’re tall!” people keep saying to me. How the hell would they like it, if I came up to them and said, “You’re short”? 91 more words


so schnookums is toast... (g2)

Spawn sits me down like they have grave news. I’m preparing to be told they flunked a class, they’re being held back, someone died.

Nope, apparently Spawn has broken up with Schnookums and they are no longer an item. 642 more words


Goings On February 18, 17… 2017 And Trying Not To Blink

Sliding door blinds pulled back looking out onto the dark listening to the peace, well with the washer in the background… still, that’s joy for me. 317 more words

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Mommy Life

   Hello, today I decided I am going to vent a little about my life as a mom right now. My only son, Brody, will be turning 9 months in two days. 399 more words