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Frequency Days and Growth Spurts

Just as you are getting used to how often your baby wants to breastfeed, he may suddenly want to nurse more often over a period of several days.  283 more words


Comfort Nursing

I am a big believer in breastfeeding and using my boobs to comfort my baby.

My baby does not use me as a dummy because a dummy is a breast substitute not the other way around. 856 more words


Growth Spurt.

Today, I was looking at Milo, and I’m pretty sure he grew about an inch in every direction.

He is suddenly BIG today. His hands are big kid hands, not little baby hands (I love little baby hands!) His pants are fitting him better. 47 more words

Growth Spurts

Growth Spurts

(for Luke Maxwell)

Exponential multiplication

Upon the paths traversed

To follow the heart

Where Growth Spurts

Blossom forth

And a Son realizes

His truest Identity… 60 more words


Growth Spurt

Everyone in this house (with the exception of Zach) is growing. Actively and quickly. At the beginning of this month, I pulled out six month size clothes for Alden and started phasing out his three month outfits. 398 more words


Growth Spurts

Growth Spurts

Uncertainty in storms~

Will the winds overwhelm?

Will floods drown?

No, for even in the darkness

Growth spurts occur

To give rise to Light… 40 more words


Tales of the hungry babies!

When I was stilll pregnant my biggest fear was if I was going to be able to produce enough milk for my two boys. Sometimes I still worry because all of a sudden they seem to be hungry… 784 more words