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Goings On February 18, 17… 2017 And Trying Not To Blink

Sliding door blinds pulled back looking out onto the dark listening to the peace, well with the washer in the background… still, that’s joy for me. 317 more words

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Mommy Life

   Hello, today I decided I am going to vent a little about my life as a mom right now. My only son, Brody, will be turning 9 months in two days. 399 more words

Baby product review: Tummy Tub

If the thought of correctly holding a fragile newborn seems a daunting prospect, think again about the process of bathing/washing such a tiny bundle.

Quest to quell my fear of the unknown led me to sign up for a prenatal class when expecting my first child, where they succeeded in further confusing me with labelled buckets and several steps. 715 more words

Throwback BIRTH-day

I have a confession to make, I must admit I have been feeling broody lately. Especially when I see tiny baby boys. I melt on the inside and if the baby belongs to a friend of mine, I have to spend some time holding him. 1,409 more words

Growth Spurts

I hate it when kids grow taller than me.

Doodle Diary

Am I starving my babies?

It is not uncommon for some Moms to think that they do not have enough milk to feed a singleton, let alone twins or triplets.  The self-doubt comes to a head usually on a few different occasions, i.e. 292 more words

5 month growth spurt?

So I’m thinking Whitley is going through a growth spurt cause he’s overly tired, he’s always hungry and he’s super cranky. He always sleeps through the night, but he’s recently started waking up a few times to feed, but since he’s sleeping in my bed as of right now, he doesn’t really wake up, he just scoffs and whines a little till he gets the boob and then he goes right back to sleep. 200 more words